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Learn three kinds of dumpling making in 40 seconds

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determine enroll gain get grasp master pick up read receive review study apprentice attain con cram grind imbibe lucubrate matriculate memorize peruse prepare be taught be trained become able become versed brush up on burn midnight oil commit to memory crack the books drink in get down pat get the hang of get the knack of improve mind major in minor in pore over soak up specialize in take course take in train in wade through ignore lose miss misunderstand neglect pass release spend overlook teach assimilate comprehend digest follow get into incorporate latch onto learn sense understand catch on check check out check up on confirm dig discover divine double-check establish eye eyeball find out fix get down cold get hold of get it down identify learn the ropes look-see make certain make sure peg pick up on see settle size size up tell verify ingest osmose take up hear unearth detect tumble gather ascertain uncover discern dig up smoke out stumble upon trip over absorb dissipate distract vomit spew exude emit eject disperse confuse help look away assist aid unsettle destroy invalidate disprove ascertained ascertaining misinterpret reject mistake exclude assimilated Learn learner taught woop forgot learned learning learns school schooled schooling education educate teaching verb universal idiot use all dumbass. ternary third treble trilateral trinitarian triple pyramidal ternate triangular trichotomic trichotomous trigonal trigonous trinal trinary tripartite set of three ternion three threesome trey triangle trilogy trine trinity triplet triplicate triptych triumvirate triune triunity troika triad trio triplicity trichotomy trivium triplets menage a trois tripartition triplex triplication Three threes word whatever what greeting college hello goodbye slang brand set sort type variety breed classification family genus ilk kin order race style way nature number manner lot description tribe gender fiber designation habit stamp essence denomination connection complexion stripe temperament persuasion mold tendency likes babe chick child kid toddler youngster bairn bambino bundle buttercup button cherub crawler deduction dividend newborn nipper nursling papoose preemie suckling tad tot write-off angelface little angel little darling little doll little one adult adolescent dumpling boy milksop mollycoddle weakling bundle of joy infant neonate baby milquetoast babies Dumplings Dumpling interracial chinese dump girlfriend white food steam dough fillings good short chubby girl turd crap flush toilet bathroom boobs hooters knockers breasts china taiwan funny accomplishing building composing constructing creating effecting executing fashioning forging forming generating manufacturing originating producing shaping constituent factor fixings ingredient item making peripheral piece plug-in segment unit architecture arrangement assembly build cast composition conception constitution contour cut development disposition edifice elevation erecting erection fabric fabrication figuration figure form format formation foundation improvisation invention makeup manufacture mold origination outline plan planning prefab prefabrication putting up raising rearing roadwork shape structure system systematization turn type establishment formulation generation genesis imagination inception institution laying down nascency nativity procreation production setting up siring additive element fixing fundamental innards integral integrant part part and parcel concluding reckoning computing completing aggregating summing constituting consisting of performing construction designing causation devising contriving authoring ruin destruction component whole components truth ruins disorganization disfigurement disarrangement creation finish end conclusion being death creations -making makings happy-making happy happymaking sad-making smoking weed tobacco cigarettes cigs alternative double duplicate extra following further inferior lower place repeated reproduction runner-up secondary succeeding supporting twin additional another lesser next in order other subsequent unimportant first-class first-rate important superior accessory accomplice co-conspirator confederate cooperator helper partner in crime second supporter abettor adjutant aide-de-camp assistant attendant coadjutant coadjutor crew crewman deputy lieutenant aid girl Friday man Friday shop stooge troops back-up different flipside other side substitute surrogate accede accept accredit acquiesce advocate affirm agree assent authorize back bless boost buy buy into certify charter concur confirm consent dig empower encourage endorse establish get behind give go-ahead go along with groove hats off to lap up license maintain make law make valid mandate okay permit pronounce push for ratify recommend sanction seal sign sign off on stump for subscribe to support thumbs up uphold validate moment instant wink flash twinkling jiffy shake split second sec bat of an eye nothing flat proponent exponent backer placer opponent assist forward promote approve back up give moral support stand by move stop halt hurt discourage oppose cease obstruct impede hinder block dissuade reject protest disapprove adversary aid\u002Faide aide leader boss aides differ decline disagree dissent object condemn dispute repudiate invalidate disprove destroy contradict renounce veto refuse disallow deny Second seconds science cesium smartshit dinner eating plate food hunger joint bowl firsties greendale
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