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Mothership - Massive Alien Craft.

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This object has structure and for NASA to dismiss it as nothing is an insult to people's intelligence. If they post data then they must expect ufohunters to find ...


parenthood motherliness motherhood mothership Mother Ship VSA Mothership big colossal enormous extensive gargantuan gigantic grand great heavy hefty huge immense imposing impressive mammoth monumental substantial towering tremendous vast bulky cracking cumbersome cumbrous elephantine gross hulking mighty monster mountainous ponderous prodigious solid stately titanic unwieldy walloping weighty whopping common dwarfed inconsequential insignificant limited little miniature miniscule minor minute narrow poor short slight small teeny tiny trivial unimportant unimposing unimpressive weak Brobdingnagian Bunyanesque behemoth gigantesque ginormous Herculean humongous humungous jumbo large massive monstrous pythonic sizable stupendous astronomical astronomic considerable epic mega sizeable very big very large a whale of a ample awash brimming bull burly capacious chock-full commodious copious crowded fat full heavy-duty heavyweight husky mondo oversize packed roomy spacious strapping stuffed super colossal thundering voluminous whopper unconfident shy humble ungiving infant dull bland thin ungenerous selfish juvenile infantile babyish baby adolescent blah inconsiderable impoverished bigger biggest Massive VSA exotic incongruous unusual conflicting contrary estranged opposed remote separate extraneous extrinsic inappropriate incompatible familiar normal usual harmonious akin appropriate native proper outsider stranger visitor refugee foreigner migrant intruder immigrant settler invader guest newcomer interloper greenhorn squatter weed noncitizen floater blow in incomer national countryman citizen local cede abalienate abdicate accord alien alienate allow capitulate come across with communicate concede convey deed drop fold fork over give in give up grant hand over leave make over part with relinquish remise renounce resign sign over throw in the sponge throw in the towel transfer vouchsafe waive yield win take over defend continue retain maintain oppose fight keep hold guard gain reject withhold disapprove disallow deny challenge refuse ceded deportee displaced person exile expat expatriate expellee outlander emigrant colonist departer evacuee fugitive migrator outcast pilgrim traveler wanderer wayfarer émigré nationalist emigre estrange antagonize break up disaffect disunify disunite divert divide divorce drive apart make hostile part put on the outs set at odds sever split sunder turn off wean withdraw engage stay agree join come marry unite connect combine Aliens VSA aliens
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