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liberal latitudinarian progressive reformist advanced left-wing conservative right left radical communist on the left socialist extremist fanatical far-out militant revolutionary sweeping uncompromising violent entire freethinking insurgent recusant refractory anarchistic complete excessive iconoclastic immoderate insubordinate insurrectionary intransigent lawless mutinous nihilistic rabid rebellious recalcitrant restive riotous seditious severe thorough ultra ultraist way-out moderate superficial left-winger agitator anarchist fanatic firebrand rebel reformer renegade rioter subversive avant-garde freethinker iconoclast insurrectionist mutineer nihilist nonconformist objector pacifist secessionist revolter Bolshevik Bolshevist C.P. member Castroite Commie Leninist Maoist Marxist Party member Stalinist Trotskyite Viet Cong apparatchik com-symp comrade fellow traveler leftist pinko red sympathizer capitalist fascist inciter advocate agent champion demagogue disrupter dissident fighter fomenter heretic incendiary instigator malcontent mover partisan propagandist provocateur pusher rabble-rouser reactionary revisionist ringleader sparkplug troublemaker wave maker zealot peacemaker left wing leftism liberalism progressiveness progressivism right wing Leftist fav Fav favs FAVS FAV my fav antithetical conflicting contrary incompatible inconsistent paradoxical antipodal con converse counter opposite reverse adverse against agin antipodean antithetic counteractive diametric discrepant incongruous irreconcilable negating nullifying opposing ornery polar repugnant consonant harmonious equal same similar agreeing confirming consistent reconcilable reconciled contradictory discordant hostile inimical negative opposed wrongheaded dissident nonconformist recusant refractory antipathetic balky clashing contrariant contumacious dissentient froward headstrong insubordinate intractable nonconforming obstinate perverse rebellious recalcitrant restive stubborn unruly wayward agreeable 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lead conduct shepherd route direct escort guide steer pilot misguide neglect mislead show podcastable podcast Podcasting Podcast etc.
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