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Megyn Kelly Scolds Carl Higbie You Can't Be Citing Japanese Internment Camps as Precedent!

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b-movie extravagance lame camper limerick lamerick fps camping jones gay acting boys Precedent steez style ill dope fresh Donald Trump Donald trump trump maga alt right Donald donald unbelievable successful universal knowledge king hairstyle hairpiece style studio tonsorial disaster ridiculous nice doing things for others puts you first open mind open heart unreal off the hook off the chain off the meat rack get some shit dump crap trump duck leeway utility wealth profit avail favor asset boon choice gain hold mastery aid help lead support comfort good return power break odds edge luck leg-up harm hurt injury last lack loss debt stop block waste outdo exceed excel defeat fail lose beat best better button down button up can clinch cob complete cover crest crown do to a T eclipse finish outshine outstrip pass put the lid on surmount surpass top top it off transcend trump wrap up abash annoy baffle balk bother checkmate confound demoralize discompose disconcert discountenance disturb 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