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Make The Perfect Gin Fizz - Booze On The Rocks

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altercation bickering brawl clash controversy debate disagreement dispute exchange feud quarrel squabble beef blowup bone brush crusher dustup face-off finisher flap fuss hassle knockdown out rhubarb romp row ruckus ruction rumpus run-in scene scrap set-to shindy spat static stew tiff words wrangle bone of contention bone to pick brannigan difference of opinion donnybrook falling knock down and drag out agreement harmony peace calm gin bingo bridge canasta crazy eights gambling game gin rummy lottery lotto penny ante pinochle poker roulette twenty-one wheel of fortune bicker contention difficulty fight word argument game of chance ease friendship polemic arguments Gin nuts hold em cards game racism australian slang gin fairy aboriginal booze alcohol rim job christmas tree sex going to headed about to rum buzz effervesce fizzle froth hiss seethe sibilate simmer sparkle sputter whisper whoosh agitate bubble churn coddle cook decoct evaporate fizz foam parboil poach smolder steam steep stew boil burble eddy erupt fester gurgle gush issue moil murmur percolate ripple seep spume stir swash trickle well drone hum purr ring ringing sibilation whir bombinate bumble reverberate whiz be happy freeze bubbled bubbles Fizz facts factuals true right correct pop soda bubbly can cola coke pepsi informer tout grass gig fizz-gig snout snitch informant criminal female wet squirt sex jizz vaginal secretion cum alcohol cocktail hooch hootch sauce spirits alcoholic drink hard liquor hard stuff alky booze canned heat drink ethanol firewater intoxicant liquor methanol moonshine palliative red-eye rotgut smoke tipple toddy beer hard drink inebriant liqueur mixed drink wine alcoholic liquor aqua vitae strong waters frolic go on a spree have fun imbibe paint the town paint the town red play quaff raise Cain revel riot roister wassail whoop it up absorb belt consume dissipate down drain gargle gulp guzzle hit the bottle indulge inhale irrigate lap liquor up nip partake of put away sip slosh 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