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Military Tactical Operations: Nigeria, UK Build On Existing Synergy

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assembly band body bunch collection company contingent corps crew crowd delegation drove fighting men flock forces gang gathering herd horde host legion men multitude number outfit pack party servicemen squad swarm team throng troopers troupe unit one individual troop\u002Ftroops fighting forces personnel service personnel Pseudocoup Military diplomatic calculated clever cunning deliberate planned politic prudent skillful smart well-planned advisable appropriate apt commendable desirable expedient fit fitting judicious seemly sensible sound suggested suitable tactical improper unwise injudicious inappropriate inadvisable imprudent delicate accurate adept cautious considerate deft detailed discreet expert foresighted heedful masterly minute precise proficient sensitive skilled wary uncareful insensitive imprecise strong rough heavy harsh coarse unscrupulous uncritical healthy healthful robust inelegant indelicate ad hoc advantageous beneficial convenient effective feasible helpful meet opportune possible practicable practical pragmatic profitable proper seasonable timely useful utilitarian wise unprofitable unfitting unworkable impossible unreasonable inexpedient unseemly unsuitable incorrect unfeasible disadvantageous more prudent canny careful circumspect discerning economical far-sighted frugal judgmatic leery playing safe provident reasonable sagacious sage sane sapient shrewd sparing thinking twice thrifty vigilant uneconomical thoughtless careless reckless indiscreet inattentive foolish wasteful stupid nonsensical expensive rash incautious hasty adroit cool on the lookout perspicacious sharp smooth tuned in urbane tactless impolitic Pseudocoup Tactical niagara negro nigher nixer nickerer nitery niggler hegira niagaras nig gingery nagger nicker nacre nigeria Pseudocoup Nigeria frame physique body conformation constitution figure habit habitus shape mind manufacture evolve raise form set up make erect produce assemble reconstruct compose fabricate contrive 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on based on Pseudocoup Build actual current extant alive real past animate around awake breathing cognizant conscious dynamic existing functioning growing knowing live living mortal operative running subsisting viable vital working zoetic dull lifeless dead unconscious spiritless sluggish morose dispirited inanimate deceased de facto actually genuinely in effect in fact really tangible truly veritably existent being enduring surviving false imaginary contemporary immediate in current use instant not lost present present-day remaining undestroyed gone extinct at once at present time at this moment critical first hair-trigger next now on hand paramount pressing prompt up-to-date urgent distant away never eventually far later more alive Existing Pseudocoup teamwork alliance coaction harmony symbiosis synergism union unity combined effort team effort teaming working together discord divorce separation collaboration cooperating joint action joint effort synergy cooperation aid assistance 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declaration directive excerpt goods hot story ideas info inside story language missive note pipeline poop prophecy précis publicity speech summary translation utterance work withholding cover Pseudocoup NEWS News crosswise athwart beyond cross crossed opposite over transversely against across adjacent con contra contrary to counter to facing in contrast to in opposition to opposed to opposing versus overseas abroad away foreign in foreign land transatlantic transoceanic transpacific at home Pseudocoup malleable salable make bail made bail meltable moldable mill about law bowl mobile am liable deal a blow malady slab lab malaria malarky wallaby alb alibi male mall blab flab malt malaise maler maybe molar slub labia males malls mealy mails marls mauls meals malleable mail make buy mama boy marl maul meal milieu malice malign mallet molars blub club flub labor moby moola fall by lob made buy marble mailer moolah make a buy lobe lobo lube mile mill mill about mole moll mule mull male ass real buy lay by made a buy mob law coat grease anoint lard lube pomade slick smear dry beer ale amber brew barley pop brew brewski brown bottle chill cold coffee cold one lager malt malt liquor oil stout suds beers black gold Texas Tea petrol petroleum blarney a line adulation baloney blandishment cajolery coaxing compliments exaggeration eyewash fawning honey incense ingratiation inveiglement overpraise soft soap soft words sweet talk wheedling butter ghee margarine oleo shortening spread cajole apple polish argue into banter beguile blandish bootlick brownnose build up butter up con crowd deceive decoy delude dupe entice entrap get around get next to hand a line induce influence inveigle jolly lay it on thick lure make up to maneuver massage mislead play up to push rub the right way seduce snow soap soft-soap soften spread it on stroke suck up to sweet-talk sweeten up tantalize tempt urge wheedle work on work over repel force discourage disenchant turn off repulse bully disgust dissuade Pseudocoup O.I.L. Oil ambry umbra penumbra ambary a number umbrae inumbrate ombre unmarry any more a number 1 un marry Anambra Pseudocoup advancement evolution expansion improvement increase progress addition adulthood advance augmentation boost buildup chrysalis developing enlargement flowering hike maturation maturity ontogenesis ontogeny progression reinforcement spread spreading unfolding adding to advancing augmenting elaborating evolvement evolving increasing making progress maturing ongoing perfecting reinforcing unraveling upgrowth upping decline decrease halt retreat retrogression stoppage lessening reduction shrinkage stagnation withdrawal situation outcome issue result change occurrence circumstance denouement eventuality upshot materialization conclusion event phenomenon transpiration eventuation turn of events origin cause source amelioration betterment break breakthrough development enrichment furtherance gain go-ahead growth headway promotion rise step upgrade failure block stop impediment recession hesitation hindrance loss diminishment advances amplification boosting deepening elaboration exaggeration expatiation extension fleshing out heightening intensification magnification padding raising strengthening stretching supplementing widening condensation shortening contraction abridgement compression abridgment accession accretion beefing up enhancement increment inflation multiplication raise swelling deduction drop fall degradation subtraction boom jump prosperousness push rush spurt upsurge upswing upturn collapse discovery find finding invention leap quantum leap step forward step back Development Pseudocoup goofing gibing giving governing gibbon cobbing gabbing give in governor jobbing goofball govern giveback giving on garbing gave in combine combing give pain give bond cabin forborn covering coveting grabbing grubbing gives in cabana cubing forborne jibing jiving gave pain gives on goof ball gave bond give back give ring cow barn cavein caving coffin give birth gave back gave ring cave in gave birth go overboard go over big give a pain gave a pain giving 1 2 3 gob guv goo god got G.O.V. Pseudocoup GOV gov g.o.v. govs ibahn obtain bani bingo ebon obis ban bin obi bueno avian oning urban bane bean bing ebony i bahn obit boon albino ebbing urbane robing obeah asian ocean oding ohing oking opine organ owing bairn barn bourn bun ibahns anon on on ordain obeahs obiter organa bone bony booing born bobbin gibbon icon ikon iron ribbon being binge obeying albion ana any be on ben bonny borne inn by now is on od'ing ok'ing in on i bahns be in balsa babels bales bawls baseless byes barbels barrels bails balls myels payolas bless yawls ballsy bayous buyers basals bevels bowels bells yells barleys biles bolas boles multiculturism medical cares multiculturisms multiculturalism medical medicinal pharmaceutical preventive therapeutic cathartic curative disinfectant narcotic prophylactic restorative sedative tonic alleviating pathological peptic salutary healing corrective aesculapian iatric iatrical medicative therapeutical hurting injurious harmful curing medical pharmaceutic remedial Pseudocoup Medical travel exploration globetrotting journey passage resorting traversing jaunting peregrination pilgrimage sojourn tourism Pseudocoup backstops backsides back sides backstairs back stairs takes steps bicuspids bi cuspids take steps bakes badass bakers backs barks beaks basis baas bass akas bags brassie jackass backers barkers beakers brass bikes brassy bypass badges barges bar cars by pass be case bakassi Pseudocoup dips isps dps ids ips iaps imps d p s d.p.s d. p. s toxic takes dip makes jump exact time distemper garbage dump takes time makes camp desktop takes court takes trip dis temper quick temper takes a dip took as guide Toxic dump Pseudocoup deadly harmful lethal noxious pernicious virulent baneful mephitic pestilential poison septic toxicant venomous harmless healthy helpful kind wholesome nonpoisonous deadliest baleful bloodthirsty bloody cannibalistic carcinogenic cruel dangerous death-dealing deathly deleterious destroying destructive fatal grim homicidal injurious internecine killing malignant mortal mortiferous murderous pestiferous pestilent poisonous ruthless savage suicidal toxic unrelenting violent life-giving gentle nice benign calm lively invigorating healthful energizing animating annihilative calamitous cancerous cataclysmic catastrophic consumptive cutthroat damaging detrimental dire disastrous eradicative evil extirpative fell hurtful lethiferous noisome ruinous slaughterous wrackful wreckful positive hopeful building aiding favorable blessed encouraging productive creative beneficial advantageous assisting fortunate adverse bad corroding corrupting crippling disadvantageous harassing incendiary inimical malefic malicious menacing mischievous nocuous painful risky sinful sinister subversive undermining unhealthy unsafe unwholesome upright safe good profitable honest lucky indigestible disagreeing green hard malodorous moldy putrid raw rotten rough tasteless undercooked uneatable unpalatable unripe infectious communicable contagious defiling diseased epidemic infective miasmic poisoning transferable transmittable uncommunicable antiseptic Toxic Pseudocoup depot cesspool magazine swamp ash heap dumping ground garbage lot junk pile refuse heap rubbish pile shack pigpen mess shanty sty joint slum hole hovel pigsty benefit drain unload dispose of get rid of leave deposit discard discharge ditch jettison scrap empty junk eject expel exude fling tip chuck evacuate cast unpack clear out throw out deep-six fling down let fall throw down throw overboard save maintain take in continue retain keep hold load fill hide conceal abandon abdicate back out bail out bow out chicken out cop out cut loose desert discontinue drop drop out duck dump dust flake out fly the coop give up the ship kiss goodbye leg it let go opt out pull out quit run out on screw ship out stop storm out surrender take a powder take a walk throw over vacate walk out on wash hands of withdraw yield favor adopt support pursue defend allow advance start begin stay come uphold assert cherish persevere remain abandoning apartment accommodation cave cold-water condo coop cooperative crash pad den digs flat living quarters lodging pad penthouse rental residence suite walk-up armory arsenal center factory headquarters plant range depository ordnance repository stock stockpile store storehouse supply warehouse debt blight affliction bane blot on the landscape canker contamination corruption curse decay evil eyesore fungus infestation mildew pest pestilence pollution rot scourge sight withering woe blessing prosperity health boon cleanliness purification goodness Dump Pseudocoup Dumps dumps dealt out felt gut deltoid flatfoot delegate dilatant de legate detergent delegated deluged delete; cover old goat doled out de luged basin estuary fjord bay bayou bight canal channel cove creek entrance firth gulf harbor ingress loch narrows passage slew slough sound strait inlet box door cavity rim gate orifice funnel clam kisser yap gob crevice mush portal trap beak aperture jaws lips gills embouchement fly trap mouth alluvial plain coastal plain delta plain floodplain tidal plain flood plain silt lees drift deposition dregs precipitate precipitation sediment grounds settlings alluvium withdrawal debit deposit delta deposits Delta Pseudocoup got goat gout go at go it govt Pseudocoup nosedived nose dived sorrowed over sword fight castaway niagaras faraway niagara nasdaq pass away narrows naturas narrow narrower natura seaway cast away narrate was awe far away natural nacre nasty waste away lays away nasality nasalize scare away sera wast awe wear away strawer caesura was aware nursery serai clear away narrowed wander away sneak away chase away same way is awe are awe no ears in same way not far away square away was wary nearly raw wears away natural law as a rule has a rip was in awe thin as a rail debt deft dent unsafe inced unify un safe on ice ounce once unifies unsafer ounces anies oncer un safer UNICEF Pseudocoup mandatory mandrel mantra meanderer mantras meanderers mandrill main drag dip isp iap ids imp d p d.p. d. p. IDP Pseudocoup affected arch avant-garde mod pop posturing wild Daliesque artificial far out mannered ostentatious calm encampment tent shed chalet shack tilt shanty lean-to hut cottage caravansary lodge wigwam bivouac campfire campground tepee camping ground log cabin summer home tent city amusing agreeable boffo camp campy charming cheerful cheering comical cut up delightful diverting droll enchanting engaging enjoyable entertaining for grins fun gladdening gratifying gut-busting humorous interesting jocular jokey joshing laughable lively merry pleasant pleasing priceless screaming sidesplitting too funny for words witty unamusing bad dull serious sad unhappy unenjoyable disagreeable tiring annoying repulsive boring tragic dramatic unpleasant barrack barracks base garrison quarters Quonset hut billet cantonment dormitory enclosure headquarters prefab center depot dock field hangar harbor home port post settlement site starting point station strip terminal branch top annex berth canton dwelling house residence bizarre bugged out curious eccentric extraordinary fantastic far-out freakish grody grotesque kooky ludicrous odd oddball off the wall offbeat outlandish outre outré peculiar queer ridiculous singular unusual way-out weird ordinary reasonable regular normal familiar common customary commonplace sensible usual standard Pseudocoup Camp constate instate burn stake in state bear state reinstate bowie state burns stake brings date re instate being seated in a state be ones fate be one's fate born borne boon bourn bourne bueno barn bone bony burn borns porno bonny baron boo be on bore on borno Pseudocoup Borno Børno case accompaniment attitude capacity category chances character circumstance circumstances contingency element environment essential estate event eventuality fix footing form humor imperative juncture limitation mood nature occasion occurrence outlook pass phase plight position posture predicament prerequisite proviso reputation requirement shape situation spirits stand standing station status stipulation time welfare frame of mind state of affairs good fortune style pomp majesty glory rank cachet ceremony splendor stature consequence prestige display unimportance dullness insignificance land federation union community nation territory commonwealth sovereignty republic body politic expound describe give affirm explain express articulate say present put voice tell specify speak recite vent relate enumerate pronounce asseverate pitch utter enounce ventilate rehearse narrate aver elucidate deliver enunciate spiel propound recount report interpret air bring out come out with throw out set forth chime in give blow-by-blow give rundown question ask be quiet take confuse suppress mumble hide conceal listen withhold refrain misrepresent assert attest avouch avow certify cinch clinch confirm cross heart declare guarantee have a lock on ice insist lock up maintain nail down okay predicate profess put on ice ratify repeat rubber-stamp say so set state swear swear on bible swear up and down testify vouch witness forget nullify negate refute reject disavow repudiate renounce deny veto affirmed affirming affirms broadcast circulate communicate disclose disseminate divulge exhibit expose make known make public proclaim publicize publish reveal close up secret keep quiet cover secrete airing States Pseudocoup State making impression making an impression make an impression managing administering admonishing advising controlling executing governing guiding handling husbanding inspecting leading operating organizing overseeing piloting regulating steering supervising subordinate conservation attention care cherishing conservancy conserving control custody directing economy guardianship guarding keeping maintenance management managing preserval preserving protecting protection safeguarding safekeeping salvation saving stewardship storage supervision sustentation upkeep waste squandering spending neglect destruction negligence ignorance executive decision-making managerial ruling accomplishing at work conducting contriving determining driving finishing fulfilling maintaining manipulating moving ordering performing practicing revolving running serving spinning sustaining turning using wielding direction operation presiding regulatory administrative regulative Managing Pseudocoup exodus flight journey movement shift transfer diaspora hegira move passage trek idleness inaction colonization clearing establishment expanding expansion founding immigration migration opening up peopling pioneering populating settlement settling squatting departure abandonment adieu bow out congé decampment desertion egress egression embarkation emigration escape evacuation exit expatriation farewell getaway going going away goodbye parting powder quitting recession removal retirement retreat sailing separation setting forth setting out stampede start takeoff taking leave taking off vacation vanishing act walkout withdrawal keeping hello arrival entrance stay continuation greeting coming exile banishment dispersion displacement exclusion expulsion extradition ostracism proscription relegation scattering welcoming inclusion exiting going out offgoing arriving quittin staying crossing defection homesteading leaving march moving peregrination reestablishment relocation resettlement transmigration travel uprooting voyage wandering Migration Pseudocoup alien displaced person emigrant evacuee exile expatriate foreigner castaway defector derelict deserter escapee foundling fugitive leper maroon outcast outlaw prodigal renegade runaway boat person expellee homeless person stateless person émigré citizen national native blow in floater greenhorn guest immigrant incomer interloper intruder invader migrant newcomer noncitizen outsider refugee settler squatter stranger visitor weed countryman local aliens deportee expat outlander AWOL absconder apostate backslider betrayer criminal delinquent escaper hookey player lawbreaker no-show recreant shirker slacker traitor truant loyalist adherent colonist departer migrator pilgrim traveler wanderer wayfarer nationalist emigre Refugees Pseudocoup Refugee refugees midlife crisis mid life crisis midlife crises idiocrasies illiteracies selfpraises allegorists alacrities life process self praises allegorizes alloverses police cruisers in few cases all overses in a few cases ilea lie idle isle ale ill bile file mile pile rile tile vile wile i.e ilk ice ire i.e. ile Pseudocoup Ile I L E fife life rife wife i.e ifs ice ire i.e. Ife Pseudocoup Ives ives catastrophe change confrontation crunch deadlock dilemma disaster emergency impasse mess pressure situation trouble climacteric climax contingency corner crossroad crux culmination embarrassment entanglement exigency extremity height imbroglio juncture necessity pass perplexity pickle pinch plight predicament puzzle quandary stew strait trauma trial urgency big trouble dire straits hot potato hour of decision moment of truth point of no return turning point agreement benefit blessing breakthrough calm good fortune good luck happiness miracle peace solution success wonder advantage boon certainty case context crisis event eventuality fact incident occurrence position problem state status cases circumstance Moira accident action adjunct affair article cause coincidence concern destiny detail doom element episode factor fate feature fortuity happening happenstance intervention item kismet lot matter occasion particular phase place point portion proviso respect scene stipulation supervention thing time plan whole critical stage decisive point head affray battle contest dispute encounter fight meeting set-to showdown strife contingencies break chance crossroads likelihood odds opportunity probability uncertainty zero hour truth surety definiteness unlikelihood reality misfortune bad luck improbability Crisis Pseudocoup crises more community are command are common european community are in command area arena are awe areal areas are are at areola prewar aria arete aroma are wary are wet are par art war are in are of are on are to are up arewa Pseudocoup association center company district nation neighborhood people public society state colony commonality commonwealth hamlet locality populace residents territory turf body politic general public neck of the woods stomping ground disagreement dissimilarity semblance likeness affinity kinship identity sameness difference borough community precinct ward brotherhood affiliation alliance clan clique comradeship confederacy coterie fellowship fraternity guild league union sisterhood separation divorce common accepted coincident collective communal communistic commutual congruous conjoint conjunct constant corporate correspondent customary general generic in common intermutual joint like mutual popular prevailing prevalent reciprocal shared social socialistic united universal usual well-known widespread superior sophisticated refined noble high rare private separate particular singular uncommon excellent cultured aristocratic valuable unusual scarce noteworthy infrequent extraordinary abnormal specific individual common ground commonalities communion commutuality mutual understanding mutuality commonest cooperative unshared personal Community Pseudocoup canes jones jeans jinnees canoes jane jaws news cans ranees gainers garners gayness joiners banes jades jakes japes lanes manes panes vanes wanes kens cones genes gones jagers japers renews sinews keens coneys jinnis acnes carnies jars jennies newsy anies gains gnaws jas jingoes johns joins jaunts genus cane caws jahs jays joes neis ness nows cranes in news re news jane does c and ws c. and w.s 9ja Pseudocoup account advice announcement broadcast data disclosure message report rumor statement story word bulletin cable cognizance communication copy description discovery dispatch enlightenment headlines hearsay intelligence itemization knowledge leak narration particularization recital recognition release scandal scoop specification telecast telegram telling tidings communiqué exposé eye-opener front-page news lowdown news flash the goods question silence truth concealment ignorance suppression history admonition advisement advocacy aid bum steer caution charge consultation counsel directions dissuasion encouragement exhortation forewarning guidance help information injunction input instruction judgment lesson news opinion persuasion prescription proposal proposition recommendation steer suggestion teaching telltale tip tip-off view warning word to the wise misinformation deception deceit betrayal opposition discouragement misrepresentation lie falsehood obstruction injury hindrance blockage advertisement briefing broadcasting dissemination divulgence edict exposing exposition expression intimation notice notification prediction promulgation publication publishing recitation reporting revelation secret announcements break calendar flash handout hot wire item list program skinny the dope quiet buzz comment cry grapevine rumble scuttlebutt talk whisper conversation converse declaration directive excerpt goods hot story ideas info inside story language missive note pipeline poop prophecy précis publicity speech summary translation utterance work withholding cover Pseudocoup NEWS News migraines ingrains figurines nobrainers tangerines in grains no brainers grains sugariness figurings wagerings vinegariness ninja naiad nark nag nig gaia nada naif nail raja narc nick ganja naive naïve ajar aka nazi djia haji nags nigs knack nadir rajah nar nay nei nix haj nab nap nib nil nip nit nag at gain gaea nigh cairn a.k.a naija Pseudocoup Naija channels avenue carrier means medium route tunnel approach aqueduct arroyo artery canal canyon chamber chase conduit course dig ditch duct fluting furrow gouge groove gully gutter main pass passage pipe raceway runway sewer slit sound strait tideway trough tube vein watercourse way closure denial refusal veto agency instrument vehicle instrumentation organ ministry agent instrumentality end funnel siphon carry convey transmit transport send conduct traject keep hold care carrying on channels charge control direction execution guidance handling intendance leadership management manipulation organization oversight plan policy posture red tape regimen regulation rule running strategy superintendence supervision tactics transaction treatment wielding neglect mismanagement disorganization ignorance disregard advancement chain consecution continuity development flow furtherance line manner march movement order polity procedure program progression row scheme sequel sequence series string succession system unfolding disorder halt cessation stoppage courses form behavior by the book by the numbers canon ceremonial convenance convention custom decorum done thing etiquette fashion formality habit law layout manners method mode practice precept proceeding process propriety protocol rite ritual setup style usage disarrangement bad manners impropriety lawlessness forms adjustment arrangement design disposal disposition formula mechanism modus modus operandi nuts and bolts receipt recipe rote routine rubric rut schema shortcut tack technic technique tenor the book ways and means wise wrinkle break difference channel Pseudocoup Channel Channels TV set audio box station video baby-sitter eye receiver telly tube boob tube idiot box small screen vid television the box the tube broadcasting air time airing announcing auditioning newscasting performing posting online putting on program radio reporting telecasting transmission transmitting television receiver mass media electronic media information media media press announcement cable communications correspondence disclosure expression intelligence news publishing bug control center detection device handset headphone listening device telephone transceiver giver donor Pseudocoup channels chainest charnels chancest channeled channelled chanciest chance it chances it africans african africas affricates africa land of the Sahara Africa Pseudocoup acknowledge admit affirm announce concede confess declare divulge explain expose inform publish report tell avow betray broadcast communicate impart leak notify proclaim talk unfold utter bring out into open bring to light come out with get out of system give away give out give the low-down let cat out of the bag let fall let on let out let slip make known make plain make public put cards on table conceal contradict deny disavow dispute dissent hide refuse reject repudiate secrete suppress keep keep quiet withhold cover reveal disclose instruct mention express state order say advise summon speak recite represent acquaint level apprise require enjoin authorize direct command bid fill in call upon clue in give facts keep posted lay open leave word let in on let know open up put before reel off spit it out figure be quiet keep secret question ask guess estimate misunderstand listen mislead deceive break the news revealed revealing reveals tells brake the news breaks the news broke the news breaking news Pseudocoup collapsing cracking crumbling fracturing shattering smashing splintering splitting tearing enduring strong partition detachment separation parting dividing union attachment breakup breakdown breaking crackup disintegration dispersal dissolution divorce ending rift split splitsville termination wind-up start beginning reconciliation introduction marriage bursting exploding calm stable peaceful breaking up decaying disintegrating division analysis apportionment autopsy bisection breaking down carving contrasting demarcation departmentalizing diagnosis disjuncture dismemberment disparting disseverance distinguishing distribution disunion parceling reduction rending rupture segmentation selection separating severance splitting up subdivision vivisection system agreement connection combination juncture whole unity unison unification accord divisions good-bye adieu break crossroads departure divergence farewell going leave-taking on the rocks split-up valediction harmony closure hello continuation closing greeting Breaking Pseudocoup coconut attic belfry brain cranium crown dome noddle noggin pate poll scalp skull thinker upstairs gray matter think tank upper story noodle capitulum stupidity finish conclusion end bottom foot inability ignorance ending rear follower head top story noodles tapestry depository topsyturvy tipster repository tops out tipsters pastry top stories depositary topsy turvy destroy posture de stroy tall story tell story tops tops it off top dominant elite excellent finest leading preeminent primary principal capital chief crack crowning culminating fine first head lead maximum outside prime ruling sovereign superior tiptop upper apical first-class first-rate five-star foremost greatest loftiest maximal paramount supreme top-drawer top-notch topmost uppermost inferior poor secondary subordinate unimportant bad below least lower minor submissive low lowest second-rate lid point tip cap cover ceiling roof face surface height peak zenith climax crown culmination apex spire crest apogee cusp vertex cork utmost stopper pinnacle acme meridian summit limit superficies finial fastigium high point foot base bottom nadir personality rear best flower prize choice captain pick pride leader cream first place worst climb finish ascend scale protect cloak reinforce surmount garnish superimpose clothe piggyback spread over add lose fall behind fall drop reveal hurt descend replace uncover harm retreat beat exceed total eclipse outstrip transcend excel better outshine overrun clobber outdo finagle bash outfox shut out fox goose be first blow away fake out go beyond run circles around fail surrender trim ream pare prune truncate dock shorten crop skim decapitate amputate curtail shear cut off pollard detruncate file off lop off scrape off shave off increase lengthen elongate capstone highest point optimum top ultimate answer acknowledge answer back argue back at you back talk be in touch claim comeback contest counterclaim defend deny disprove dispute echo explain feedback field the question get back at get back to give a snappy comeback parry plead rebut refute rejoin remark resolve respond retaliate retort return sass say settle shoot back solve squelch talk back allow leave wonder agree question ask prove renounce ignore request answered answering answers arch accomplished champion consummate expert finished highest main major master premier amateur insignificant unnecessary inessential incomplete unfinished last inexpert auxiliary Pseudocoup tops Top T.O.P adventure anecdote article autobiography biography book comedy description drama fable fantasy feature fiction history information legend memoir myth narrative novel record report tale tragedy version allegory apologue beat chronicle cliffhanger epic folktale gag narration nonfiction parable potboiler recital relation romance saga scoop sequel serial spiel yarn conte fairy tale long and short of it news item old saw non-fiction truth prevarication falsehood falsity canard fib untruth misrepresentation fabrication cock-and-bull story white lie untruism mythology belief conviction lore mythicism mythos myths stories tradition reality actuality Pseudocoup story story? Story
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