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Mitch McConnell Sounds Absolutely Miserable

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mitch literally Mitch MITch McConnell literally mcconnell accent harmony melody music noise note tone vibration voice din intonation loudness modulation pitch racket report resonance reverberation ringing softness sonority sonorousness static tenor tonality sonance sonancy cacophony silence blow blare resonate reflect shout boom resound sing ring echo burst rattle whisper clank reverberate slam clack creak bark thud trumpet moan thunder jar vibrate thump clink shrill play crash cackle patter smash babble hum detonate clang rumble toot murmur clatter shriek jangle jabber roar whine bang explode squawk snort buzz chatter emit clap be silent quiet praise seem look appear appear to be strike as being Sound literally sound actually categorically definitely doubtless exactly positively precisely really surely truly unconditionally unquestionably come hell or high water conclusively decidedly decisively easily for sure no ifs ands or buts no strings attached on the button on the money on the nose right on straight out sure as can be sure as hell sure enough sure thing the very thing unambiguously doubtfully dubiously questionably uncertain doubtful incomplete indefinite not sure partially questionable thoroughly wholly completely utterly fully entirely consummately partly inadequately incompletely absolutely affirmative agreed all right amen assuredly aye beyond a doubt by all means certainly even so fine gladly good good enough granted indubitably just so most assuredly naturally of course okay roger true undoubtedly very well willingly without fail yea yep as a matter of fact de facto genuinely in fact in point of fact in reality in truth indeed literally veritably very altogether perfectly quite totally well beyond any doubt beyond doubt clearly obviously undeniably bodily as a body as a group collectively en masse Absolutely ABSOLUTELY gloomy pathetic sad tragic wretched afflicted agonized ailing anguished brokenhearted crestfallen dejected desolate despairing despondent destroyed disconsolate discontented distressed doleful dolorous down down in the mouth downcast forlorn heartbroken hopeless hurt hurting ill in pain injured melancholy mournful on a downer pained pitiable racked rueful ruthful sick sickly sorrowful strained suffering tormented tortured troubled woebegone wounded cheerful good happy joyful elated generous merry rich wealthy poor meager bad shameful sorry abject contemptible deplorable despicable detestable disgraceful godforsaken impoverished indigent inferior lamentable low mean needy paltry penniless piteous poverty-stricken scanty sordid squalid vile worthless scurvy nice great advantageous reputable glad lucky fortunate sufficient adequate base degraded dishonorable fawning groveling hangdog humiliated miserable outcast servile submissive proud noble worthy magnificent excellent exalted commendable crushed disappointed grief-stricken grieved heartsick heartsore inconsolable pleased lighthearted cheerless austere black bleak blue comfortless dark depressed dismal dispiriting drab draggy drearisome dreary dull funereal grim in the dumps jarring joyless mopey oppressive somber sullen tenebrific uncomfortable wintry woeful uplifting bright crummy cheap crappy grotty rotten second-rate shabby sub-par third-rate useless superior all torn up atrabilious broody bummed out cast down clouded dampened dashed discouraged disheartened dispirited down in the dumps downhearted dragged drooping droopy glum heavyhearted in the pits low-spirited moody mopish morose sagging shot down spiritless above upright inspirited heartened joyous encouraged afflictive awful blameworthy bummer calamitous dire dirty disastrous disreputable distressing downer dreadful execrable faulty godawful grievous heartbreaking heartrending horrifying intolerable lousy opprobrious overwhelming regrettable reprehensible scandalous sickening stinking terrible unbearable unsatisfactory respectable blessed shameless delightful successful wonderful pleasant tolerable bearable satisfactory acceptable literally Miserable
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