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Missourian Minute: Flipper Friends

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Missourian brazen cheeky arrant audacious barefaced blatant boldfaced brassy bumptious cocky contumelious cool flip forward fresh immodest impertinent insolent nervy off-base overbold pert presumptuous procacious rude sassy saucy smart smart-alecky unabashed unblushing wise humble modest polite retiring impudent abusive arrogant breezy contemptuous dictatorial discourteous disdainful imperative impolite insubordinate insulting magisterial offensive overbearing peremptory put down uncivil ungracious out-of-line servile respectful cowardly derisive profane mocking flippant tongue-in-cheek crusty iconoclastic impious sacrilegious ungodly unhallowed unholy aweless irreverential religious reverent irreverent impish devilish buoyant carefree rollicking jolly playful jovial perky sprightly airy animated bold brash careless dapper dashing debonair devil-may-care easy exhilarated free frisky frolicsome gay high-spirited hilarious impetuous jocose joking light natty provocative reckless self-confident showy sportive sporty spruce trim venturesome vivacious gamesome prankish swaggering lifeless unhappy sad serious depressed lethargic jaunty impulsive unpredictable volatile effervescent changeable resilient erratic capricious elastic expansive fickle flaky inconstant irregular irrepressible lighthearted lively mad mobile movable spirited ticklish unstable up-and-down variable gaga lubricious blowing hot and cold bubbleheaded fluctuating quicksilver short-fuse yo-yo unperturbable calm sure steady certain constant unvarying unchangeable tranquil reliable stable unchanging predictable mercurial bright brisk daring disrespectful keen dull intelligent mature advanced aggressive ahead of time beforehand developed early premature pushy quick unintelligent stupid precocious mouthy smart-mouthed arch combative intrusive meddlesome obtrusive smug snippy weisenheiming kind whimsical humorous jocular sarcastic satirical amusing ironic comic blithe clever comical dry facetious farcical funny ironical jesting laughable witty jokingly in fun in jest joshing kiddingly not serious putting one on wisecracking contentious hostile quarrelsome ornery bellicose antagonistic militant fighting mean ardent cantankerous fierce hot hot-tempered pugnacious truculent warlike scrappy at loggerheads battling have a bone to pick have chip on shoulder have it in for on the outs nice helping cooperative peaceloving agreeable friendly peaceful belligerent cocksure foolhardy hasty headlong heedless hotheaded ill-advised impolitic incautious inconsiderate indiscreet madcap maladroit precipitate presuming pushing rash self-assertive tactless thoughtless uppity brazenfaced undiplomatic untactful self-asserting reserved fearful afraid shy discreet careful timid cautious shameless defiant flashy gritty gutsy indecent loud meretricious spunky tawdry hotshot smart-ass quiet shamefaced shamed meek assuming assumptive familiar overconfident malapert artful articulate eloquent facile fluent garrulous insincere loquacious plausible ready silver-tongued slick slippery suave talkative urbane vocal voluble fast-talking hot-air smooth operator smooth-spoken vocative smooth-tongued snippety uppish scornful jeering scoffing gally taunting praising complimentary flattering tough zealous forceful dynamic vigorous energetic come on domineering enterprising hard sell imperious masterful strenuous assertory get up and go go after shooting from the hip smart alecky easy-going slow weak complaisant laid-back idle inactive impotent apathetic abrupt boorish brusque cavalier churlish crude curt ill-mannered indelicate oafish offhand rustic uncouth unmannerly unrefined bad-mannered ill-bred inaffable inurbane ungenteel refined civil well-bred mannered gracious courteous blasphemous disgracious misbehaved profanatory unfilial mannerly droll fanciful frivolous indecorous ludicrous merry pleasant ridiculous salty waggish wry punning grave formal glib effortless accomplished adept adroit apparent breeze cursory deft dexterous easy as pie obvious picnic practiced proficient pushover shallow simple skillful smooth superficial uncomplicated fast talk untroublesome profound laborious involved hard difficult confusing complicated arduous intrepid confident courageous heroic assured crack dauntless doughty gallant game icy indomitable lionhearted plucky sanguine temerarious undaunted unflinching valiant valorous bodacious chesty cool hand apprehensive unsure uncertain fearless flighty lippy gentle unenergetic exhausted stale old experienced worn used tired petty impractical senseless idiotic foolish pointless barmy childish dizzy empty-headed featherbrained giddy harebrained juvenile minor niggling paltry peripheral puerile scatterbrained unimportant ill-considered light-minded nonserious unprofound thoughtful solemn sensible stuttering silent uncommunicative tongue-tied inarticulate inappropriate incongruous inquisitive meddling nosy off base prying uncalled-for unsuitable interfering out of line rod wing branch handle stump projection bough bow member hook bender offshoot fin prong flapper biceps triceps upper arm division body main arm hand vane appendage pinna stabilizer airfoil dorsal limb leg backside paw posterior finger foot toe front extremity flipper extremities Flippers flippers Flipper acquaintance ally associate buddy classmate colleague companion cousin partner roommate chum cohort compatriot comrade consort crony familiar intimate mate pal playmate schoolmate sidekick spare well-wisher alter ego bosom buddy soul mate antagonist enemy foe opponent stranger detractor patron advocate backer supporter partisan adherent accomplice opposition birds of a feather Bobbsey twins close friends compadres comrades couple friends matching set pair peas in a pod two minds thinking as one two of a kind support group 12-step group Alcoholics Anonymous Weight Watchers encounter group family morale boosters safety net self-help group support system therapy friend Friend Friends
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