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Mali Russian Deal Scares France, Benin Named World's Fastest Country to ...

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cartel charter codicil compact confirmation covenant indenture lease negotiation note oath piece of paper protocol recognition settlement stipulation the nod writ ignorance veto rejection NPR-American Deal deals alarm panic shock alert fright start terror confidence security calmness comfort ease paralyze dismay terrorize intimidate startle daunt awe petrify terrify freeze spook affright chill shake up give a fright give a turn scare silly scare stiff scare the pants off strike terror in expect please help encourage assure reassure heat soothe assist calm stimulate incite scare amaze astonish distress frighten make jump scare to death surprise unnerve repose gladden appall appal astound consternate disconcert dishearten faze get to gross out insult outrage shake throw inspirit make happy embolden delight hearten appall\u002Fappal satisfy appalled alarmed amazed astounded awed consternated daunted disconcerted disheartened dismayed fazed frightened got to insulted intimidated outraged 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territory open center middle interior inside countries Country ... NPR-American
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