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Lawmakers remember Rep. Alcee Hastings at Capitol service

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Rep. Alcee L. Hastings Rep. Joyce Betty Rep. Hakeem Jeffries Cedric Richmond Congressional Black Caucus Rep. James Clyburn eulogy funeral Statuary Hall House Democrat Rep. Vern Buchanan legislator congressman congresswoman councilman councilwoman congressperson councilperson administrator aldermember assemblymember council member deputy lawgiver lawmaker leader member member of Congress parliamentarian representative senator politician Party member president baby-kisser boss chieftain democrat grandstander handshaker member of parliament office seeker officeholder orator partisan public servant republican speaker statesperson whistle-stopper politicians Party members Presidents baby-kissers bosses chieftains congresspersons democrats grandstanders handshakers lawmakers leaders legislators member of congresses member of parliaments office seekers officeholders orators partisans public servants republicans senators speakers statespersons whistle-stoppers statesman Lawmakers commemorate get learn look back recall recognize relive remind bethink cite educe elicit enshrine extract memorialize memorize mind recollect reminisce retain retrospect revive revoke treasure bear in mind brood over call to mind call up conjure up dig into the past dwell upon fix in the mind flash on go back have memories hold dear keep forever know by heart nail down refresh memory ring a bell strike a note summon up think back forget miss misunderstand repress disregard bare in mind be aware of be cognizant of be mindful of beware consider heed note remember to remember beared in mind bearing in mind being aware of being cognizant of being mindful of bewaring calling to minding considering heeding minding noting remembering to remembering deliberate devise reflect ignore bore in mind bewared called to minded considered heeded minded noted remembered to remembered was aware of was cognizant of was mindful of Remember rep oh bother Rep Hastings oh bother Hasting center dome statehouse Capitol Hill legislative hall political scene seat of government Capitol capitol account assistance benefit business duty employment maintenance office supply use utility work advantage applicability appropriateness avail check courtesy dispensation employ favor fitness indulgence kindness labor ministration overhaul relevance serviceability servicing usefulness value hindrance hurt loss unemployment disadvantage disfavor inappropriateness damage disservice injury function ceremony observance formality ritual ceremonial liturgy worship sermon action fighting sting combat active duty peace surrender adjust align balance bring into line calibrate connect correct fine-tune fit fix focus grind improve improve accommodate mend polish put in working order readjust rectify regulate renovate repair service set sharpen square tighten troubleshoot tune up unfit upset confuse dull spoil break disorder disarrange derange ruin destroy disorganize adjusted acclimatized accommodated accustomed adapted altered arranged composed conformed did as Romans did disposed doctored fiddled with fine-tuned fixed fixed up got acted together got it together grinned and bore it habituated harmonized made conform modified ordered quadrated reconciled rectified redressed regulated remodeled settled suited swam with the tide tailor-maked tailored tuned unsuited unfitted confused disagreed disturbed deranged mixed up disordered worsened refused scattered ruined dispersed disorganized disarranged adjusting acclimatizing accommodating accustoming adapting altering arranging composing conforming disposing doctoring doing as Romans doing fiddling with fine-tuning fitting fixing fixing up getting acting together getting it together grinning and bearing it habituating harmonizing making conform modifying ordering quadrating reconciling rectifying redressing regulating remodeling settling suiting swimming with the tide tailor-making tailoring tuning unsuiting unfitting confusing disagreeing upsetting disturbing deranging mixing up disordering worsening refusing scattering ruining dispersing disorganizing disarranging adjusts acclimatizes accommodates accustoms adapts alters arranges composes conforms disposes doctors does as Romans does fiddles with fine-tunes fits fixes fixes up gets acts together gets it together grins and bears it habituates harmonizes makes conform modifies orders quadrates reconciles rectifies redresses regulates remodels settles suits swims with the tide tailor-makes tailors tunes unsuits unfits confuses disagrees upsets disturbs deranges mixes up disorders worsens refuses scatters ruins disperses disorganizes disarranges aid advancement advice advocacy alleviation allowance assist attention backing backup benefaction benevolence bounty care charity comfort compensation cooperation deliverance encouragement endowment furtherance gift giving guidance hand handout leg up lift ministry patronage promotion reinforcement relief rescue reward salvation shot in the arm subsidy sustenance treatment unkindness malevolence stop taking opposition handicap obstruction impediment blockage ill will silence harm stoppage penalty amenity betterment convenience enhancement enrichment excellence extravagance facility frill improvement luxury merit quality superfluity virtue disruption abomination misbehavior inconvenience Service oh bother SERVICE! Joyce betty Betty HAKEEM oh bother Hakeem Jeffry oh bother jeffries Cedric oh bother cedric Richmond oh bother richmond parliamentary senatorial decreeing enacting jurisdictive lawgiving legislational legislatorial nomistic nomothetic ordaining parliamentarian statute-making synodical legislative congressional Congressional brunet charcoal clouded coal ebony jet obsidian onyx pitch raven sable slate sloe atramentous dingy dusky ebon inklike livid melanoid murky piceous pitch-dark shadowy somber sombre sooty starless stygian swart swarthy white clean good happy hopeful optimistic distressing foreboding threatening depressing dispiriting atrocious bleak dismal doleful dreary funereal gloomy horrible lugubrious mournful ominous oppressive sad sinister depressive spotted grubby foul filthy grimy impure nasty squalid unclean uncleanly stained soiled menacing enraged sour hostile fierce furious sullen resentful nice friendly pleasant bad mean diabolical iniquitous nefarious villainous wicked Afro-American Negro African blackish black dark inky cheerless comfortless discouraging disheartening drear grim hard harsh hopeless joyless lonely melancholy unpromising comfortable sunny light bright congenial comforting appealing encouraging glad joyful cheerful bleaker bleakest bruise bang up batter beat blacken blemish bung up contuse crush damage deface do a number on injure mar mark pound pulverize wound zing repair fix decorate cure help ornament mend embellish beautify adorn praise compliment heal aid bruised banged up battered blacked blackened blemished bunged up contused crushed damaged defaced did a number on injured marked marred pounded pulverized zinged repaired fixed decorated cured helped ornamented mended embellished beautified adorned praised complimented healed aided Black oh bother blacks convention gathering meeting session assembly conclave council parley get-together congress association caucus chamber club committee conference convocation delegates government guild league legislative body legislature order parliament senate society the Hill the house union division lawlessness separation faction band bloc bunch cabal camp cell circle clan clique coalition combination combine combo concern confederacy conspiracy contingent coterie crew crowd design entente gang insiders intrigue junta knot lobby machine minority mob network offshoot outfit partnership party pressure group ring schism sect section sector set side splinter group team unit wing peace conformity agreement unity total entirety individual whole factions disagreements discords disharmonies dissensions disunity divisions divisiveness frictions infighting quarrelsomenesses rebellions sedition tumults turbulences conformities harmonies agreements unities wholes totals entireties calm calmness accords acquisition affair aggregate aggregation body clambake collection company concentration concourse congregation crush drove flock function gain group heap herd horde huddle junction levy mass meet muster pile powwow rally roundup social function stock stockpile swarm throng turnout one scattering loss dispersal oh bother Caucus James oh bother jame clyburn oh bother citation paean tribute acclaim accolade adulation applause commendation compliment encomium exaltation glorification panegyric plaudit salutation laudation blame censure criticism denunciation disapproval calumny condemnation acclamation admiration appreciation approval blessing bouquet buttering up cajolery comp confirmation congratulations courtesy endorsement eulogy favor felicitation good word homage honor kudo laud laurels notice orchid ovation pat on the back posy regard respects sanction sentiment veneration warm fuzzy complaint neglect opposition slander libel insult dislike ignorance disfavor disrespect refusal veto silence disregard compliments appreciations approvals blessings bouquets buttering ups commendations comps confirmations courtesies encomiums endorsements eulogies favors felicitations good words honors kudos laudations lauds notices orchids ovations panegyrics pat on the backs posies sanctions sentiments tributes warm fuzzies complaints oppositions criticisms slanders libels insults denunciations dislikes condemnations refusals vetoes censures silences praise epitaph commemoration elegy epigraph hic jacet legend memorial monument remembrance requiescat in pace epitaphs commemorations elegies epigraphs hic jacets legends memorials monuments remembrances requiescat in paces flattery approbation blandishment blarney bootlicking eyewash fawning flattering flummery fulsomeness gallantry gratification hokum honeyed words incense ingratiation jive mush obsequiousness palaver plaudits pretty speech puffery servility smoke snow snow job soft words soft-soap stroke sweet talk sycophancy toadyism truckling unctuousness offense castigation belittlement burial cremation entombment inhumation interment obit planting requiem sepulture services exequies funeration last rites obsequies baptism christening deep six deposition funeral inurnment inurning obsequy lugubrious bleak depressing dismal doleful dour gloomy morose mournful sad sorrowful woebegone woful joyful cheerful ceremony service oh bother Funeral carving sculpture image statue bronze bust cast effigy figure icon ivory likeness marble piece representation simulacrum statuary statuette torso entity statues bronzes busts casts effigies figures icons images ivories likenesses marbles pieces representations sculptures simulacrums statuettes torsos entities oh bother entrance foyer gallery hallway lobby room rotunda anteroom entranceway entry pass passage passageway vestibule denial refusal veto arena theater gymnasium amphitheater lounge chamber church auditorium salon casino mart armory meeting place ballroom gym lyceum refectory stateroom assembly room dining hall assembly hall barn concert hall hall movie house music hall opera house playhouse reception hall Monte Carlo bank betting house big store club clubhouse dance hall dice joint dive gambling den honky-tonk house joint pool hall roadhouse saloon track alcove antechamber apartment bedchamber bedroom box case cavity cell chest container cubicle enclosure flat hollow lodging pocket socket classroom homeroom lab library study study hall workshop concourse avenue boulevard highway path rallying point road street corridor aisle couloir entrance hall ingress Hall oh bother Halls apartment box building condo condominium dwelling home mansion residence shack abode bullpen castle cave co-op coop crib cubbyhole den diggings digs domicile dump edifice flat flophouse habitation homestead joint kennel layout lean-to pad pigpen pigsty rack residency roof roost setup shanty turf commorancy crash pad hole in the wall home plate pied-à-terre office household lineage clan tribe kindred dynasty race kin folks line tradition folk stock family tree menage ménage company firm corporation partnership outfit organization concern legislature parliament council congress commons legislative body address base casa flop habitat haunt headquarters hearth hole house lodging quarters sanctuary seat annex accommodate board contain entertain furnish harbor hold put up quarter receive rent shelter supply take in welcome stop bar turn out turn away prevent obstruct limit impede hinder frustrate block disarrange reject accommodated boarded contained domiciled entertained furnished harbored held housed quartered received rented sheltered supplied took in welcomed unsuited stopped barred turned out turned away prevented obstructed limited impeded hindered frustrated blocked disarranged rejected accommodates boards contains domiciles entertains furnishes harbors holds houses puts up receives rents shelters supplies takes in welcomes unsuits stops bars turns out turns away prevents obstructs limits impedes hinders frustrates blocks disarranges rejects accommodations apartments boardinghouses crash pads cribs hotels housings lodgings motels pads roofs room and boards rooming houses rooms ZIP code box number direction living quarters location number place of business place of residence street whereabouts House oh bother lawmaker leader legislator officeholder senator president boss chieftain grandstander orator partisan republican speaker Party member baby-kisser congressperson handshaker member of Congress member of parliament office seeker public servant statesperson whistle-stopper politician democrat politicians Party members Presidents baby-kissers bosses chieftains congresspersons democrats grandstanders handshakers lawmakers leaders legislators member of congresses member of parliaments office seekers officeholders orators partisans public servants republicans senators speakers statespersons whistle-stoppers oh bother Democrat vern oh bother Vern Buchanan oh bother BUCHANAN buchanan
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