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Monsoons: Wet, Dry, Repeat...

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The monsoon is a seasonal rain and wind pattern that occurs over South Asia (among other places). Through NASA satellites and models we can see the ...


Atmospheric science Sea Surface Temperature Seasons Water Cycle Precipitation Monsoons India Nepal Asia Southeast Asia Wind Patterns Ryan Fitzgibbons dank foggy humid misty muggy rainy slippery snowy soaked sodden soggy stormy drenched dripping drizzling moistened pouring raining saturate saturated soaking sopping soused teeming aqueous clammy dewy showery slimy slushy soppy teary water-logged watery wringing-wet arid clear dry dehydrated drizzle condensation liquid rain humidity water damp clamminess wetness dehydration aridity dryness drench bathe moisten hose dampen soak dip sprinkle wash spray splash douse steep irrigate rinse souse deluge sop drown imbue humidify gather collect dehydrate dirty bath clean cleanse dunk flood imbathe immerse scour scrub shower soap sponge submerge suffuse tub wet ignore bathed bathing bedraggled decrepit dilapidated disheveled disordered dowdy faded messy muddied muddy run-down seedy shabby sloppy slovenly soiled stained sullied tacky tattered threadbare untidy tidy orderly neat fresh close drizzly moist mucid mucous muculent pasty sticky sweating sweaty bedew besprinkle dabble inspirit encourage brighten uplift hearten Wet arid bare barren dehydrated dusty parched stale torrid baked bald depleted desert desiccant desiccated drained evaporated exhausted impoverished sapped sear shriveled anhydrous athirst dried-up droughty hard juiceless not irrigated rainless sapless thirsty unmoistened waterless damp full moist wet lively unused dripping exciting humid interesting juicy soaked soggy untiring watery simple dreary blah boring plain apathetic impassive insipid matter-of-fact modest monotonous naked phlegmatic tedious tiresome trite wearisome bromidic weariful draggy dull as dishwater ho hum inelaborate clear sharp sour salty harsh keen cutting caustic biting restrained tart acerbic arcane cynical deadpan droll humorous low-key sardonic satirical sly subtle ironical sweet calm bland nice mild dull kind exhaust drain wilt evaporate blot wither deplete bake shrivel wipe empty sponge dehydrate kiln swab parch condense harden concentrate mummify exsiccate desiccate scorch dehumidify towel freeze-dry anhydrate soak up torrefy wizen expand dampen fill water moisten grow soak bloom absorbent absorptive bibulous dry imbibing penetrable permeable porous pregnable retentive spongy impermeable abstainer abstinent ascetic nondrinker one who is on the wagon prohibitionist teetotalist temperance advocate water-drinker drinker acid hateful hurtful mordant nasty offensive sarcastic stinging trenchant vitriolic basic pleasant acidulous acerb acetose piquant sugary bone-dry moistureless colorless drab flat lackluster lifeless unanimated uninspired vapid spirited interested Dry Atmospheric Science climatic meteorological aerial airy barometrical baroscopic ethereal down-to-earth grounded hazy misty aeriform aeronautical atmospheric birdlike flying lofty pneumatic up above vaporous ground blowy breezy drafty exposed fluttering fresh gaseous gusty light out-of-doors uncluttered ventilated well-ventilated windy heavy stuffy oppressive closed close burdensome agile buoyant crumbly dainty delicate downy easy effervescent featherweight feathery filmy flimsy floatable floating fluffy friable frothy gossamery graceful imponderous inconsequential insubstantial light-footed lightweight lithe little loose meager nimble petty porous portable sandy sheer slender slight small spongy sprightly sylphlike thin tissuelike trifling trivial unheavy unsubstantial weightless solemn serious grave laborious difficult weighted brunette obscure gloomy dim darkened dark black significant strong strict rough coarse thick fat important big dusky clumsy useful large lighter lightest art discipline education information learning skill system technique branch erudition lore scholarship wisdom body of knowledge disorder disorganization ignorance culture ability accomplishment address aestheticism capacity civilization class courtesy cultivation delicacy dignity discrimination dress elegance elevation enlightenment experience fashion finish gentility good taste grace improvement kindness manners nobility perception polish politeness practice proficiency refinement savoir-faire science tact training urbanity ineptness tactlessness rudeness impoliteness inelegance roughness crudeness bad manners clumsiness hurt harm incompetence coarseness inexperience inability cultures apprenticeship background book learning brainwashing breeding catechism coaching direction drilling edification guidance inculcation indoctrination learnedness literacy nurture pedagogy preparation propagandism proselytism reading rearing schooling study teaching tuition tutelage tutoring neglect destruction bookishness brains intellectuality knowledge letters pedantry savvy scholarliness studiousness advice ammo break chapter and verse clue confidence counsel cue data dirt dope dossier earful illumination info inside story instruction intelligence leak lowdown material message network notice notification orientation propaganda report scoop score tidings tip whole story word question silence accomplishments acquaintance apprehension awareness cognition comprehension consciousness discernment doctrine dogma expertise facts familiarity goods grasp insight judgment know-how light observation philosophy picture power principles recognition substance theory misunderstanding stupidity impotence unbelief weakness inanity Science SCIENCE! expanse lake ocean pond surf abundance blue brine briny deep drink main multitude number plethora profusion sheet splash swell waves bounding main briny deep lack land aquatic amphibian amphibious floating marine maritime natatory oceanic of the sea sea swimming watery saline deep blue sea high seas open sea the brine the briny deep the deep the deep sea the seven seas green apple aquamarine beryl bice blue-green chartreuse fir forest grass greenish-blue jade kelly lime malachite moss olive pea peacock pine sage sap spinach verdigris vert viridian willow old skilled expert experienced withered Neptunian abyssal coastal deep-sea hydrographic littoral natatorial nautical naval navigational ocean-going oceanographic pelagic saltwater seafaring seagoing seashore seaside shore marine\u002Fmaritime oceangoing Sea SEA seas exterior facial outer outward shallow superficial covering outside shoal top apparent depthless central deep interior core inside middle area level face skin façade expanse side peel stretch obverse cover facet plane periphery rind veneer facade superficies superficiality externality exteriority center character personality materialize emerge appear come up arise transpire rise flare up crop up come to light sink fall drop submerge dive disappear arrive attend be present be within view blow in bob up break through breeze in check in clock in come come forth come into view come out develop drop in expose issue loom make the scene occur pop in pop up present punch in punch the clock recur ring in roll in show show up spring surface time in turn out turn up depart miss abandon leave hide conceal appearing appears coat apply crust enamel foil glaze incrust laminate paint plaster plate smear spread stain varnish reveal uncover strip coated cosmetic corrective gooky improving makeup nonessential painted remedial restorative touching-up Surface climate cold condition heat warmth calefaction degrees febricity feverishness incalescence pyrexia body heat thermal reading cool altitude aridity atmospheric conditions characteristic weather clime conditions humidity latitude meteorologic conditions meteorological character temperature disease cancer ache affection attack blight breakdown bug canker collapse complaint contagion contamination debility decrepitude defect disorder distemper endemic epidemic feebleness fever fit flu hemorrhage ill health illness indisposition infection infirmity inflammation malady misery pathosis plague seizure sickliness sickness spell stroke syndrome unhealthiness unsoundness upset virus visitation blessing strength ability good health happiness boon soundness advantage health diseases vital signs pulse rate respiratory rate vital sign Temperature fall period summer time winter autumn division interval juncture occasion opportunity spell spring term while lace color pep enliven leaven salt spice pepper qualify discipline accustom school anneal inure fit acclimate steel harden train mature habituate toughen temper climatize neglect flex weaken soften drink rain H2O aqua rainwater saliva tears aqua pura bathe sprinkle dilute inundate soak flood irrigate moisten wash spray thin wet drench souse hose doctor damp saturate spatter douse baptize drool imbue steep weaken sodden gather collect dry dehydrate thicken dirty bath clean cleanse dip dunk imbathe immerse rinse scour scrub shower soap sponge submerge suffuse tub water ignore bathed bathing canal aqueduct bottleneck channel choke point conduit course cove ditch duct estuary firth trench watercourse dampen bedew besprinkle dabble humidify inspirit encourage brighten uplift hearten dampened Water course period revolution rhythm round series aeon age alternation chain circle circuit eon loop orbit periodicity ring rotation run sequel sequence succession wheel isochronism bicycle bike cycle tandem two-wheeler velocipede wheels pedal biking amphitheater aureole band belt bowl bracelet circlet circumference circus cirque coil colure compass cordon corona crown disc disk ecliptic enclosure equator full turn globe halo hoop horizon lap meridian parallel of latitude perimeter periphery record ringlet sphere stadium tire turn vortex wreath zodiac center stagnation middle interior inside ambit area circling circulation circumnavigation circumscription circumvolution district gyration gyre journey limit line perambulation range region route tour tract turning twirl way whirl wind winding zone day ascendancy epoch generation height heyday prime term time years zenith bottom night evening nadir cycles Cycle drizzle rain rainfall rainstorm sleet snow storm cloudburst condensation hail hailstorm wetness heavy dew precip dryness blizzard blast gale precipitation snowfall squall tempest whiteout blizzards cascade avalanche cataract chute deluge downrush falls flood force fountain outpouring rapids shower spout torrent watercourse waterfall condensate crystallization deliquescence dew distillation liquefaction precipitate deposit alluvium delta deposition dregs drift grounds lees sediment settlings silt withdrawal debit deposits Precipitation deluge drizzle flood hail mist precipitation rainfall rainstorm shower sleet stream torrent cloudburst condensation fall flurry pour pouring raindrops spate spit sprinkle sprinkling volley cat-and-dog weather drencher heavy dew liquid sunshine precip sun shower wet stuff window washer aridity dryness rain blast downpour blizzard tornado gust hurricane tempest squall gale disturbance cyclone twister blow windstorm whirlwind snowstorm raining cats and dogs peace clearness calm quiet storm inundation torrential rain wind burst typhoon outbreak outburst mistral chinook tropical cyclone tropical storm line storm monsoon India Nepal nepal NEPAL the East Asia Southeast southeast South East air blast breeze cyclone gale gust blow breath chinook draft draught flurry flutter mistral puff tempest typhoon wafting whiff whirlwind whisk zephyr calm notice intimation hint babble whisper tidings clue cue rumor suggestion gossip inkling talk hot air idle talk slither ramble curve spiral zigzag twist snake wrap curl meander loop weave convolute screw twine envelop encircle fold deviate cover swerve distort furl wriggle crook enclose coil entwine reel roll wreathe corkscrew let go free untwist unloose unwrap uncover release straighten heavens ozone sky stratosphere troposphere ventilation waft wind bend angle away angle off arch bow buckle camber careen circle contort crimp crinkle crouch deflect deform detour double droop flex genuflect hook incline incurvate lean pervert round stoop tilt turn veer verge warp waver wilt yaw rise beautify circuit ambit area circling circulation circumference circumnavigation circumscription circumvolution compass course cycle district gyration gyre journey lap limit line orbit perambulation perimeter periphery range region route tour tract turning twirl way wheel whirl winding zone center middle interior inside dead giveaway hot lead indication key lead mark notion pointer print proof sign solution suspicion telltale tip tip-off trace track question clues convolve intertwine intervolve make serpentine rotate scroll sinuate spire wrap around writhe WIND W-inds w-inds arrangement decoration device diagram figure guide impression instruction markings mold motive original ornament plan stencil template trim disorder disorganization plainness sort style sequence variety system method shape type kind orderliness constellation standard prototype specimen paragon sample criterion exemplar copy archetype norm paradigm beau ideal cynosure mirror ensample form emulate design follow model order neglect disorganize destroy Ryan ryan Fitzgibbon Fitzgibbons
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