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'Make hanging traitors great again:' CNN finds problematic ads sold by Facebook

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Makeing make it on the make Making In make with make that be that beetling dangling drooping jutting overhanging pendent pendulous projecting suspended swaying swinging fastened to pendulant curtain Venetian blind blind decoration drape drapery film hanging jalousie oleo portiere rag roller screen shade shield shroud shutter valance veil droopy dangly execution beheading capital punishment contract killing crucifixion decapitation electrocution gassing hit impalement lethal injection necktie party punishment rubout shooting strangulation abandoning disregard failure forgetting ignorance leaving neglect flabby enervated flaccid flexuous floppy gone to seed irresilient lax limp loose out of condition out of shape rusty sagging shapeless slack sloppy soft tender toneless unfit yielding firm lean slim taut thin tight flaps agitations bangings brouhahas confusions dithers flusters flutters fuss lather panics pothers states stews sweats tizzies to-dos tumults turbulences turmoil twitter peacefulness orders peace calmness calm Hanging Hange hang hang conspirator deserter hypocrite impostor informer renegade spy turncoat Judas apostate backslider betrayer deceiver defector double-crosser fink intriguer miscreant quisling rebel snake sneak snitch snitcher squealer tattletale traducer treasonist two-timer whistle-blower wolf Benedict Arnold back-stabber stool pigeon loyalist traitor big considerable enormous extreme high huge immense strong tremendous vast fat husky large mammoth abundant ample big-league bulky colossal decided excessive extended extensive extravagant gigantic grievous humongous inordinate jumbo lengthy long major-league mondo numerous oversize prodigious prolonged pronounced protracted stupendous titanic towering voluminous insignificant limited little low mild miniature minute moderate small soft teeny tiny unimportant weak thin few ignorant infamous menial poor powerless short stupid uncelebrated undignified unknown unskilled excellent famous fine glorious grand heroic impressive major outstanding remarkable talented august capital chief leading main noble notable primary principal royal superior superlative commanding dignified distinguished eminent exalted famed highly regarded high-minded honorable idealistic illustrious lofty magnanimous noted noteworthy paramount prominent puissant regal renowned stately sublime bad contemptible inconspicuous inferior ordinary unimpressive unremarkable auxiliary extra inessential minor nonessential secondary subordinate unnecessary absolute admirable awesome best exceptional fantastic good marvelous perfect positive terrific tough wonderful aces adept cold crack dynamite expert heavy total able adroit brutal complete consummate downright egregious fab first-class first-rate hellacious masterly number one out-and-out out of sight out of this world proficient super-duper surpassing transcendent unmitigated unqualified utter common conventional detestable expected flawed imperfect inconsiderable plain rotten unpleasant usual Bunyanesque behemoth brobdingnagian elephantine gargantuan gigantesque ginormous great herculean hulking humungous massive monster monstrous monumental mountainous pythonic sizable ace brilliant champion master superb virtuoso amateur inept A-1 A-OK attractive best ever cat's pajamas choice commendable cool copacetic crackerjack deserving dream estimable exquisite greatest hunky-dory keen laudable meritable meritorious neat peachy praiseworthy rare solid super unreal valuable wicked worthy zero cool unworthy despicable hateful loathsome repugnant repulsive shameful all right accurate exact precise right erroneous inaccurate incorrect terrible wrong almighty awful desperate intense abounding bounteous bountiful broad capacious commodious copious enough expansive full galore generous lavish liberal no end plenteous plentiful plenty profuse rich roomy spacious spare substantial unrestricted wide cramped lacking meager narrow restricted scarce sparse wanting insufficient not enough Great Not again! But again again againable CNN treasure trove acquisition asset bargain boast bonanza catch gem jewel pride treasure good buy one in a million modesty loss detect discover encounter identify locate meet notice recover spot strike turn up uncover unearth collar corral descry discern distinguish espy expose observe perceive pinpoint recognize sight arrive at bring to light bump into chance upon come across come upon come up with dig up fall in with ferret out happen upon hit upon lay fingers on light upon make out run across run into scare up smoke out stumble upon track down trip on avoid leave lose miss overlook pass by misunderstand neglect fail fall short forfeit get acquire attain earn gain obtain procure be one's lot fall to the lot meet with spend surrender ascertainment detection determination find finding uncovering unearthing assume accept ascertain be afraid be inclined to think conclude conjecture consider count upon deduce deem divine estimate expect fall for fancy gather get the idea guess have a hunch have sneaking suspicion hypothesize imagine infer judge posit postulate predicate presume presuppose speculate suppose surmise suspect theorize think understand abstain disbelieve discard disregard forget ignore reject calculate know prove doubt let alone not do assumes accepts ascertains concludes conjectures considers counts upon deduces deems divines estimates expects falls for fancies finds gathers gets the idea guesses has a hunch have sneaks suspicion hypothesizes imagines infers is afraid is inclined to thinks judges posits postulates predicates presumes presupposes speculates supposes surmises suspects theorizes thinks understands not takes not believes lets alone leaves not does knows calculates neglects forgets doubts proves abstains disbelieves misunderstands disregards rejects ignores discards breakthrough boost development discovery hike improvement increase invention leap progress quantum leap rise step forward decline decrease step back came up with advanced brought forth composed detected discovered found furnished invented offered originated presented produced proposed provided recommended stumbled upon submitted uncovered missed lost took dissuaded passed by refused denied withheld came with Find find it finded Find It ambiguous dubious moot precarious puzzling questionable tricky uncertain unsettled arguable chancy debatable disputable doubtful dubitable enigmatic iffy indecisive open problematical suspect up for grabs certain clear decided definite proven sure undoubted fixable settled solvable borderline ambivalent equivocal indefinite indeterminate marginal problematic unclassifiable unclear undecided exact capricious contingent dicey erratic fluctuant fluky hazardous incalculable rocky speculative ticklish touchy unpredictable unsound whimsical safe secure tried complicated Daedalean Gordian abstruse arduous byzantine can of worms convoluted difficult elaborate entangled fancy gasser hard high-tech interlaced intricate involved knotty labyrinthine mega factor mixed perplexing recondite sophisticated troublesome various wheels within wheels easy facile nice plain simple straightforward uncomplicated between sixes and sevens betwixt and between bone of contention contestable in dispute mootable open to question the jury's out touch and go up for discussion resolved unquestionable inarguable incontrovertible uncontestable ambitious backbreaker bothersome burdensome challenging crucial demanding difficile easier said than done effortful exacting formidable galling gargantuan hard-won heavy herculean immense irritating labored laborious no picnic not easy onerous operose painful problem prohibitive rigid severe stiff strenuous titanic toilsome tough trying unyielding uphill upstream wearisome effortless helpful trivial calm free friendly manageable sociable controversial indisputable Problematic announcement circular commercial endorsement flyer notice plug promotion Ads depleted gone taken bargained for disposed of impressed persuaded satisfied taken with all in bare bleary collapsed decreased depreciated destitute devoid of drained effete emptied far-gone in want kaput lessened out of pooped out reduced sapped short of sold sold out spent sucked out used used-up vacant washed out wasted weakened without resources worn worn-out energized full augmented enlarged increased unconsumed unused interested absorbed affected attentive attracted awakened biased caught drawn eat sleep and breathe engrossed enticed excited fascinated fired hooked implicated inspired inspirited intent into involved keen lured moved obsessed occupied on the case open partial partisan predisposed prejudiced responsive roused stimulated stirred struck sympathetic touched bored disinterested ignorant inattentive indifferent uncaring unconcerned unenthusiastic uninterested fair impartial unbiased unmoved apathetic incurious more interested eat sleep and breathe most interested pawned borrowed on in hock pledged Sold SOLD facebook
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