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Many Iowans skip the Black Friday frenzy

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Des Moines abounding alive with bounteous bountiful copious countless crowded divers frequent innumerable legion lousy with manifold multifarious multifold multiplied multitudinous myriad no end of numberless numerous plentiful populous prevalent rife several sundry teeming umpteen uncounted varied various few scarce gobs heaps horde jillion large numbers mass multitude oodles piles plenty scads scores thousands throng tons whole slew certain a couple a few defined express individual many marked one particular precise regular singular some special specific specified upwards of common general imprecise indefinite inexact usual questionable uncertain undecided unpredictable unsure bags of endless heap immeasurable incalculable infinite innumerous limitless loads lots of measureless mess mint mucho passel of peck pile raft slew stack tidy sum uncountable untold wad zillion limited calculable countable counted measurable numbered different anthologized assorted asymmetrical collected disparate dissonant divergent diverse diversified diversiform heterogeneous incongruous inconsistent indiscriminate jarring multiform omnifarious omniform varicolored variegated varietal variform alike like same similar conventional correspondent harmonious homogeneous normal resembling standard unified uniform united miscellaneous mixed single a good many commonplace constant continual customary everyday expected familiar habitual incessant intermittent iterated monotonous periodic perpetual persistent pleonastic profuse recurrent recurring redundant reiterated reiterative successive thick ubiquitous broken ceasing ending inconstant infrequent interrupted irregular permanent uncommon unusual occasional rare sporadic mani mani Mani This Many Iowan Iowan Fishtail iowan kiss Iowan Snowstorm Iowan Corn Cunt bound carom dance fly glance hop leap ricochet scamper scoot skim skitter bob bolt buck canter caper cavort flee flit frisk gambol graze lope prance run skedaddle spring step tiptoe trip hippety-hop make off skirr stand stay wait face meet take on escape eschew pass up cut desert disregard neglect omit split leave out miss out pass over play hooky run away skim over avoid abstain avert bypass circumlocute circumvent cold-shoulder deflect desist ditch divert dodge duck elude evade fake out fend off give the slip hide hold off jump keep clear lay low obviate recoil run for cover shake shake and bake shake off shirk shrink from shuffle off shun shy sidestep skip skip out on skip town skirt stay away stay out steer clear of step aside turn aside ward off weave withdraw allow help permit seek want blank abyss cavity chasm emptiness gap gulf hiatus hole hollow hollowness interstice interval lacuna nihility nothingness nullity omission opening preterition pretermission tabula rasa vacancy vacuity vacuum void womb fullness solid bow genuflect jerk jounce nod oscillate quaver quiver seesaw waggle wobble abscond bail out cop out cut loose cut out dart dash drop out dump hightail hotfoot hurtle kiss goodbye leave flat leave high and dry leave holding the bag leave in the lurch make a break for it make tracks opt out run like scared rabbit run out on rush sprint start startle step on it take flight take off walk out on remain stop dawdle loosen circumscribed confined defined delimitated delimited demarcated determined encircled enclosed hem in limited marked marked out measured restrained restricted surrounded terminated began freed let went liberated opened released started allowed permitted unbound unrestricted blow the lid off bounce cut capers go on a tear horse around kick up one's heels let loose play raise hell rollick romp whoop it up skips Skip skip skipping Skip every the ebony jet obsidian onyx pitch-black raven charcoal coal-black inklike inky sable white sunless unlighted unlit pitch-dark starless stygian clouded dusky murky shadowy sunny bright dismal gloomy depressing depressive dispiriting distressing bleak doleful dreary funereal grim hopeless horrible lugubrious mournful morose ominous oppressive sad somber happy hopeful optimistic dirty soiled stained begrimed blackened dingy filthy foul grimy grubby muddy spotted impure nasty sooty squalid unclean uncleanly clean unsoiled angered angry annoyed cross furious irate irritated vexed menacing hostile sour threatening enraged incensed moody resentful friendly nice pleasant bad evil mean vile villainous wicked diabolical fiendish iniquitous nefarious atrocious good virtuous blackish black dark cheerless comfortless discouraging disheartening drear hard harsh joyless lonely melancholy unpromising cheerful encouraging glad joyful light appealing comfortable comforting congenial bleaker bleakest bruise bang up batter beat blacken blemish bung up contuse crush damage deface do a number on injure mar mark pound pulverize wound zing aid compliment cure heal help praise adorn beautify decorate embellish fix mend ornament repair austere blue dejected dejecting depressed desolate despondent disconsolate dolorous drab draggy drearisome dull forlorn in the dumps jarring miserable mopey sorrowful sullen tenebrific uncomfortable wintry woebegone woeful uplifting Black Friday burst craze excitement fever free-for-all furor fury hysteria madness mania outburst passion rage turmoil aberration agitation blow bout conniption convulsion delirium derangement distemper distraction dithers ferment fit flap fuss insanity lather lunacy paroxysm row ruckus ruction rumble rumpus seizure spasm stew stir to-do transport blow a fuse blow one's cork blow one's stack blow one's top flip one's lid hell broke loose wingding calm calmness happiness harmony order peace balance saneness soundness peacefulness bewilder confuse dement derange distract drive mad enrage frenzy infatuate inflame madden unbalance unhinge appease pacify placate soothe steady ardor ecstasy enthusiasm fervor hallucination raving zeal apathy coldness coolness dislike indifference lethargy confound disarrange disarray discommode discompose disconcert disorder disorganize displace disturb make insane mess up misplace muss perplex ruffle rummage unsettle upset arrange clarify clear up compose explain make happy organize please comfort desire admiration ambition appetite aspiration attraction avidity concupiscence covetousness craving cupidity devotion doting eagerness fancy fascination fondness greed hankering hunger inclination infatuation itch lasciviousness lechery libido liking love lust motive need predilection proclivity propensity rapaciousness rapture ravenousness relish salacity solicitude thirst urge voracity will wish yearning disgust disinterest distaste hate hatred satisfaction antipathy disinclination loathing answer antagonism aversion reply repulsion desires ambitions appetites ardors aspirations attractions avidities concupiscences cravings crazes devotions dotings fancies fascinations frenzies hankerings inclinations infatuations itches lecheries libidos likings loves manias motives needs passions predilections proclivities propensities raptures ravenousnesses relishes salacities thirsts urges wills wishes yearnings replies antagonisms answers repulsions aversions loathings antipathies hatreds dislikes satisfactions desperation carelessness defiance foolhardiness heedlessness impetuosity recklessness cautiousness collectedness confidence contentment security Frenzi FRENZY frenzied frenzie Frenzies des moines Des Moines DES de de de de de de-de-de moin Moin Moine moins
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