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Mehdi Hasan Rants On Ben & Jerry’s Israel Drama

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one's nerves goads incenses inflames infuriates irritates loses one's temper maddens makes sore miffs nettles offends outrages piques provokes raises hell rankles rants raves riles ruffles seethes steams up stews stirs up tempts umbrages vexes is happy discourages bears composes helps pleases makes happy forbears mollifies assists quiets lulls delights comforts calms tranquilizes placates pacifies appeases alleviates soothes aids babble blab blubber blurt burble cackle chat chatter gibber go on gossip gush jabber mumble murmur mutter patter prate prattle run off at the mouth run on spill the beans squeal talk foolishly talk incoherently talk nonsensically tattle trivialize yak yakkety yak be silent hide conceal badger boast brag brazen browbeat bulldoze cow crow domineer gloat hector ride the high horse roister shoot off one's mouth show off strut swagger swell talk big vapor vaunt yap deprecate blustered badgered boasted bragged brazened bulldozed cowed crowed domineered gloated hectored ranted raved roared rode the high horse roistered shot off one's mouth showed off stormed strutted swaggered swelled talked big vapored vaunted yapped was modest was quiet deprecated Rant Squill boy child descendant heir relative sibling disciple fils lad male native daughter son ben Ben Squill israel Squill Israel comedy farce melodrama play production scene show theater tragedy Broadway climax dramatization dramaturgy footlights showmanship stagecraft theatricals vehicle dramatic art histrionic art show business stage show tear-jerker thespian art emotion tension excitement spectacle dramatics histrionics crisis theatrics peace calmness composition arrangement article cantata chart concerto dissertation drama essay exercise exposition fiction getup literary work manuscript melody music novel number opus paper piece poetry rhapsody romance score setup short story song stanza study symphony theme thesis tune verse work writing silence compositions agreements architectures 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fancy fantasy fib figment of imagination fish story hooey imagination improvisation invention legend lie misrepresentation myth narrative potboiler prevarication smoke storytelling tale tall story untruth whopper work of imagination yarn truth non-fiction reality hoopla brouhaha bustle fireworks racket ruckus rumpus Drama Squill DRAMA
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