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Mateu Lahoz, the referee who booked Sergio Aguero for diving, was told to 'Fuck off' by Cristiano

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Mateu Lahoz, the referee who booked Sergio Aguero for diving, was told to 'Fuck off' by Cristiano Ronaldo but used to be Jose Mourinho's favourite officialMateu Lahoz came under huge scrutiny as he made some controversial calls during Manchester City's win over Monaco on Tuesday.The Spanish official booked Sergio Aguero for diving when it appeared he had been fouled, before receiving help from his extra assistant to award Monaco a penalty.Rio Ferdinand laid into the ref, calling the Aguero booking 'a definite penalty', while Steven Gerrard agreed it was 'blatant'.But this is not the first time Lahoz has been at the centre of a controversial ocassion. In 2012 he was banned for a game for a 'technical error' during a game between Barcelona and Sevilla, while just last month, after another game involving Sevilla, he was branded a 'disgrace' by one player and in November he booked Cristiano Ronaldo for telling him to 'f*** off'.But he is still Spain's representative in the Champions League, and was Jose Mourinho's favourite official during his time in Spain. Mourinho hated fussy refs when he arrived in Spain so English-style Lahoz was like a breath of fresh air. Famous for letting the games flow and not whistling every challenge he became Jose's favourite. Mourinho even praised him after one game in February 2011 when he sent off Iker Casillas in the first few minutes of the game. Mourinho said: 'I haven't changed my opinion. He's a fantastic referee with a philosophy that I love. I don't know if he got the red card wrong this time but he is allowed to make mistakes. He is a referee who does not like the dive artists.'Perhaps because of Mourinho's public praise Lahoz started to be something of a personality in La Liga and his decisions became more and more controversial. He also adopted a very friendly approach to the players which some did not like.In March 2015 Gerard Pique said: 'Cristiano Ronaldo was running at me and Mateu was asking me about how my children were'.And in 2015 he sent Barcelona's Jordi Alba off and when Lionel Messi protested asking him 'Can't we talk to referees anymore?'. He replied: 'Well you're probably right Leo, but come on, complaining all the time it really f***s with me, do me a favour, it makes me nervous and you know it.'He is still seen as very capable but prone to look for controversy, over-eager to be the protagonist.And on Tuesday while his decision to award Monaco a spot-kick was correct, City were constantly aggrieved with the official.


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