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Mr. Beat - Every type of tax explained

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Mrs. Ms. gentleman grown person lady mam man miss mister woman child youngster grown-up boy father guy brother fellow gent grandfather husband sir son girl female male chap bloke bro cat dude beau boyfriend nephew papa spouse swain uncle girlfriend Mr. males Mr.s boys brothers fathers fellows gentlemen gents grandfathers guys hes husbands sirs sons females girls exhausted fatigued wearied weary dog-tired kaput worn-out energetic fresh lively refreshed rested pulse rhythm cadence cadency measure meter oscillation palpitation pressure pulsation quake quiver rhyme ripple surge swell swing throb thump tick undulation vibration stillness hit lash punch shake slap strike circuit course path patrol precinct rounds route walk way assignment department scoop news news flash article story batter break crush knock pummel thrash trounce whip bang bash bat belt box bruise buffet cane castigate clout club collide cudgel drub flagellate flail flog hammer lambaste lick maltreat mash maul pelt pound punish ram rap slug smack spank swat thresh thwack wallop whale protect aid assist guard help outplay outrun overcome overtake overwhelm top triumph best better conquer exceed excel outdo outrival outshine outstrip subdue transcend vanquish be victorious shoot ahead of fall behind lose surrender fail give up cede relinquish retreat fashion form model shape work malleate destroy agitate alternate bob bounce flap flicker fluctuate flutter heave jerk jounce oscillate palpitate pulsate quaver shiver thrill tremble twitch undulate vibrate writhe stir whisk accent accentuation articulation beat emphasis enunciation force inflection intonation modulation pronunciation stroke timbre tonality tone unimportance churn concuss convulse disturb rock rouse toss calm lull quiet soothe tranquilize blurb column commentary composition discourse editorial essay exposition feature item paper piece spread theme think piece treatise write-up appointment charge chore commission drill duty homework job mission position post practice stint unemployment keeping assignments allocations allotments appointments apportionments appropriations ascriptions assignations attributions authorizations choices consignments delegations designations determinations distributions givings grants nominations selections specifications stipulations keepings attack advance aggress ambush assail assault bean beset besiege biff blast boff bombard boot bop brain bust chop down clip clock combat cook harm hurt infiltrate invade jump kick knock block off knock cold knock for a loop larrup lay siege to light into molest mug pounce upon raid rush set upon slog soak stab storm take the offensive turn on whop leave alone decrease be lazy defend resist shelter shield slough off submit support sustain withstand all each one without exception none the any bar none barring no one complete each and every entire every every bit of every single sum total totality whole incompletely zero each a pop a shot a throw aside by the individually per per capita per head per person per unit proportionately respectively separately singly together absolute all-out comprehensive consummate downright full full-blown full-scale gross inclusive integral out-and-out outright overall perfect plenary positive sheer sweeping thoroughgoing totalitarian unconditional undisputed undivided unlimited unmitigated unqualified unreserved unrestricted utter conditional incomplete indefinite limited restricted specific uncertain broken fractional imperfect part partial unfinished accomplished aggregate choate completed concentrated conclusive exclusive exhaustive fixed fulfilled full-length in one piece rounded unabbreviated unabridged uncut unexpurgated deficient hurt impaired insufficient sick unhealthy brand breed category character description form group lot nature number sample sort standard strain variety blazon cast classification cut feather genre ilk likes mold order persuasion rubric species specimen stamp subdivision way pattern archetype epitome essence exemplar original paradigm personification prototype quintessence representative atypical case emblem face figure font print printing sign symbol point size arrange categorize class peg pigeonhole standardize stereotype tab typecast button down put away put down as differentiate disorder disorganize copy transcribe write touch touch-type typewrite dash off enter data hunt-and-peck teletype assort classify rank suit type scatter extraction family genus line lineage pedigree progeny race stock stripe characterize designate identify indicate list point rate recognize specify cipher device hieroglyph letter logo mark monogram numeral rune classifies allocates allots alphabetizes analyzes arranges assorts brands breaks down buttons down catalogues classes codifies collocates coordinates correlates disposes distinguishes distributes divides dockets embodies files grades groups incorporates indexes labels matches names numbers orders organizes pegs pigeonholes puts away puts down as puts down for ranges ranks ranks out rates regiments segregates size up sizes sorts systematizes tabs tabulates tags takes one's measure tickets typecasts types maintains keeps holds joins gathers collects disallows disintegrates mixes up scatters guesses estimates excludes unites combines disorganizes disorders disarranges allocate allot alphabetize analyze break down catalogue codify collocate coordinate correlate dispose distinguish distribute divide docket embody file grade incorporate index label match name organize put down for range rank out regiment segregate size systematize tabulate tag take one's measure ticket collect combine disarrange gather hold join keep maintain unite disallow disintegrate estimate exclude guess mix up contribution cost duty expense fine levy price rate tariff assessment bite brokerage capitation custom dues excise giveaway imposition impost obligation salvage tithe toll towage tribute pork barrel charge albatross demand difficulty drain load millstone onus pressure strain task weight deadweight advantage aid benefit blessing ease help peace pleasure assess enact impose exact extract charge duty demand toll exact tribute lay an impost require contribution give exonerate release unburden exhaust overtax weaken cumber encumber enervate lade oppress overburden overuse overwork push saddle sap stress stretch tire try weary weigh make demands on press hard on prey on put pressure on wear out weigh down weigh heavily on activate assist compress concentrate delight energize invigorate strengthen arraign blame censure criminate impeach impugn impute incriminate inculpate indict reproach reprove approve exculpate free praise accuse allege apprehend arrest attack attribute betray blow the whistle brand bring charges cite complain denounce file claim finger frame hang something on hold accountable implicate lay at door let have it libel litigate lodge complaint name pin on point finger at prosecute recriminate serve summons slander slur sue summon tax applaud commend defend let go pardon retreat support compliment flatter protect absolve vindicate amount charge evaluate fix value assesses appraises apprises assays checks checks out computes determines digs it estimates figures fixes gauges guesses judges nicks pegs rates reckons sets size up sizes surveys takes measure valuates values weighs helps neglects assists aids ignores assessing appraising apprising assaying checking checking out computing determining digging it estimating figuring fixing gauging guessing judging nicking pegging rating reckoning setting sizing surveying taking measure valuating valuing weighing helping neglecting assisting aiding ignoring appraisal estimate fee taxation valuation assessments appraisals computations determinations estimations judgments ratings reckonings valuations value judgments interpreted related told induced analyzed argued assumed concluded considered debated determined discussed explained hypothesized posited postulated reasoned thought made clear understood
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