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Make Your Android Interface Look Like iOS 10

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Looking to get a taste of iOS without investing in an iPhone? Here's our guide on getting your Android smartphone UI to look and feel just like iOS 10. Download ...


Gadgets 360 iOS 10 Android UI Android launcher ios iphone Apple xOS Launcher iNoty Style Lock for OS 10 compose prepare form produce cause spawn fashion secure frame invent cook shape mold whip parent hatch forge beget effect arrange adjust brew cook up draw on lead to ruin raze deny veto break lose fail kill end crush halt stop start require force drive coerce oblige tamper impress impel press meddle horn in dragoon concuss shotgun ignore demote refuse refute let go tap name elect keep act pass wage fix draft cease idle leave forget equal mix embody divide unmix draw think gauge judge guess receive get pull harvest clear sock obtain rate gain net reap realize hustle take in plant meet head move reach bear attain catch get to stay miss ABCs annal blow by blow bulletin chronicle detail explanation history lowdown make narration narrative play by play recital report run-down score story tab take tale the picture the whole picture version acclimate accommodate accustom alter change come around comply conform familiarize fit get act together get used to grow used to habituate harmonize match modify play the game qualify readjust reconcile remodel revise roll with punches shape up square suit tailor compile connect construct contrive erect fabricate join manufacture model piece together set up unite weld be delivered of breed bring forth create develop engender fructify generate parturitate propagate provide reproduce yield activate actualize break ground break the ice bring about bring to pass commence embark on enter on enter upon establish eventuate found get going give birth to give impulse go ahead go into inaugurate induce initiate instigate institute introduce launch lay foundation for lead make active motivate mount occasion open originate plunge into set about set in motion trigger undertake cast character class description grade quality sort species variety account adapt assemble begin brand ma'ke your YOUR Your clone drone hominoid android cyborg droid manlike Android mingle alloy unite merge fuse combine meld admix ally pool network tie up team up tie in divide part collude conspire cooperate concur concert hook up coact coproduce hook on work with couple mix link blend relate wed dub conjoin band unify league join bind marry bracket bond slap on tack on tag on loosen detach sever unmix connect convey write impart tell reveal inform contact suggest signify imply carry raise hint divulge publish state spread betray advise break phone unfold report declare let on pass on let out ring up hide delude hold keep take secret lose stop cover attach bridge affix span tag yoke equate fasten cohere unlink reach visit call talk get buzz avoid leave conform mesh compact attune embody knit tune arrange mix up fight touch bandy barter trade swap elbow gore hinge joint linking meeting node pivot reunion seam splice union weld hookup tie-in tie-up knee joining miter mortise plug-in fixer tie knot nexus hitch ring member piece loop copula line group 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consociate correlate get into meld with network with tie in with approach be in touch with check with get ahold of get in touch with speak to telephone write to collaborate communicate Interface stare peek eye review glance view sight leer flash gaze swivel regard slant case cast survey gander squint gun neglect face mien air guise mug disregard ignorance notice consider read study watch see peer gape scan beware goggle mind focus ogle mark tend note behold attend inspect spot gawk observe peep spy glower admire scout heed scorn avoid dodge miss sound show hide ignore cover seek hope hunt await find front address affectation ambience appearance atmosphere aura bearing comportment demeanor deportment effect feel feeling flavor impression look manner mannerism mood pose presence property quality semblance tone attitude blind carriage character condition countenance dress expression fashion feature figure form image looks mode outline presentation screen shape stamp facet aspect behavior display poise port set stand conduct gait pace positure stance step complexion embodiment hue style tinge tint turn visage Look Look... LOOK look! alike related agnate cognate twin close matching same uniform parallel double equal near allied akin such selfsame jibing relating allying equaling unlike far away admire love go for exclaim prize savor dig fancy adore esteem cherish approve relish dote on care for care to feast on revel in stuck on take to hate scorn prefer please want desire elect wish will select feel like acknowledge affirm approbate buy countenance favor hold hold with like recognize swallow take as gospel truth take stock in trust affiliated analogous cognated comparable connate consonant corresponding incident kindred similar Xerox approximate associated carbon copy concurrent correspondent dead ringer ditto duplicate equivalent even facsimile identical indistinguishable look-alike matched mated proportionate resembling same difference spitting image undifferentiated convertible homologous interchangeable applaud apprise enjoy extol honor look up to praise rate highly regard respect treasure accept acclaim appreciate be big on commend face it go along with grin and bear it handle live with put up with regard highly roll with punches string along with take up on think highly of Like Likes iOS ios widget utensil tool object gimmick gizmo doodad thing concern accessories accompaniments accouterments apparatus appliances appurtenances articles attachments baggage belongings contraptions contrivances devices equipage facilities fittings fixtures furnishings furniture gadgets habiliments impedimenta kit and kaboodle machinery material materiel miscellaneous outfit paraphernalia provisioning provisions rig setup shebang stock store stuff tackle things tools trappings traps utensils device gadget implement instrument mechanism Rube Goldberg device appliance contrivance doohickey machine thingamajig Rube Goldberg invention accessory agent arrangement article construction contraption creation equipment expedient gear invention makeshift means medium resort resource rigging shift thingamabob whatchamacallit whatnot whatsit aid artifice catch counterfeit deceit dodge fake feint fixture fun gambit game imposture jest maneuver method ploy ruse secret sport stratagem stunt trick wile 360 launcher iOS ios iphone iPhone orb drop pill center downtown place capital port burg borough polis urbs planet dust globe star universe creation sphere cosmos terrene vale terra world map ball balloon round rondure fir sap jade sage moss pine forest sea grass olive willow beryl kelly pea lime bice vert old earth marble circle globule pellet city hamlet seat sticks apple globoid spheroid boom town conurbation megalopolis metropolis metropolitan area municipality urban place big blue marble macrocosm sublunary world terra firma terrestrial sphere aquamarine blue-green chartreuse greenish-blue malachite peacock spinach verdigris viridian asteroid heavenly body luminous body planetoid wandering star Earth green apples Apple Apples xo's Xos launcher kind tone way form habit trend method design mode type genre thing spirit trait sort cut rage flash number hand strain tenor custom groove vein vogue departure taste grace flair panache luxury ease dash chichi fad polish comfort craze élan dislike hate hatred diction phrasing wording unstylishness term dub label call ignore attitude concept course crack fling idea lick manner means modus operandi new wrinkle offer procedure program shot stab style technique whack wrinkle composition constitution construction formation framework make-up ability accomplishment artfulness brilliance craftship creativity finesse genius mastery proficiency talent touch virtuosity workmanship adorableness allure allurement artistry attraction bloom charm class comeliness delicacy elegance exquisiteness fairness fascination glamor good looks handsomeness loveliness pulchritude refinement shapeliness symmetry winsomeness act action address air bag bearing carriage code comportment conduct convention dealings decency decorum deed delivery demeanor 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of be on one's side buck for champion choose commend cotton to countenance encourage endorse esteem eulogize fancy flash on go for hold with honor incline lean toward look up to opt for patronize pick praise prize regard highly root for sanction single out support take a liking to take a shine to take to think well of tilt toward value accordingly and so consequently ergo for this reason hence in consequence in that event on account of on the grounds then thence therefrom thereupon thus to that end whence wherefore behind favor therefore FOR
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