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McKennie/Juve, Pulisic/Reyna, Bale returns | EPISODE 108 | ALEXI LALAS' STATE OF THE UNION PODCAST

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make one meanie make nice mocking mucking makin cannier make noise genie mesne menage ménage make name make own makes one make one meanie make nice mocking mucking makin cannier make noise genie mesne menage ménage make name make own makes one polisci politic poli sci plasmic plastic pulsing poliscis polis pules pulls pulse politick pulls in pulsed pulses pelisse pelagic polemic poli scis piles in pulls on pulls up pulls at bundle package parcel array assortment bag bale batch box bunch carton clump cluster collection crate group heap lot mass pack packet pallet pile quantity roll set stack wad one individual bind clothe fasten palletize tie truss wrap spread separate let go divide untie unfasten loose scatter disperse release loosen disconnect detach uncover bundled dip bail bucket decant dish draft off draw draw out dredge handle lade lift offer reach into shovel spoon strain raise ascend disaster act of God adversity affliction bad luck bad news bane blight blow bust calamity 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responsibility subject task topic transaction undertaking irresponsibility surrender hobby fun entertainment affairs anecdote chestnut fairy tale fish story gag long and short of it narration narrative old chestnut recital relation reminiscence short story sketch tale tall story tall tale yarn anecdotes affiliate branch clause division member offshoot period phase stage unit wing Moira accident action adjunct article cause coincidence contingency crisis destiny detail doom element exigency fact factor fate feature fortuity happenstance intervention item juncture kismet lot particular place point portion proviso respect scene status stipulation supervention time plan steezy Episode 108 steezy 10-8 ales elixir amex apex flex axe lax laxer helix alkies algaes aegis alleges also algid annex affix allege alleys alerts alibis aliens alkali alters ataxia elegies calyx telex ages alas algors alky alls legs albs alms alps alts flax flux ilks algae alike galaxy algor alias elegy oleos Alexis 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broadcast circulate communicate disclose disseminate divulge exhibit expose make known make public proclaim publicize publish reveal close up secret keep quiet cover secrete airing States steezy State affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the steezy The abutment accord agglutination agreement amalgam amalgamation blend centralization combination commixture compound concatenation conciliation concord concurrence confluence congregation conjunction consolidation correlation coupling fusion harmony hookup incorporation intercourse joint junction juncture meeting merging mixture seam symbiosis synthesis tie-in tie-up unanimity unification unison uniting unity coadunation coming together melding detachment disagreement disconnection discord dissolution division imbalance parting separation severance divorce management club league guild federation society labor union trade union local association alliance congress syndicate coalition sodality confederation brotherhood sisterhood order confederacy employees affiliation banding together bunch cahoots clan connection crew crowd gang joining mob outfit partnership relationship ring union disunion affiliations accession accommodation accordance acknowledging adjustment affinity amity approving arbitration arrangement authorizing bargaining compatibility compliance complying compromise concert concession concordance concurring conformity congruity consistency correspondence endorsing granting mediation reconciliation similarity suitableness sympathy understanding verification verifying difference fight hatred dislike dissimilarity incompatibility disunity hostility disharmony dissent refusal dissension denial agreements betrothal bond coherence collaboration collusion communion compact consanguinity cooperation engagement entente fraternization friendship interrelation kinship marriage matrimony membership mutuality pact participation relation support tie treaty opposition war rebellion estrangement antagonism alliances Union. steezy Union Unions precast outcast podgiest pre cast pokest potest pokiest portest pickest piedest out cast pederasty packest peckest typecast poetaster radiocast dodgiest pottiest poutiest pudgiest patest petest put coats type cast poor taste picks at put act puts act pecks at radio cast pod podcast steezy Podcast
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