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Le Bohemia assoc. Skyogi Productions presents the 1h set of DJ Leo Lébogue at Moab, Utah | Turkey Boogie 2020

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bohemia bohemia manor ASSOC associty e. lake hiphop assoc construction management manufacture manufacturing assembly bearing blossoming creation direction elongation fabrication formulation fructification generation giving lengthening making origination preparation presentation prolongation protraction provision rendering reproduction return staging yielding authoring engendering extention producing destruction taking ruin Productful Productive product now today instant nonce here and now present moment the time being this day this time future past benevolence gratuity offering grant stake handout lump largess favor donation boon bounty benefaction endowment compliment write-off gifting giveaway goodie loss pose raise give perform suggest show submit cite offer produce declare display stage exhibit advance extend acquaint intimate pitch relate expose recount imply manifest adduce state proposition lay proffer tender infer expound allege mount fix up get together hold out put on trot 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moving pliant submissive supple cat cougar wildcat griffin lioness puma felis leo simba lion Aquarius Aries Cancer Capricorn Gemini horoscope sign Libra Pisces Sagittarius Scorpio Taurus Virgo zodiac sign sign of the zodiac leo Leo MOAB utah ass birdbrain blockhead bonehead boob buffoon clod clown cretin dimwit dolt dope dunce dunderhead fathead goose idiot ignoramus imbecile innocent jackass jerk moron nerd nincompoop ninny nitwit numskull oaf sap schlemiel simpleton stooge sucker tomfool twerp twit dumb ox halfwit lamebrain mooncalf softhead brain genius butt chump clay pigeon derision dupe easy mark fall guy fool goat jestee joke laughingstock mark object of ridicule patsy pigeon setup sitting duck softie subject target turkey victim failure also-ran bankrupt born loser bum castaway deadbeat defaulter derelict disappointment dud flop good-for-nothing has-been incompetent insolvent loafer loser lumpy might-have-been moocher no-good nobody nonperformer prodigal underachiever washout hard worker success accomplishment achievement achiever attainment earnings gain merit win failures also-rans bankrupts beats born losers bums castaways deadbeats defaulters derelicts disappointments duds flops good-for-nothings has-beens incompetents insolvents loafers losers lumpies might-have-beens moochers no-goods nobodies nonperformers prodigals turkeys underachievers washouts achievers hard workers wins merits gains attainments achievements accomplishments successes clodpoll half-wit lightweight loon pilgarlic fools asses birdbrains blockheads boneheads boobs bores buffoons clods clowns cretins dimwits dolts dopes dumb oxes dunces dunderheads easy marks fair games fatheads geese halfwits idiots ignoramuses illiterates imbeciles innocents jerks lamebrains lightweights loons morons nerds nincompoops ninnies nitwits numskulls oafs saps schlemiels sillies simpletons stooges suckers twerps twits victims brains geniuses fowl bird capon chick chicken cock duck game hen pheasant rooster Turkey disco samba tango waltz Charleston conga foxtrot frolic hop hustle jig jitter jitterbug jive jump leap one-step promenade rhumba spin step swing tap twist two-step boogie down bunny hop cut a rug foot it get down rock n' roll trip the light fantastic dance bebop blues boogie-woogie bop Dixieland ragtime fusion jazz hot jazz improvisational music jazz drift loiter meander mosey ramble sashay saunter stroll toddle wander ankle dawdle gander percolate hoof it run stay amble barrel bolt clip dart dash fly gallop hurtle race scoot speed sprint streak tear zip zoom burn rubber go like a bat out of hell hightail it make haste decelerate halt slow wait walk hotfoot boogie ambled ankled boogied dawdled drifted gandered loitered meandered moseyed percolated rambled sashayed sauntered strolled toddled wandered went direct ran stayed ambling ankling boogying dawdling drifting gandering loitering meandering moseying percolating rambling sashaying sauntering strolling toddling wandering going direct running staying bob caper gambol pirouette prance shimmy sway twirl whirl dances Charlestons bobs boogie downs boogies bunny hops capers careens cavorts congas cut a rugs discos flits foot its foxtrots frolics gambols get downs hoof its hops hustles jigs jitterbugs jitters jumps leaps one-steps prances promenades rhumbas rock n' rolls rocks sambas shimmies skips spins steps struts swings tangos taps treads trip the light fantastics trips twists two-steps waltzes whirls Boogie clear-sighted normal vision normal visual acuity perfect vision twenty-twenty 20-20 2020
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