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"libertarian" youtuber verbally abuses a bunch of feminist women who were polite and respectful, uploads it to youtube and gets hundreds of likes

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Today I came upon some feminists who were protesting "rape culture" in Keene, New Hampshire's Central Square. It's a popular destination for activists of differing viewpoints thanks to the constant stream of traffic and high visibility. Full text https://christophercantwell.com/2016/...Unfortunately, no viewpoint is quite so toxic as that of the feminist. Particularly feminists of the "rape culture" fringe variety. They are trying to redefine the term rape in order to fit a twisted worldview where men are perpetually victimizing women like some kind of sport, and that society condones this behavior. This is ridiculous, of course. Nobody thinks rape is okay. The idea that we live in a culture which encourages or allows rape is so stupid it wouldn't even fly in the company of people who respect other violent crimes. Go do a little time in prison. Murder, armed robbery, assault, kidnapping, all these things are fine with the inmates. You can even earn some respect if your crime was particularly brutal. But even murderers and thieves look down their noses at rapists, and in prison, rapists usually have to be put into protective custody to avoid being attacked by other inmates. Nowhere, not even in prison, is rape okay.So what feminists are referring to when they say "rape culture" is their new definition of rape. One where no rape need take place for a crime to have been committed. In their twisted worldview, we're all supposed to get a "verbal yes" before each stage of a sexual encounter before moving forward, otherwise a rape has occurred. So, for example, if I say, "can I kiss you" and you say yes, and then I kiss you and say "can I touch your left boob?" and you say yes and then I touch your right boob, I am a violent felon who needs to face 25 years in prison. Nobody actually has sex this way, feminists know this, and yet they want to criminalize everyone who doesn't obey their stupid rules.Why? Because communism.The goal of the rape culture feminist is not to have a real discussion. What the lunatic is really saying is that the State should emasculate men and make them incapable of defending the civilization. All men should be subject to imprisonment for perfectly normal behavior, and any woman should be able to sentence any man to prison without any proof whatsoever. So how do you debate this subject? You don't. You treat them like fucking garbage, because that's what they are. You cannot have a civil discussion with somebody who is foundationally dishonest and/or detached from reality. There is no point in negotiating with them. They have to be treated badly, and if the laws were just they would be physically separated and removed from society.Check out this video below of me talking to these worthless pieces of filth, and then send me money :) https://christophercantwell.com/donate/


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