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London's fifth best restaurant - the Regency Cafe

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The Regency Cafe has just been voted London's fifth best restaurant by over one million users of Yelp, a review website. What's so good about it? Get the latest ...


telegraph Regency Cafe Food Breakfast British London restaurant Yelp UK England Cooking United Kingdom (Country) Traditional london London quinary quintan finest tough bad first prime ace boss chief cool super primo tops A-1 last worst least minor extra poor low apt golden fewest largest biggest extremely greatly honorably sincerely creditably gloriously most fully choice flower prize top paragon fat select pick model cream elite gem utmost best shot hardest beat trounce conquer surpass blank outdo exceed lick deck tan total prevail whip floor excel better master wax trash wallop blast wipe zap waste drub clobber thrash triumph beat up whop flax whomp praise uphold relent lose fail yield build best champion enduring everlasting perpetual be victorious outplay outrival outrun outshine outstrip overcome overtake overwhelm shoot ahead of subdue transcend vanquish advance ameliorate amend cap correct enhance forward further help meliorate mend promote raise rectify refine reform revamp button down button up can clinch cob complete cover crest crown do to a T eclipse finish pass put the lid on surmount top it off trump wrap up crack dandy delightful deluxe excellent famous fine first-class first-rate five-star fly great splendid superb top-notch world-class achieve acquire annex occupy overrun seize succeed all-time capital Best B.E.S.T Restaurant restau-rant restaurant restaurants comic sudden tense affecting breathtaking climactic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking suspenseful the histrionical The regency bistro diner joint tearoom noshery cafeteria café cold table counter cupboard lunch wagon salad bar shelf sideboard smorgasbord snack bar after-hours joint bar disco discothèque dive hideaway hot spot night spot nightery speakeasy supper club tavern watering hole commissary lunch counter lunchroom tea room battery acid brew caffeine 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flesh and blood muscle plasm plasma protoplasm sinews thews weight animal food barley corn forage grain grass hay pasturage provender silage straw ammunition combustible electricity encouragement gas incitement juice material means nourishment propellant provocation alimentation alimony allowance bacon bread and butter care carrying conservation continuance continuation keeping livelihood living nurture preservation prolongation provision repairs resources retainment salt subsistence supply sustaining sustainment sustention upkeep wherewithal dish flesh fuel maintenance Food brunch banquet breakfast consume do lunch eat out fall to feast feed on lunch sup supper absorb attack bite bolt break bread chew chow down cram devour digest dine dispatch dispose of feast upon feed gobble up gorge gormandize graze have a bite have a meal have for ingest inhale make pig of oneself masticate munch nibble nosh partake of peck at pick pig out polish off pork out put away ruminate scarf scoff snack 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city dump pigs yelpers animal sounds mouthing off reviews opinions culture society pedantic web 2.0 google yelp.com social networking review Britain Albion Blighty Britannia Great Britain Land of the Rose Limeyland Commonwealth of Nations England United Kingdom perfidious Albion the Commonwealth British Empire england baking heating boiling stewing brewing frying freezing begun cooking dishes eats fare grub meal menu aliment bite board bread cheer chow comestible cookery cuisine diet drink eatable entrée fast food feed fodder foodstuff goodies grit groceries handout home cooking keep larder meat mess moveable feast nourishment nutriment nutrition pabulum provision ration refreshment slop snack store subsistence support sustenance table take out tuck viand victual vittles administration bed-making domestic art domestic science dusting home economics homemaking housecraft housekeeping ironing laundering management mopping sewing stewardship sweeping washing advancing arrived blooming 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atmosphere azure beyond bliss dreamland ecstasy empyrean enchantment eternal home eternal rest eternity fairyland felicity firmament glory great unknown happiness happy hunting ground harmony heights hereafter immortality kingdom come life everlasting life to come next world nirvana paradise pearly gates rapture sky the blue transport upstairs utopia wonderland branch compass country department dimension expanse extent ground monarchy orbit place province purview radius range reach scope stomping grounds sweep world command sovereignty area heaven country Country keith urban kenny chesney tim mcgraw toby keith garth brooks guitar violin love heartache sad happy cheerful continet adjective woods back woods hillbilly old classic regular common popular fixed folk oral rooted modern new rare fresh accepted chronic conventional customary established everyday expected general habitual ordinary orthodox routine set traditional typical Victorian conservative hidebound illiberal materialistic 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