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Monarchist Minute asks an important question, what is the exact role of faith in monarchy

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object objective plan principles purpose consequence development effect end fruit issue outcome outgrowth product result all sewn up authoritativeness cinch definiteness dogmatism indubitableness inevitability lock open and shut case positivism rain or shine setup shoo-in staunchness steadiness sure bet sure thing validity wrap-up ambiguity hesitation questionableness affiliation body chapter congregation faction gathering ism order schism society Eucharist Lord's Supper Sacrament breaking of bread mass atheism antagonism contention disagreement discord disunity division hostility variance sovereignty throne command crown kingdom autocracy absolutism czarism despotism dictatorship monarchy monocracy oppression totalitarian government tyranny democracy crowned head monarch potentate ruler sovereign supreme ruler the throne commoner commonwealth country county division domain dominion dynasty empire field lands nation possessions principality province realm reign rule scepter sphere state suzerainty sway territory tract body politic community land people populace population public race republic society tribe union nations body politics commonwealths communities democracies domains dominions empires monarchies populaces populations principalities publics races realms republics societies states tribes unions branch compass department dimension expanse extent ground neck of the woods neighborhood orbit place purview radius range reach region scope stomping grounds sweep turf world zone sky
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