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Mundane Matt's Virtue Signal Compassion Cringe Quest

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computing forever dave cullen banal day-to-day everyday humdrum normal prosaic workaday commonplace earthly lowly routine workday worldly abnormal uncommon unusual exciting extraordinary heavenly supernatural wonderful blah bland bromidic clichéd common conventional cornball cornfed corny dull as dishwater dumb flat hackneyed ho hum hokey insipid mundane noplace nothing nowhere old hat ordinary pabulum pedestrian platitudinous square stale stereotyped stock stupid tired tripe trite unimaginative unoriginal vapid watery wishy-washy zero fresh smart sharp original new intelligent blase apathetic been around twice bored cloyed cool disenchanted disentranced done it all fed up glutted indifferent jaded knowing laid-back lukewarm mellow offhand satiated sick of sophisticate sophisticated unconcerned unexcited uninterested unmoved weary world-weary blasé boring arid bomb bummer characterless cloying colorless dead drab drag dull interminable irksome lifeless monotonous moth-eaten plebeian 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assent bow buckle capitulate cave comply concede give in to knuckle knuckleunder obey submit succumb force forward forge advance disagree fight hurry hasten expedite disarrange reject disobey protest deny dissent dispute refuse Cringe melomaniac adventure chase crusade expedition hunt inquiry investigation journey probe pursuit research delving enterprise examination inquest inquisition mission prey probing pursual quarry seeking voyage pilgrimmage retreat hunting quest race venery escape deed accomplishment act action ballgame big idea bit byplay cause commission exploit fact feat follow through game performance plan reality securing stunt thing tour de force truth winning rest failure stoppage repose idleness cessation lie inertia inactivity inaction deeds emprise endeavor undertaking venture assay audit battery blue book breakdown canvass catechism checking checkup cross-examination diagnosis dissection exam experiment exploration final grilling inspection interrogation legwork 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