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Man beaten by mob over alleged molest in Alor Star dies



ALOR STAR: The man, who was beaten up by a mob over an alleged molest incident at a mall here on Sunday, has died this afternoon.Read more: https://www.nst.com.my/news/nation/20...----------------------------------www.nst.com.my :: www.facebook.com/nstonline :: www.twitter.com/NST_Online :: www.instagram.com/nstonline


nstonline alor setar pukul beating mob molest raba died mati brother chap dude father fellow guy husband son beau bloke boyfriend bro cat gent gentleman grandfather nephew papa sir spouse swain uncle girlfriend woman Homo sapiens earth flesh human species humanity humankind man mortality people society universe world adult gentleperson grownup person adolescent infant adults gentlepersons grownups men persons women infants adolescents butler head servant house boy manservant steward valet boss master boy lad creature animal body brute creation critter individual living being living thing lower animal mortal party personage quadruped soul varmint plant abstract inanimate humbled overpowered overwhelmed routed baffled bested circumvented conquered cowed crushed disappointed discomfited disheartened frustrated licked mastered overcome overthrown ruined subjugated surmounted thwarted undone vanquished worsted formed hammered milled pounded rolled shaped stamped tamped tramped trodden 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DI DI Dis is Dis Dis? Dis. Mati
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