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Murder suspect says Malaysia trying to dishonor North Korea

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Chaos at Beijing's airport, Friday, as North Korean Ri Jong Chol made his way through the crowd.Ri was released and then deported by Malaysian authorities… after being held as a suspect in the murder of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's estranged half-brother.Speaking outside the North Korean Embassy, Ri said he was a victim of a conspiracy by Malaysian officials.(SOUNDBITE) (North Korean) FREED NORTH KOREAN SUSPECT, RI JONG CHOL, SAYING:"It was very difficult to bear, but I said to myself, 'I must get through this because I can't let them do this to me as a citizen of the Republic, when they dare try to trample on the honor of the Republic.'"He accused Malaysia of using coercion to try to extract a confession from him.Kim Jong Nam was murdered in February at Kuala Lumpur's Airport, seen in video acquired by Fuji TV.He was assaulted by two women who Malaysian police believe smeared his face with a deadly chemical.Both women say they were paid for what they thought was a reality TV prank.Ri has maintained his innocence and says he knew nothing about the accusation that his car was used in the case.The U.S. and South Korea believe the murder was an assassination organized by North Korean agents.Website: http://timesofoman.comFacebook: http://facebook.com/timesofomanTwitter: http://twitter.com/timesofoman


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  Murder suspect says Malaysia trying to dishonor North Korea   Murder suspect says Malaysia trying to dishonor North Korea   Murder suspect says Malaysia trying to dishonor North Korea   Murder suspect says Malaysia trying to dishonour North Korea   Murder suspect says Malaysia trying to dishonour North Korea   Kim Chol: We cannot trust Malaysian police investigation   Kang Chol: We cannot trust Malaysian police investigation   PM Najib: Malaysia retains ties with North Korea   North Korea sends Malaysia ambassador packing amid Kim Jong-nam murder fallout   North Korean retaliates by expelling Malaysian envoy   N Korean man in Jong-nam case released from detention   Nazri: 'Rogue country' N Korea should respect international law   The Stream - North Korea-Malaysia diplomatic dispute REVISED   Malaysia N Korea ties strained over Kim probe   North Korean suspect lived mystery life in Malaysia   North Korean Murder Suspect Says Confession Was Coerced   Third suspect arrested in Malaysia over murder of North Korean February 16, 2017   NKorean diplomat suspected in Kim Jong Nam assassination   We'll wait for you, IGP tells suspects in North Korean embassy   'North Korean embassy will pay heavy price if they keep slamming us'   Tiga suspek Jong-nam diminta serah diri - IGP   North Korea-Malaysia tension rises | DW News   Zahid: Sufficient evidence to charge suspects in Kim Jong-nam case   North Korea to expel Malaysian ambassador in 48 hours amid Kim murder row   Murder of leader's half-brother shows North Korea getting bolder South Korea PM February 19, 2017   2nd suspect in ‘Kim Jong-nam murder’ arrested in Malaysia   Malaysia to reassess ties with Pyongyang   North Korean suspect Ri freed   Ri Jong-chol demands apology and compensation from Malaysia   Envoy: M'sian cops threatened suspect's family at gunpoint   No luck for the press covering Kim Jong-nam murder   Jong Nam murder case transferred to High Court   'No obvious evidence of puncture marks on Jong-nam'   North Korea wants joint investigation   North Korean suspect released over airport murder of Kim Jong Nam   North Korean blames 'conspiracy' over Kim Jong Nam arrest   Live Updates: Personnel probing Jong-nam murder begin sweep of KLIA2   North Korean blames 'conspiracy' over Kim Jong Nam arrest   指与韩国合谋政治化 朝大使力数大马不是   Najib: Malaysians in North Korea not under detention   Hishammuddin: War with North Korea unlikely   Malaysia Declares North Korean Ambassador Persona Non Grata   Malaysians stranded in North Korea return home   Malaysia Prepares To Deport North Korean Murder Suspect   Kim Jong-nam: Malaysia to free North Korean murder suspect   Hishammuddin: Malaysia can count on allies   Zahid: We don't want to cut diplomatic ties with North Korea   Negotiations with North Korea over nine Malaysians still ongoing   Woman arrested over alleged murder of Kim Jong-nam   Kim Jong Nam assassination Full and Clear Version Recorded by Airport CCTV Camera   Kim Jong Nam assassination Recorded by Airport CCTV Camera   North Korea Embassy Official Involved in Kim Killing, Malaysia Says   Police Body cam footage shows suspect trying to flee hospital   Hotel receptionist recalls brief encounter with the Vietnamese suspect   IGP: We're waiting for N Korea to send suspects to Malaysia   Expert: Malaysia needs third-party negotiator to handle North Korea   US places missile defense system in S Korea | DW English   North Korea Embassy Official Involved in Kim Killing, Malaysia Says   Malaysia official accuses NKorea of manipulation   Malaysian police escort NKorean suspect   Mukhriz: Be firm with North Korea   Defense compromised in N.Korean man murder case: lawyers   Eight nabbed over mother daughter murder, suspects carried deceased's possessions   U.S. student confesses to "severe crimes": North Korea   Trump doesn't \"believe in undercutting people\"   VIDEO: Kansas City murder suspect arrested in north Tulsa   Malaysia foreign minister says N. Korea wants formal talks to resolve standoff   N Korean says arrest over Kim Jung-nam was plot   Caught on camera: Kim Jong nam's last moment   S. Korea's FM planning trips to East Asian nations next week   Caught on camera: Kim Jong nam's last moment   N. Korea, Malaysia bar citizens from leaving as murder row boils   Timeline of North Korean chemist's arrest over Kim Jong-nam's murder   Freed N. Korean suspect: I told myself to get through it   North Korea-Malaysia: political 'hostage-holding'

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