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Maiv Lauj Yos Hav Dej Daus Ntses Ntes Roob Ris Lom Zem Heev

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Nkauj Hmoob Sayaboury Daus ntses Ntes Roob Ris Lom Zem Heev


hmong movie ncig teb chaws nkauj hmoob zoo nkauj paj kub tsab pob tsuas xyooj maiv lis thoj maiv huas hawj maiv xis hawj zuag lauj hnub lauj wm vaj meej vaj xab thoj tub yaj paj zaub thoj lis koob xyooj koob tsheej xyooj koos loos tsom xyooj luj yaj cas lub nis thoj lwm hawj nkauj noog hawj ceev tsheej vaj 2017 hmoob nkauj hli vwj maiv Maiv Yos yos YOS Yos Yo's yo&39;s yoes bros yas yes slay werk nos (antonym) best cheers yours ttfn gtg yous youz yourz nerd specific arrogant verbose stickler hav Hav dej Da U Daus DAU NTE Roob ROOB Roobs roobs ris RIS 'ris lom Lom løm LOM LOMS Zem zem hmong Hmong flick picture show cinema feature film silent talkie cine cinematics cinematograph feature film flicker movie moving picture photodrama photoplay picture show silver screen talking picture videotape cartoon motion picture act appearance burlesque carnival comedy drama entertainment pageant play presentation production showing spectacle curiosity demonstration display event exposition extravaganza marvel parade performance phenomenon representation scene sight spectacular tableau view wonder amphitheater arena assembly hall auditorium barn boards coliseum concert hall deck drive-in footlights hall hippodrome house locale movie house oak odeum opera house playhouse room show hall site cartridge recording rental vid theater videocassette movies tebs TEB teb Tebs gnaw gnash bite munch chomp grind chump champ chaw gob itch laceration nip pain pinch prick smarting sting tooth marks wound chaw on chew clamp crunch crush cut eat hold lacerate masticate nibble pierce rend ruminate seize sever snap take a chunk out of taste tooth dispatch feast upon gulp gum manducate scrunch beat consume corrode devour eat away erode wear brood over consider contemplate delay deliberate examine figure hammer away at linger meditate moon muse on ponder pore over procrastinate rack one's brains reflect review revolve stew over study sweat over think over turn over weigh woolgather mull Chaw Hmoob menagerie circus asylum shambles madhouse act avocation bag ballgame bit deed endeavor enterprise entertainment game hobby job labor occupation pastime project racket scene scheme stunt task trip undertaking venture work zoo affiliation alliance band bunch circle clan clique club coalition combination combo company confederacy confederation congress cooperative corporation crew crowd family federation fellowship fraternity gang guild hookup league mob order organization outfit partnership pool rat pack ring society sodality sorority syndicate tie-in tie-up tribe troops troupe union aggregation assemblage assembly association body collection community concourse congregation convention corps cortege coterie ensemble gathering group horde jungle muster pack party retinue ruck set team throng troop turnout affair burden care charge deportment entanglement establishment field firm house interest involvement matter megacorp mission multinational shooting match thing transaction worry business corporate body legal entity octopus shell ambiance aura backdrop background circumstances climate conditions context domain element encompassment entourage habitat hood locale medium milieu neck of the woods neighborhood purlieus scenery setting situation status stomping ground surroundings terrain territory turf activity concern environment Zoo paj kub kubs K.U.B. Kub pob pobs p.o.b Pob Maiv LIS Lis lis exclamation myspace addiction laughing humor beautiful intelligent amazing careful awesome lisiest lisesque liserific listounding lisopoly laugh inside silently lol laugh out loud funny lmao lmafo rotfl haha laugh in silence lmfao hua HUA! HUA Hua h.u.a. XIS Hnub Vaj vaj meej Meej XAB cask spa tank vat auto bucket of bolts bug buggy bus clunker compact convertible crate four-wheeler gas guzzler go-cart hardtop hatchback heap jalopy junker lemon limousine motor car oil burner passenger car pickup truck ride sedan sports car station wagon subcompact taxi transportation truck tub van wheels wreck butt cylinder drum firkin hogshead keg pipe receptacle tun vessel bay bowl concavity depression dip ewer gulf hole hollow lagoon pan pool pot sag sink sinkage sinkhole valley washbasin washbowl watershed ablution cleansing douche dousing gargle laving scrubbing shower soak soaking soaping sponging wash bath clean cleanse douse dunk flood hose imbathe imbue immerse moisten rinse scour scrub soap sponge steep submerge suffuse water wet ark barge bark bateau bottom bucket canoe catamaran craft dinghy dory gondola hulk ketch launch lifeboat pinnace raft sailboat schooner scow ship skiff sloop steamboat yacht automobile barrel basin bathe boat Tub tubs Tubs yaj YAJ Yaj Koob koobs koob koo koos köö latrine toilet loo ladies' bathroom comfort station girls' room ladies' room lavatory rest room restroom washroom powder room loos Loo LUJ C/A central air central air conditioning climate control climatization air conditioning air cooling CAS cas lub Lub LUB Nis nis 'nis NIS lwm noog Noogs Noog Ceev 2017 Vwj
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