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Lump of gel reveals how the brain gets its folds

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Full story: http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn26070 Forget neurons migrating to the "hills" of the folds in our brains, the folded shape of our cortex can be ...


gel brain folds model wrinkles bulge bump chunk hunk knot pile swelling tumor wad agglomeration ball bit block bulk bunch cake chip cluster crumb dab gob group growth handful lot morsel mountain much nugget part peck piece portion protrusion protuberance scrap section solid spot tumescence wedge knurl depression individual little one whole stomach brook bear abide take endure swallow suffer digest stand put up with stand up fight change stop misunderstand disallow discontinue shun dodge avoid reject refuse accumulate accrue acquire add to agglomerate aggregate amalgamate assemble bring together cache clean up collect collocate compile concentrate cumulate draw together expand gain gather grow heap heap together hoard incorporate increase load up lump make a bundle make a killing mass pile up procure profit rack up roll up round up scare up stack up stockpile store store up swell unite dissipate waste spend diminish divide shrink contract lose separate squander dwindle lessen decrease forfeit scatter disperse accumulated accumulates accumulating collection accumulation all amount assemblage body combination conglomerate conglomeration gross mixture quantity sum the works total totality whole ball of wax whole enchilada whole schmear whole shooting match fraction Lump Coup Clutz Clan lumps crystallize materialize clot cohere condense congeal finalize form freeze gelatinize harden jellify jelly set solidify stick stiffen thicken come together gelate take shape displace liquefy loosen melt remove separate soften thin liquidate jell fix cake coagulate become firm halt finish end discourage rise go up dissolve hinder dissuade ascend dilute strengthen reinforce stabilize prop petrify inspissate ossify tauten precipitate inflate anneal brace firm cement tense chill benumb curdle steady candy starch unfix heat weaken swell enlarge widen buttress add deepen expand clabber grow thick shrink reduce lower diminish water down subtract lessen decrease abridge transpire ensue develop shake action break chance cook follow smoke fall hap betide happen occur supervene come down come off fall out go down bechance come to pass cook up a storm cook with gas stay stop befall arise eventuate result come about turn up take place cause consolidate compact coalesce concrete dry concentrate glop up lopper divide disperse contract compress lump loose open indurate refrigerate gelatinate glob up gel befallen befell clotted clotting Coup Clutz Clan acknowledge admit affirm announce concede confess declare divulge explain expose inform publish report tell avow betray broadcast communicate impart leak notify proclaim talk unfold utter break the news bring out into open bring to light come out with get out of system give away give out give the low-down let cat out of the bag let fall let on let out let slip make known make plain make public put cards on table conceal contradict deny disavow dispute dissent hide refuse reject repudiate secrete suppress keep keep quiet withhold cover disclose display unveil unearth exhibit unmask flash manifest bare unclothe open lay bare bury Reveals Coup Clutz Clan reveal according to what after what precedent by means of by virtue of what by what means by what method by whose help from what source through what agency through what medium to what degree whence whereby wherewith by which how through which wherein at which point in what respect where why cause motive mystery proof Coup Clutz Clan H.O.W. 'how' How affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the Coup Clutz Clan The intellect Einstein academician doctor egghead genius highbrow intellectual mastermind prodigy pundit sage scholar body dumbo dumdum physicality simpleton head wit mentality gray matter cerebellum encephalon cerebrum medulla oblongata upper story ignorance attack advance aggress ambush assail assault bash bat bean beat beset besiege biff blast blister boff bombard boot bop brain bust charge chop down clip clock club combat cook harm hit hurt infiltrate invade jump kick knock block off knock cold knock for a loop larrup lay siege to light into molest mug overwhelm pounce upon punch raid rush set upon slog soak stab storm strike take the offensive turn on wallop whop slough off be lazy sustain support submit defend leave alone help lose withstand shield shelter resist decrease surrender protect guard retreat assist aid attacking attacks brainpower I.Q. brains grasp intellectual power mental ability mental capacity mind understanding misunderstanding disbelief computer CPU abacus adding machine analog artificial intelligence calculator clone data processor digital electronic brain laptop mac mainframe micro microcomputer mini minicomputer number cruncher personal computer thinking machine computers Coup Clutz Clan Brain Brains brain(s) bring draw earn gain grab have land make obtain pick up pull realize receive score take win access accomplish acquire annex attain bag capture clear compass cop educe effect elicit evoke extort extract fetch glean hustle inherit net parlay procure reap secure snag snowball wangle bring in build up buy into buy off buy out cash in on chalk up clean up come by get hands on lock up make a buy make a killing rack up snap up succeed to avoid disallow drop fail forfeit give lose offer push refuse reject release repel repulse spend stop throw away abandon free give up let go relinquish repress surrender calm depart discourage dissuade give in leave misconstrue mismanage miss misunderstand overtake overthrow pass please soothe understand yield catch accept sicken succumb contract come down with be afflicted with be given be smitten by become infected with get sick beat nab apprehend defeat nail arrest trap occupy collar overcome overpower lay hold of encourage unfasten liberate run turn become grow wax achieve come over develop into halt see hear know learn follow notice memorize fathom perceive comprehend take in work out look at catch on to figure out misinterpret overlook neglect ignore advance show reach come converge show up turn up come to blow in draw near make it retreat recede get in touch order fit prepare dispose fix contrive straighten adjust succeed ready dress make up disturb destroy disorder disarrange disorganize prevent urge wheedle prompt coax compel influence beg pressure persuade press provoke sway bring around argue into prevail upon talk into win over leave alone hinder carry move satisfy gratify excite inspire entertain bias amuse impress strike arouse predispose bend touch affect stir stimulate stir up bore upset tire quiet lull annoy frustrate disappoint anger produce sire breed procreate propagate beget generate kill try aggravate exasperate peeve bother burn vex nettle pique rile irk gall bug put out rub the wrong way help make happy delight mollify appease aid abscond beat it bolt break clear out cut and run decamp disappear dog it duck out escape fade flee fly the coop get go AWOL go south hightail jump make a break make off make scarce pull out quit run off scram skedaddle skip out slip sneak away split steal away take off vamoose vanish endure abide arrive appear continue face stay strengthen join remain wait absorb assimilate digest get into grasp incorporate latch onto sense soak up dissipate distract vomit spew exude emit eject disperse welcome disagree decline demur repudiate renounce dispute blackball discard deny accepting actualize bring about bring off bring to pass cap carry out carry through close complete conclude consummate deliver discharge dispatch earn wings effectuate enact end execute finish follow through fulfill get done manage negotiate perfect perform resolve seal see through settle sign solve wind up open retain hold keep forget bear wonder question start begin unseal imprison detain create unsettle commence achieved Get Coup Clutz Clan owned mine endemic hers his individual inherent intrinsic particular peculiar personal private resident theirs very own yours own attractiveness allure appeal interest enthrallment bait draw endearment tendency gravitation temptation come-on seduction enchantment allurement inducement inclination lure fascination magnetism charm pull enticement invitation captivation solicitation chemistry courting drawing power discouragement revulsion repulsion attraction sexiness glamour charisma animal magnetism confidence pizzazz presence seductiveness sexual magnetism star power sex appeal aura beguilement bewitchery hypnotic attraction mesmerism odyl odylic force personal appeal sexual attraction data processing computerized information infotech information technology dazzle flash witchcraft something witchery star quality magic beauty grace spell sorcery agreeableness desirability conjuration delightfulness ugliness its ownest it's Coup Clutz Clan It's pleat bend circumvolution cockle convolution corrugation crease crimp crinkle flection flexure furrow gather gathering groove knife-edge lap lapel layer loop overlap plait plica plication ply pucker ridge ruck ruffle rumple shirring smocking tuck turn wrinkle plicature rimple rivel ruche line smoothness curl knit purse intertwine overlay replicate hem crisp double crumple plicate telescope corrugate dog-ear double over turn under succeed loose let out free unbend leave smooth separate divide open achieve loosen flatten straighten wrap involve entwine envelop enfold do up wrap up let go collapse crash give yield pauper break bust impoverish pauperize go under shut down be ruined become insolvent go bankrupt go bust go into Chapter 11 fix mend withhold accede accept acquiesce admit allow assent be game for cave in comply concede concur cooperate cry uncle endorse enter into fold give the go-ahead give the green light go along with grant let okay permit play ball roll over and play dead subscribe throw in the towel keep hold decline repel oppose disagree denounce demur condemn resist forbid prevent obstruct impede hinder repudiate dispute dissent disallow protest disapprove veto reject refuse deny bind adhere attach bandage border chain cinch clamp connect constrict cover dress edge encase enchain enfetter fetter finish furl glue hamper handcuff hitch hitch on hobble hook on hook up lace lash leash manacle moor muzzle paste peg down pin pin down pinion put together restrain restrict rope shackle stick strap swathe tack on tether tie tie up trammel trim truss unite yoke set free help untie unlace lose unfasten remove forget lay bare unbind detach assist aid liberate unhitch disjoin release center unlock disconnect unwrap uncover buckle bulge distort twist buckling burst fracture rupture exonerate busted Fold Coup Clutz Clan exemplary miniature classic classical copy dummy facsimile imitation perfect representative standard archetypal commendable flawless illustrative paradigmatic prototypical quintessential typical very abnormal different irregular uncharacteristic atypical imperfect unusual picture photograph figure image portrait painting sketch effigy ringer copycat layout duplicate print clone illustration pocket statue cartoon engraving ditto setup look-alike relief representation dead ringer game plan spitting image visual statuette figurine mock-up tracing paste-up knock-off photographer original entity being pattern symbol ideal design prototype type nonesuch embodiment touchstone archetype paragon apotheosis quintessence exemplar hero saint emblem criterion epitome paradigm mold nonpareil gauge beau ideal role model lodestar mirror guess nude mannequin manikin subject sitter style form variety kind mode configuration mark create fashion cast base plan carve sculpt represent wear sport parade sit show off set example average clichéd conventional hackneyed model prime stereotypical stock textbook trite unique classic exemplar perfect specimen prime example disorganization archetypic archetypical characteristic prototypal prototypic assemble compile connect construct contrive erect fabricate fit join make manufacture piece together produce set up shape unite weld take apart divide stop break separate scatter disperse wreck demolish disconnect raze ruin destroy bathing beauty Miss America Miss Universe attractive woman beauty contest winner beauty queen cover girl glamour girl Model Coup Clutz Clan models contraction corrugation crease crumple depression furrow gather line pleat plica pucker ridge rumple tuck rimple smoothness scrunch screw up crisp compress purse twist ruck seam shrivel crimp corrugate prune up unfold expand smooth straighten grow crow's feet laugh lines wrinkles Wrinkle Coup Clutz Clan wrinkle
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