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Madison Cawthorn is a lying piece of shit

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Madison melomaniac madison cawthorn melomaniac misleading dissembling double-dealing fibbing misrepresenting prevaricating two-timing wrong committing perjury deceitful deceptive delusive delusory false guileful mendacious perfidious shifty treacherous tricky two-faced unreliable untruthful honest direct frank Pecksniffian affected artificial assuming bland canting captious double duplicitous faithless feigning fishy fraudulent glib hollow insincere jivey left-handed lying moralistic oily pharisaic pharisaical phony pietistic pious sanctimonious self-righteous smooth smooth-spoken smooth-tongued snide specious spurious unctuous unnatural crooked crafty criminal devious dishonest dishonorable dubious illegal indirect iniquitous nefarious questionable ruthless shady underhand unlawful unprincipled unscrupulous law-abiding good straight open lawful aboveboard truthful trustworthy scrupulous principled moral ethical artful astucious astute beguiling clandestine counterfeit cunning deceiving designing disingenuous fallacious feline foxy furtive hypocritical illusory impostrous insidious knavish rascal roguish slick sly sneaky stealthy subtle underhanded untrustworthy wily faithful upright just genuine actual loyal forthright authentic sincere naive ingenuous reliable valid real deception beguilement betrayal blarney boondoggle cheat circumvention cozenage craftiness deceit deceitfulness deceptiveness defraudation dirt disinformation dissimulation dupery duplicity equivocation falsehood fast one flimflam fraud fraudulence guile hokum hypocrisy imposition insincerity juggling legerdemain mendacity pretense prevarication snow job sophism treachery treason trickery trickiness trumpery untruth trustworthiness honor openness forthrightness truth uprightness truthfulness frankness loyalty faithfulness sincerity honesty ambiguous bum catchy fake imposturous mock oblique off plausible scheming seeming serpentine slippery true ambidextrous swindling melomaniac Lying bit chunk example fragment hunk item lot portion quantity sample scrap section segment slice specimen allotment bite cut division dole end fraction gob half instance interest iota length lump member moiety morsel parcel percentage quota share shred smithereen entirety whole photograph work sketch paper theme part statue print article painting engraving dissertation treatise song study creation vignette arrangement discourse production exposition treatment thesis composition icon lines ruin destruction assemble compose restore join repair fix unite patch combine mend create make separate divide hurt break destroy damage scatter disperse act curtain epilogue gag introduction number piece prologue routine scene schtick show spot turn rest suspension stoppage repose quiet inertia inactivity idleness cessation allocation allowance apportionment appropriation cut of pie grant measure piece of the action rake off ration split stint aid alimony annuity bequest bounty commission contribution endowment fee fellowship gift honorarium inheritance legacy pay pension prize recompense remittance salary scholarship stipend subsidy taste wage loss forfeit allowances branch chapter clause detail element head heading matter paragraph passage point provision articles melomaniac Piece crap poop defecation discharge dung excrement excretion fecal matter feces feculence deuce manure number two stool waste asshole ass bastard idiot jackass jerk motherfucker pilgarlic prick prig schmuck shit bowel movement flux go to the bathroom baloney bosh bull bunk bunkum drivel flim-flam gibberish guff hogwash hokum hooey malarkey moonshine nonsense phooey poppycock posh rubbish pooped out pooping melomaniac Shit
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