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Mischa Barton On Alleged Sex Tape: "No Woman Should Have To Go Through This"

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Buzzfeed reports that Mischa Barton on Wednesday said she was standing up for herself upon learning that someone she trusted had secretly recorded sexually explicit images of her and is now seeking a buyer. Her news conference near Los Angeles came one day after her attorney, Lisa Bloom, issued a stern warning to anyone trying to distribute or sell the images, which she said were recorded without The O.C. actor’s consent “by someone she was seeing at the time.” Bloom said a judge on Tuesday issued an order that prohibits the unnamed individual from distributing or selling any naked pictures or videos of Barton. The actor also filed a police report against the man, who they declined to identify.https://www.buzzfeed.com/claudiarosen...http://www.wochit.comThis video was produced by YT Wochit Entertainment using http://wochit.com


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