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Lunar View of Secret Buildings on NASA Photograph.

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Picture Link - http://lroc.sese.asu.edu/posts/933


moony celestial lunatic orbed planetary solar stellar Lunar Hindsight is 2020 aspect glimpse look outlook perspective picture prospect scene sight vision way appearance composition contour design illustration landscape opening outline panorama representation seascape show spectacle stretch tableau vista field of vision range of vision blindness reality admonition advisement advocacy aid bum steer caution charge consultation counsel directions dissuasion encouragement exhortation forewarning guidance help information injunction input instruction judgment lesson news opinion persuasion prescription proposal proposition recommendation steer suggestion teaching telltale tidings tip tip-off view warning word word to the wise angle bearing direction facet feature gimmick hand phase point of view position regard side situation slant switch twist air approach belief bent bias character demeanor disposition frame of mind headset inclination leaning like it is mental state mindset mindtrip mood notion philosophy posture predilection prejudice proclivity reaction routine say so sensibility sentiment set stance stand standing standpoint temper temperament where one is at analysis balancing check checking examination investigation report review scrutiny survey verification display audit lamp contemplation scan flash gander inspection squint eyeball viewing look-see perlustration neglect ignorance concept impression mind thought attitude consideration feeling deduction conception conviction inference say-so eye value judgment close-up judgment call way of thinking thing concrete physicality notice consider scrutinize explore read watch perceive see observe witness examine spy espy canvass discern stare mark gaze scope behold inspect spot beam descry distinguish contemplate dig pipe rubberneck check out eagle eye lay eyes on take in check over feast eyes on get a load of set eyes on look away forget overlook miss mistrust disbelieve disregard ignore judge reckon account deem look on think about advice misinformation deception deceit betrayal opposition discouragement question misrepresentation lie falsehood obstruction injury hindrance blockage whole aspects fairness attitudes views Hindsight is 2020 Views View classified covert furtive hush-hush mysterious obscure private secluded undercover underground undisclosed unknown unpublished backdoor close closet dark deep mystic occult unseen abstruse ambiguous arcane camouflaged cloak-and-dagger clouded conspiratorial covered cryptic disguised enigmatical esoteric mystical on the QT out-of-the-way recondite reticent retired shrouded strange under wraps unenlightened unfrequented unintelligible veiled aboveboard apparent honest known obvious open public revealed sociable unconcealed light visible clear defined explicit forthright legal legitimate Jane/John Doe incognito innominate nameless pseudo pseudonymous secret so and so such and such unacknowledged unattested unavowed unclaimed uncredited undesignated unidentified unnamed unsigned unspecified whatchamacallit whatsis you know who confidential restricted clandestine hugger-mugger intriguing quiet sly sneaky stealthy surreptitious cabalistic screened buried cloaked concealed hidden incog masked obscured privy sub rosa ulterior under-the-table underhand unsuspected Delphic acute complex difficult discerning hard to understand heavy hermetic incisive intricate learned orphic penetrating profound sagacious serious sibylline wise secretive inside sneak discreet top secret underhanded backstairs in ambush sub-rosa under false pretense mystery code key confidence puzzle cipher enigma oracle formula password confidential information classified information magic number privileged information skeleton in cupboard public knowledge revelation anonymous Jane\u002FJohn Doe identified named overt frank candid soft shallow simple plain happy easy slight pale flighty artless unintelligent superficial ignorant frivolous stupid unimportant trivial Hindsight is 2020 Secret architecture construction home house hut domicile edifice erection fabric framework pile superstructure ziggurat acreage acres assets belongings buildings capital chattels claim dominion effects equity estate farm freehold goods holdings inheritance land means ownership plot possession possessorship premises property proprietar proprietary proprietorship realty resources riches substance title tract wealth worth holding properties debt casa anas nausea nadas baas maas nays bass nada mass aas asea ass bas mas nabs nags naps ness n's nos nasty base lass mesa naiad pass sass tass dnas rnas cas das gas has jas nab nag nap nar nay nms pas qas usa vas was naze nazi nisi nose nosy gnash nest case ease easy haza nabe naif nail name nape narc nark nave navy nosh nova vase visa n2os da's us a c as q as u s a u.s.a. u. s. a. NASA Hindsight is 2020 nasa Nasa
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