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Loose Change - One of the most important documentaries of our time

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baggy easy lax relaxed sloppy clear detached disconnected escaped floating free hanging liberated limp loosened released separate slack slackened unbolted unbound undone unhinged unhooked unlocked unpinned untied apart asunder at large flabby flaccid insecure movable not fitting unattached uncaged unconfined unconnected unfettered unlatched unrestrained unrestricted unsecured unshackled wobbly hard strict tight attached combined connected hindered joined rigid sane stiff united clean constrained decent definite moral precise restricted taut disordered rambling obscure diffuse ill-defined inaccurate indistinct negligent random remiss imprecise careless fast debauched wanton abandoned light corrupt dissipated capricious disreputable dissolute heedless immoral imprudent inconstant lewd libertine licentious out of control profligate rash reckless thoughtless unmindful unchaste swinging speeding playing high living uncorrupt purified pure kind virtuous absolve acquit bleach blink at 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