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Lightening fast submission scares purple belt

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brighten light up flash gleam illume irradiate light shine become light make bright dull blacken bring down burden darken depress dim upset weigh down mitigate dilute facilitate ease relieve lessen alleviate mollify ameliorate cut down reduce decrease allay levitate assuage comfort upraise take unburden empty thin free jettison change unload shift attenuate remove disburden disencumber eradicate extenuate buoy put off throw out make less make lighter pour out take a load off uplight plant fix stay fill keep hold provoke add raise expand trouble strengthen irritate aggravate remain grow worry worsen intensify increase incite elate revive hearten cheer lift encourage gladden perk up buoy up discourage dispirit dissuade dishearten comforting abating allaying alleviating analeptic assuaging consolatory consoling curing encouraging freeing health-giving heart-warming inspiriting invigorating lightening mitigating reassuring refreshing relieving remedying restoring revitalizing softening soothing succoring sustaining tranquilizing upholding warming worrying aggravating upsetting irritating disturbing distressing dispiriting depressing lessening declining depreciating diminishing dropping dwindling dying down ebbing fading away losing momentum lowering moderating narrowing plummeting plunging sagging shrinking shriveling up sinking slackening slowing subsiding waning wasting weakening wearing down wearing off palliation abatement allayment alleviation amelioration appeasement assistance assuagement balm break breather consolation contentment cure deliverance diversion easement extrication hand happiness help letup load off one's mind maintenance mitigation mollification palliative quick fix refreshment release remission reprieve respite rest restfulness satisfaction solace succor support sustenance discouragement misery gloom depression unhappiness stop check irritation annoyance aggravation continuation sadness dissatisfaction discontent obstruction harm injury hurt hindrance relief pain damage Lightening police lightening lighten up lightening rod Lightening Bug agile brisk hot nimble quick rapid swift accelerated active dashing electric flashing fleet fleeting flying hurried racing ready snap winged PDQ blue streak breakneck chop-chop double-time expeditious expeditive hairtrigger hasty hypersonic in a jiffy in nothing flat lickety split like a bat out of hell like all get out like crazy like mad on the double posthaste presto pronto screamin' snappy speedball supersonic velocious clumsy slow sluggish boring dull flexible good impermanent insecure loose moral movable plodding tardy unattached unfixed unhurried upright tight durable sure stable sound firm faithful set fastened secure stuck fortified held adherent permanent staunch close constant constrained lasting ardent impregnable indelible inextricable loyal resistant resolute steadfast tenacious unwavering true attached wedged glued true blue ending open wavering moving weak soft temporary ephemeral unprotected undecided uncertain inaccurate untrue unreliable inconstant disloyal irresolute indefinite changeable unstable wobbly easy debauched wanton light depraved libertine gadabout wild dissipated bawdy profligate careless devil-may-care dissolute extravagant flirtatious frivolous giddy incontinent indecent intemperate lascivious lecherous lewd libidinous licentious lustful rakish reckless salacious self-indulgent sportive sporty unchaste self-gratifying nice gentle decent uncorrupt pure clean strict chaste careful virtuous rapidly swiftly soon quickly apace flat-out hastily in a flash promptly expeditiously fleetly full tilt hurriedly in haste in short order like a flash like a shot like greased lightning like wildfire loosely slowly hard deeply firmly securely solidly soundly steadfastly tightly abstinence diet xerophagy fasting stuffing gorging gluttony feast eating indulgence abstain forbear refrain starve famish deny oneself go hungry not eat eat indulge stuff gorge glut abiding continuing enduring eternal everlasting fast indissoluble perpetual persistent persisting steady ceasing transient abjure abnegate avoid cease constrain curb decline do without eschew evade fence-sit forgo give the go by give up go on the wagon keep from pass pass up quit refuse renounce shun sit on one's hands sit on the fence sit out spurn stop take the cure take the pledge withhold encourage meet face want embrace allow accept continue use abstaining abjuring abnegating avoiding constraining curbing declining denying oneself doing without eschewing evading fence-sitting forbearing foregoing giving the go by giving up going on the wagon keeping from passing passing up quitting refraining refusing renouncing shunning sitting on one's hands sitting on the fence sitting out spurning starving stopping taking the cure taking the pledge withholding indulging encouraging meeting facing wanting embracing allowing accepting doing using brief concise curtailed instantaneous little meteoric momentary short-lived short-term transitory long lengthy long-lived briefer allegiant dependable devoted dogged persevering tried-and-true trustworthy trusty unfailing unflagging unshaken terminable irregular fluctuating false undetermined flagging interrupted concluding varying unsteady fickle untrustworthy dishonest capitulation resignation acquiescence appeasement assent bowing defeatism deference docility humbleness humility malleability meekness nonresistance obedience passivism passivity prostration servility subjection submissiveness surrender tractability unassertiveness yielding backing down cringing giving in pliabilty recreancy submitting disagreement disobedience rebellion fight resistance acceptance accession approval compliance concurrence conformity consent permission submission insubordination nonconformity veto denial dissent refusal appeal address adjuration application bid call claim demand entreaty imploration importunity invocation overture petition plea prayer proposal proposition question recourse requisition solicitation suit supplication ugliness retraction disavowal revocation disclaimer reply answer appeals addresses adjurations applications bids calls claims demands entreaties implorations importunities invocations overtures petitions pleas prayers proposals propositions questions recourses requisitions solicitations submissions suits supplications retractions disavowals revocations refusals disclaimers denials replies answers advance amount declaration feeler hit invitation offer pass price proffer request suggestion sum summons tender withdrawal bidding auction accedence buckling conceding giving up relenting succumbing defending fighting Submission Submissive alarm panic shock alert fright start terror confidence security calmness comfort ease paralyze dismay terrorize intimidate startle daunt awe petrify terrify freeze spook affright chill shake up give a fright give a turn scare silly scare stiff scare the pants off strike terror in expect please help encourage assure reassure heat soothe assist calm stimulate incite scare amaze astonish distress frighten make jump scare to death surprise unnerve repose gladden appall appal astound consternate disconcert dishearten faze get to gross out insult outrage shake throw inspirit make happy embolden delight hearten appall\u002Fappal satisfy appalled alarmed amazed astounded awed consternated daunted disconcerted disheartened dismayed fazed frightened got to insulted intimidated outraged petrified scared shocked shook terrified threw unnerved satisfied encouraged reassured comforted appalls alarms amazes astounds awes consternates daunts disconcerts disheartens dismays fazes frightens gets to insults intimidates outrages petrifies scares shakes shocks terrifies throws unnerves satisfies encourages reassures comforts Scares Scareful Scared color lavender lilac mauve periwinkle plum violet amethyst heliotrope magenta mulberry orchid pomegranate wine amaranthine blue-violet bluish red perse reddish blue violaceous broad blue coarse dirty gross improper indecent indelicate low-minded off-color purple racy risqué salty saucy smutty spicy suggestive unrefined unrestrained wicked empty small narrow clean small-minded close-minded restricted broader broadest erotic amative amatory amorous aphrodisiac bawdy carnal concupiscent earthy erogenous fervid filthy fleshly hot impassioned kinky lascivious lecherous lewd obscene prurient raunchy raw romantic rousing salacious seductive sensual sexual steamy stimulating titillating venereal voluptuous frigid dull cold bland pure decent chaste moral flowery aureate baroque bombastic declamatory diffuse embellished euphemistic euphuistic fancy figurative florid grandiloquent high-flown magniloquent ornamented overwrought prolix redundant rhetorical rococo sonorous swollen verbose windy wordy unembellished plain inelaborate big-talking euphistic fustian histrionic inflated oratorical orotund overblown pompous tall-talking windbag simple unpretentious unadorned Purple ribbon ring strap string cincture cummerbund girdle sash waistband region zone layer district area stretch tract territory smash bat sock clobber smack slam whip wallop slug bash blow biff bop switch blast whop tap pat lose fail surrender belt block city county division domain dominion enclosure field kingdom locality neck of the woods neighborhood parcel patch plot precinct principality quarter section sector sphere square state township turf vicinity ward whole areas belts blocks cities counties divisions domains dominions enclosures fields kingdoms localities neighborhoods parcels patches plots precincts principalities quarters sections sectors spheres squares states stretches territories townships tracts turfs vicinities wards zones wholes band affiliate ally amalgamate coadjute combine conjoin consolidate federate gather league merge team unite separate part divide disperse disjoin banded affiliated allied amalgamated belted coadjuted combined conjoined consolidated federated gathered leagued merged teamed united separated parted divided dispersed disjoined bang box bump collide crack cuff punch stroke whack whimper failure loss knock rap strike swat thump thwack flattery praise compliment
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