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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Deal With $200 Discount; Here's How

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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Deal With $200 Discount; Here's HowGood news for those peoople who wants to own a Microsoft Surface Pro 4! After their generous deal on the Huawei MateBook, the company's store is also giving out some savings on a few of Redmond's own 2-in-1 slabs.There are several configurations of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 that could be used to get hitched at discounted rates, according to a report by Phone Arena. This will also make the device's arrive with $25 worth of credit for applications and games to get new owners of the device working for a long time.The sale for the tablet-notebook hybrid is one that Microsoft is initially with the original device of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Users could take advantage of the PixelSense display if they will actually like tablet features but it can morph the device into an improvised laptop all thanks to the Type Cover with in-built keyboard. The different versions of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 models on gives some ranges like the basic one and to the most powerful version. For example, there is the Intel's 6th-gen Core m3 processor with 4 gigs of RAM and a 128 GB SSD. With this, it could all be summed up with the total of $699 or $100 off. For those who are seeking a little more may be attracted by the Core i5 version, which received a $200 discount and is down to $799.Another one is the Core i7 edition with specs including 16 GB RAM and 256 GB storage and it now costs $1299 or $200 off from its original price. One could save another $200 by having the Core i7 variant with 256 GB storage and 16 gigs of RAM which is now available at $1499. For students, they can also have a great discount of 10 percent on that price. With that, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, which could be bought on Walmart, is fitting for college students.


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