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MobileBeat 2014: Innovation Showdown

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Speakers: Todd Rumberger (Foley & Lardner, LLP), Kira Wampler (Trulia), Brendon Kim (Samsung Open Innovation Center), Charles Beeler (Icon Venture ...


Brendon Kim Kira Wampler Todd Rumberger Charles Beeler (Icon Venture Partners) Moderator: Dylan Tweney (VentureBeat) Trulia Samsung Samsung Open Innovation Center Foley & Lardner MobileBeat 2014 Mobile VentureBeat Charles Beeler Icon Venture Partners modernization addition alteration contraption departure deviation introduction modernism modification mutation newness notion permutation shift variation vicissitude wrinkle cutting edge last word latest thing leading edge stagnation custom habit old old hat rut tradition brainchild contrivance creation discovery idea innovation inspiration plan product change about-face adjustment advance break compression contraction conversion correction development difference distortion diversification diversity metamorphosis modulation novelty reconstruction refinement remodeling reversal revision revolution surrogate switch tempering transformation transition transmutation turn turnover variance variety bill agreement uniformity dollar similarity sameness changes chicken feeds coins coppers dimes nickels pennies pin moneys pocket moneys quarters silver spending moneys bills dollars born again change of heart changeover exchange flip-flop flux growth metanoia metasis passage passing progress proselytization qualification reclamation reformation regeneration remodelling reorganization resolution resolving see the light transfiguration translation transmogrification turning turning around idleness advance guard advancement avant-garde fore forefront front front line invention new wave newest technology pioneer point spearhead van vanguard aberration branching off branching out declination deflection digression divergence diversion in thing new wrinkle rambling straying veering wandering stay keeping entrance arrival conformity continuation coming accord gay cold Innovation innovations clash crisis climax culmination unfolding breaking point exposé moment of truth agreement peacemaking Mexican standoff collision cross-purposes dead heat deadlock even money showdown standoff wash championship crown crowning achievement elimination playoffs title match tournament winner takes all affray argument battle brawl break broil brush bump concussion conflict confrontation crash difference of opinion discord discordance disharmony dispute donnybrook embroilment encounter engagement fracas fray have a go at each other impact jam jar jolt jump melee misunderstanding mix up opposition rift riot row rumpus run-in rupture scrap scrimmage set-to shock skirmish smash wallop harmony concord peace compatibility truce calm clashes affrays arguments battles brawls breaks broils brushes bumps collisions concussions conflicts confrontations crashes difference of opinions discordances discords disharmonies disputes donnybrooks embroilments encounters engagements fracases have a go at each others impacts jams jars jolts jumps melees misunderstandings mix ups oppositions rifts riots rows rumpuses run-ins ruptures scraps scrimmages set-tos shocks showdowns skirmishes smashes wallops harmonies concords agreements compatibilities truces contest fight meeting strife crucial acute central clamorous climacteric climatic compelling deciding decisive desperate dire essential hanging by thread high-priority imperative insistent momentous necessary on thin ice pivotal pressing searching touch and go touchy urgent vital secondary uncritical minor voluntary optional unnecessary inessential unimportant trivial insignificant Showdown gay cold brendon gay cold Brendon Kim gay cold Kira gay cold kira Wampler gay cold wampler Todd gay cold T.O.D.D. 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