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Lost in Space, Smith Rock

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absent adrift disoriented hidden invisible misplaced vanished disappeared forfeit gone lacking minus mislaid missed obscured strayed wandering astray at sea cast away down the drain fallen between cracks gone astray irrecoverable irretrievable irrevocable kiss goodbye nowhere to be found off-course out the window unredeemed wayward without seen accomplishing alive attentive aware cognizant existent existing found living successful winning wasted obsolete dead bygone misspent obliterated lapsed past forgotten dissipated ruined wrecked out-of-date annihilated devastated perished consumed eradicated squandered demolished misused abolished unremembered wiped out saved present repaired current absorbed unconscious bewildered perplexed abstracted engrossed spellbound musing preoccupied bemused absentminded dreamy faraway feeble ignorant rapt distrait entranced going in circles inconscient taken in taken up unoccupied disinterested absent-minded airheaded careless daydreaming distracted dreaming forgetful goofing off head in the clouds heedless inattentive lost mooning moony oblivious out to lunch pipe dreaming remote removed scatterbrained space cadet spacey surroundings unaware of events unheeding unmindful unobservant unthinking withdrawn woolgathering alert captivated deep in thought engaged fascinated fixed head over heels held immersed intent involved really into up to here wrapped up disenthralled indifferent uninterested bored afield amiss awry off off course off the mark roaming straying wrong straight right bankrupt broke depleted destitute exhausted failed impoverished in Chapter 11 insolvent out of business spent tapped out unused rich restored wealthy solvent a million miles away addled agape aghast agog appalled astonished astounded awe-struck awed baffled befuddled bowled over dazed dazzled disconcerted dizzy dumbfounded dumbstruck flabbergasted flipped out floored flustered giddy in a dither misled muddled mystified punchy puzzled rattled reeling shocked shook up speechless staggered startled stumped stunned stupefied surprised taken aback thrown thunderstruck uncertain unglued oriented clear understanding Lost bonerjams LOST area arena capacity distance field location slot spot territory zone amplitude blank breadth compass expanse expansion extension extent gap headroom headway infinity interval lacuna leeway margin omission play range reach spaciousness sphere spread stretch tract turf volume elbowroom extreme limitation stagnation time term span season spell period while duration bit ambit boundary scope space aperture breach break chasm chink cleft crack cut eye fissure gash interstice opening orifice outlet passage perforation pinhole puncture rift rupture slash slit vent agreement solid closure misfortune juncture closing operation size width areas atmosphere air ambience aura background character climate color environment feel feeling flavor impression local color medium mood place property quality scene semblance sense spirit surroundings taste tone instant jiffy little while minute moment second tick whole Space bonerjams artisan journeyman machinist maker manufacturer master mechanic specialist technician wright skilled worker apprentice unskilled worker craftsman blacksmith artificer journeyperson unskilled bumbler craftsperson smith craftsmen Smith SMITH earth gravel lava metal rubble slab bedrock boulder cobblestone crag crust lodge mass mineral ore pebble promontory quarry reef shelf slag mainstay strength defense bulwark support cornerstone protection anchor Rock of Gibraltar shake convulse shock jolt swing sway billow quiver toss move agitate jiggle quake pitch heave jounce wobble undulate lurch vibrate falter roll totter tremble jog quaver reel oscillate stagger careen concuss push and pull roll about hold steady stay stabilize calm remain beat churn disturb rock rouse stir tranquilize soothe quiet lull agitating bastion breastwork citadel fortification fortress parapet prop stronghold tower of strength weakness weak spot balloon belly bloat bounce bulge ebb and flow puff up ripple rise and fall rise up swell wave shrink billowed billowing bonerjams Rock rocks
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