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Mobileye's Shocking Self-Contained Driver

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Mobileye NV, the Jerusalem-based maker of chips and software for driverless cars, jumped the most since August after announcing a strategic partnership with ...


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Baird & Co Automakers technology Driverless Data compete self-driving chips software mapping connected containerize contaminative contained contained each contender contended for contend for contends for contained in each rant and rave cut and dried mobileness mobilizes mobilities mobilize bulleyes mob laws bull eyes appalling awful disgraceful disgusting disquieting distressing dreadful ghastly heinous horrible horrific horrifying shameful terrible ugly burning crying foul glaring nauseating revolting sickening stupefying abominable atrocious desperate detestable direful fearful formidable frightful hateful hideous loathsome monstrous odious offensive repulsive scandalous unspeakable attractive beautiful comforting good lovely nice pleasant pleasing respectable wonderful delightful calming soothing amazing awesome fascinating incredible marvelous prodigious shocking stunning surprising unbelievable ordinary poor bad insignificant plausible credible believable alarming astounding 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narcissism personal egocentrism psyche individual identical own selfhood substantive individualization oneself proprium being entity essence essentia essentiality marrow quintessence self soul spirit substance texture inanimate deadness abstract self-admiration self-pride selfdom egos circumstances coherence distinctiveness existence identification integrity ipseity name oneness particularity selfness singleness singularity status uniqueness opposition difference dissimilarity body child creature dude human being man material matter mortal number party personage singleton somebody something stuff type unit woman one group nothingness nothing individualism Bundled Like Bernie accommodate consist of enclose encompass have incorporate involve comprehend comprise embody embrace hold seat subsume be composed of have capacity for take in exclude free disbelieve let go release stop collect curb cool hog-tie compose smother repress restrict harness restrain rein stifle check cork bottle up 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inoperative intrinsic invisible involved lurking passive possible potential quiescent rudimentary secret sleeping smoldering suppressed suspended torpid underdeveloped underlying undeveloped unexposed unrealized unripe unseen veiled vestigial public open live clear apparent active obvious manifest numbered categorized checked counted designated doomed enumerated fated indicated marked specified told totalled unnumbered unlimited infinite Bundled Like Bernie chauffeur jockey motorist operator trainer automobilist coachman hack handler whip autoist cabbie coach person leadfoot road hog passenger club brassie cleek driver iron mashie midiron niblick putter spoon stick wedge wood clubs common carrier carrier conveyer shipper transporter truck driver trucker commuter city worker straphanger suburbanite traveler agent broker conductor dealer manager operators Driver Bundled Like Bernie drivers DRIVER goggle googly googol giggle gaggle gargle gurgle joggle googlies gigolo ogle goggled goggles googols gorge gouge Google Bundled Like Bernie google googles bms bow BMW Bundled Like Bernie adage aiding audio audit adding audile audios adi dig amiga adc aday outage adit auditor odic a day adieu adios auric oding attic addict od'ing audio adi audit judi Audi Bundled Like Bernie audi noxious no jokes nocuous nookies nosegays ninjas no goes noodges nonages kinks kicks knockouts knockons jockeys knacks knockbacks noggins no kicker narcs coinages knock ons knockoffs nixes cookies congas jokers knock offs long agos co okies gi joes nookie nook nock nooky nogo nig nooks nova nookies nuke nick nocks no go knock okay nark neck no lie kin nei nix nor now no ear coin join go in n2o Nokia Bundled Like Bernie nokia ok's oks oh's pj's o's oaks i q s i.q.s os2s od's orcs uks os 2s okays os2 ogees orcas irks ohs pjs ics iqs otcs joys outs akas arks ekes icus oes ors oss djs kjs ods ons vjs acs ags oars ocrs os 2 oxes ayes eyes hajs oafs oaps oats obis odds odes offs oils ones onus oops opus orbs 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