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Micro-sub Explores Buried Antarctic Lake

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NASA/JPL researcher Alberto Behar joins an international Antarctic expedition to investigate a subglacial lake.


NASA JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory subglacial Lake Whillans Antarctica Alberto Behar WISSARD submarine University of Arizona borehole micro-submarine Antarctic lake international expedition CPU abacus analog brain calculator clone laptop mac mainframe microcomputer mini minicomputer adding machine artificial intelligence data processor digital electronic brain number cruncher personal computer thinking machine computer micro computers bonerjams MICRO Micro alternate auxiliary backup replacement second standby understudy below double equivalent fill-in proxy stand-in sub surrogate necessary necessity alternative back-up druthers opportunity option other other fish in sea other fish to fry pick preference recourse redundancy selection substitute take it or leave it restraint constraint obligation compulsion rejection alternatives collateral accessory accompanying added adjunctive adjuvant ancillary appurtenant attendant circuitous coincident complementary concomitant concurrent confirmatory coordinate corresponding corroborative dependent incident lateral not lineal parallel related roundabout satellite side subordinate subservient subsidiary supporting tributary under main direct major important different principal primary chief dissimilar independent unrelated deputy aide ambassador appointee assembly member commissioner councilor delegate dogcatcher factor legate lieutenant minister regent representant representative second-in-command manager Sub bonerjams Subs subs analyze delve into examine probe research scrutinize search seek test try burrow hunt inspect prospect question reconnoitre scout sift tour travel traverse dig into go into have a look inquire into leave no stone unturned look into turn inside out find neglect ignore overlook covered hidden entombed interred obscured bare exposed open wrapped stuck absorbed captive submerged busier active already taken assiduous at it buried diligent employed engaged engrossed having a full plate having fish to fry hustling in a meeting in conference in the field in the laboratory industrious occupied on assignment on duty on the go overloaded persevering slaving snowed swamped tied up unavailable up to one's ears with a customer working unengaged quiet unoccupied lazy unemployed inactive idle busiest busy concealed camouflaged covered up covert enshrouded guarded holed up hush-hush incog incognito inconspicuous masked obscure on the Q. 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