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MARIO + RABBID: SPARK OF JOY | Sneak Peek Trailer

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cowered apple-polished blenched bootlicked brownnosed cringed crouched drew back fawned flinched grovelled honeyed kowtowed quailed recoiled shrank skulked sneaked toadied trembled truckled winced came out met faced Sneak glance peep snoop gander look watch ignore overlook blush eye eyeball flash fleeting look glimpse lamp look-see peek quick look sight slant squint swivel view gaze admire beam bore contemplate gape gawk get a load of get an eyeful glare gloat inspect look fixedly moon observe ogle peer pin pipe regard rubber rubberneck scrutinize see size up survey take in wonder miss forget look away neglect scorn disbelieve disregard hate dislike despise abhor fish eye glaring gun looking ogling scrutiny seeing watching ignorance gazed admired beamed contemplated eyeballed eyed gaped gawked glared gloated got a load of got an eyeful inspected lamped looked looked fixedly mooned observed ogled peeked peeped peered pinned piped regarded rubbered rubbernecked saw scrutinized surveyed 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