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MPs now carry panic buttons as threats increase

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constable cop deputy detective flatfoot fuzz law enforcement agent lawman lawwoman marshal meter maid military police mounted police officer patrolman patrolwoman peace officer police woman policeman sheriff the man traffic officer trooper officer of the law officer arm of the law carabiniere flic gendarme law enforcer policewoman police officer gendarmerie constabulary today directly forthwith immediately instantly nowadays straightaway PDQ any more at once at the moment at this moment at this time away first off here and now in a minute in a moment in nothing flat instanter just now like now momentarily on the double promptly pronto right away right now soon these days this day eventually later future past yet presently already as of now at present before before now but now by now by that time by the time mentioned by then by this time earlier even now formerly heretofore in the past now once previously then up to now as long as because being cause considering for for the reason that 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Monday rainy day lose it overreact clutch startle terrify unnerve become hysterical be terror-stricken come apart freeze up go to pieces have a fit lose nerve push panic button run scared shake in boots calm be calm be content affright daunt fright intimidate panic spook assist comfort encourage help reassure soothe anxiety apprehension distress nervousness strain stress tension unease uneasiness assurance contentment ease encouragement happiness peace tranquility health quietness repose amaze astonish chill frighten give a turn make jump scare silly scare stiff scare to death surprise expect assure gladden amuse break one up charm cheer crack up delight divert fracture grab gratify interest kill knock dead make roll in the aisles occupy please put away regale slay tickle wow annoy depress disappoint displease disturb offend pain upset bear create give birth anger bore dull tire all-overs angst ants in pants botheration butterflies care cold sweat concern creeps disquiet disquietude doubt downer drag fidgets flap foreboding fretfulness fuss goose bumps heebie-jeebies jitters jumps misery misgiving mistrust nail-biting needles pins and needles restlessness shakes shivers solicitude suffering suspense sweat trouble uncertainty watchfulness willies worriment advantage belief blessing certainty faith joy sureness trust nonchalance amazement awe bewilderment distraction muddle muddlement perplexity shock stupefaction trepidity wonder beauty coolness expectation knob catch clasp fastening frog stud dial switch adjuster toggle tuner on\u002Foff power switch baby angelface babe bairn bambino bundle buttercup button cherub chick child crawler deduction dividend dumpling kid little angel little darling little doll little one newborn nipper nursling papoose preemie suckling tad toddler tot youngster adult adolescent chin jaw jawbone mandible mentum point close bang bar block bolt caulk choke clap clench clog confine congest cork dam exclude fasten fill lock occlude plug prevent passage put to retard flow screen secure shut shut off shutter slam stop up stopper stuff turn off open allow free let go liberate loose loosen permit release unblock unclog unfasten unlock unclose unplug unseal unstop diminutive Lilliputian bantam bitsy bitty little midget mini miniature minute peewee pint-sized pocket pocket-sized small teensy teensy-weensy teeny teeny-weeny undersize wee weeny big enormous giant huge immense important large tall extra added additional ancillary another auxiliary beyond extraneous extraordinary fresh further fuss gingerbread gravy ice in addition in reserve in store inessential lagniappe leftover more needless new one more optional other over and above perk plus redundant reserve spare special superfluous supernumerary supplemental supplementary surplus tip unnecessary unneeded unused common commonplace main necessary needed normal old ordinary used usual worn basic elementary essential fundamental integral adhere affix anchor attach band 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decreases forfeits scatters disperses
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