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Liverpool Fans Sitting In Manchester United Home Section Unfurl Flag After Goal Resorting In Fights

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Liverpool Fans Sitting In Manchester United Home Section Unfurl Flag After Goal Resorting In Fights Fan footage courtesy of telandbenjie Check them out here ...


Football Soccer Liverpool Manchester United Fans Flag Banner Crazy LFC MUFC Man Utd liverpool yabadabadoo Liverpool blade draft leaf propeller vane ventilator windmill air conditioner flabellum palm leaf thermantidote devotee lover follower admirer supporter buff adherent freak aficionado votary zealot addict amateur hound groupie habitué rooter opponent enemy adversary ventilate ruffle aerate winnow refresh spread wind cool air-condition air-cool close whip up arouse excite rouse extend agitate increase enkindle stimulate expand work up impassion add fuel stir up shrink lower contract bore shorten lessen decrease abridge quiet lull calm audience admirers assemblage assembly congregation crowd devotees fans following gallery gathering hearers house listeners market moviegoers onlookers patrons playgoers public showgoers spectators theatergoers turnout viewers witnesses audiences assemblages assemblies congregations crowds followings galleries gatherings houses markets publics turnouts adherents circle clientage clientele cortege coterie dependents entourage group patronage retinue rout suite support supporters train disbelievers opposition FAN yabadabadoo Fan F.A.N. Fan! situated lotus in situ sedentary standing occupying assigned to commanding controlling covering holding living in maintaining obtaining owning permeating pervading placed possessing posted remaining residing resting settled on sitting staying taking up tenanting removing leaving gone desk desk-bound idle inactive seated settled sluggish stationary torpid moving active activated mobile energetic session affair assembly concourse conference discussion get-together hearing huddle jam session meet period showdown term sessions affairs assemblies concourses conferences discussions get-togethers hearings huddles jam sessions meets periods showdowns sittings terms yabadabadoo Sitting manchester yabadabadoo Manchester concerted consolidated cooperative homogeneous integrated linked unanimous undivided unified affiliated agreed allied amalgamated assembled associated banded confederated conjugate incorporated pooled coadunate cognate collective concordant congruent conjoint conjunctive 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divulge expose give away impart lay bare leak let slip make known mouth own publish relate reveal show snitch spill spill the beans squeal tell unveil utter be quiet secret keep quiet keep secrete withhold protect deny disavow repudiate refuse suppress disclosed acknowledged admitted avowed bared betrayed blabbed broadcasted brought to light came out of the closet communicated confessed discovered displayed divulged exhibited exposed gave away imparted leaked made known mouthed opened owned published related revealed showed snitched spilled spilled the beans squealed told uncovered unfurled unveiled uttered was quiet secreted kept quiet kept covered withheld protected denied disavowed repudiated refused suppressed hid concealed acknowledging admitting avowing baring betraying blabbing bringing to light broadcasting coming out of the closet communicating confessing discovering displaying divulging exposing giving away imparting leaking letting slip lying bare making known mouthing 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oval pigskin moleskin porker watermelon pineapple inflated oval regulation football Football yabadabadoo football footballs rugby American football Association football Canadian football grid game gridiron pastime the pigskin sport football soccer yabadabadoo Soccer Manchester United yabadabadoo manchester united leading exceptional foremost outstanding red-letter headline emblem streamer pennant pennon colors ensign heading standard banderole burgee gonfalon advertisement burst page banderol banner banneret bannerol guidon masthead oriflamme bannerette blue-ribbon ace champion fine first-class first-rate quality select splendid superb superior terrific tiptop top adumbration arms attribute badge brand character coat of arms colophon design device figure flag hallmark identification image impress insignia logo mark marker medal memento miniature monogram motto regalia reminder representation scepter seal sign symbol token trademark type jack yabadabadoo Banner insane kooky mad nuts nutty silly wacky ape berserk cuckoo lunatic potty psycho screwball barmy bats in the belfry batty bonkers cracked crazed daft delirious demented deranged dingy dippy erratic flaky flipped flipped out freaked out fruity idiotic mad as a March hare mad as a hatter maniacal mental moonstruck nutty as fruitcake of unsound mind out of one's mind out of one's tree out to lunch round the bend schizo screw loose screwy touched unbalanced unglued unhinged unzipped balanced calm collected rational reasonable sane sound believeable dislike hate realistic responsible sensible smart ridiculous irresponsible ludicrous goofy preposterous outrageous strange absurd weird foolish odd bizarre loony eccentric wild balmy cockeyed fatuous foolhardy half-baked harebrained impracticable imprudent inane inappropriate nonsensical peculiar puerile quixotic senseless short-sighted unworkable beyond all reason derisory ill-conceived out of all reason regular normal serious wise usual logical careful passionate hysterical keen eager ardent beside oneself devoted enamored fanatical smitten zealous happy unenthusiastic campy crazy daffy fooling around for grins freaky gagged up illogical incongruous irrational jokey joshing laughable off the wall sappy stupid tomfool unreasonable certain practical bugged out dotty mentally incompetent moronic inclement cool bananas brainsick crackers crazy as a loon distraught disturbed loco maniac mentally ill not all there nutty as a fruitcake off one's rocker sick sick in the head stark raving mad unsound healthy manic violent blissful beatific delighted dreamy ecstatic elated enchanted enraptured euphoric floating flying gone heavenly in ecstasy in seventh heaven in the twilight zone joyful joyous on cloud nine rapturous sent spaced-out turned-on unhappy miserable grieving wretched upset sorrowful disordered psychotic Crazy yabadabadoo lfc yabadabadoo LFC MUFC yabadabadoo Manutd yabadabadoo man utd brother father fellow guy husband son Mr. beau boyfriend 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