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My both ears are bleeding, but eyes can't believe of amount of hours spent on this creation. Toss a coin to your Witcher Sung by Witcher 3 NPCs

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one and the other the couple the pair the two twain receiver wire aerial feelers whip bird snapper bullwhip rabbit ears sky wire antenna ears antennae abide act breathe continue endure hold inhabit last live move obtain persist prevail remain rest stand stay subsist survive be alive go on have being have place cease depart die discontinue forsake give up halt idle leave lose pass quit refuse reject stop transpire befall occur come about come to pass take place benevolent charitable humane merciful sympathetic warm warmhearted forbearing pitying sparing tender understanding all heart being big bleeding-heart commiserative going easy on humanitarian indulgent kindhearted kindly lenient living with old softie piteous responsive soft-shell softhearted tenderhearted cold cool cruel inhumane malevolent mean merciless uncaring unfeeling unfriendly unkind unsympathetic intolerant hard harsh hateful indifferent tyrannous compassionate caring kind sympathizing progressive thoughtful bleeding heart big-hearted considerate emotional forgiving generous gentle moving sensitive sentimental soft blood-soaked ensanguined gory grisly imbrued bloodstained murderous bloodletting offensive sanguinary sanguine mild pleasant pleasing aching aggrieved agonized battered bruised buffeted burned contused crushed cut damaged disfigured distressed disturbed grazed harmed hit impaired lacerated marred mauled miffed mutilated nicked offended pained piqued scarred scraped scratched shook shot sore struck suffering tortured warped wounded all torn up busted up indignant in pain put away resentful rueful sad stricken umbrageous unhappy happy healthy perfect pleased comforted cured healed remedied well hurt damn blasted full good much too very bloody accursed blamed blessed confounded cursed darn execrable goddamned using profiteering exploitation discharge menses monthlies menstrual cycle one's friend that time the curse time of the month menstruation bleeding melancholic bad blue bummed out cast down crestfallen crummy dejected desolate despondent destroyed disconsolate dispirited down down and out down in the dumps down in the mouth downcast downhearted dragged dull dysphoric fed up gloomy glum grim heavy-hearted hurting in a blue funk in the dumps in the pits in the toilet let down low low-down low-spirited lugubrious melancholy moody morose on a downer pessimistic ripped sob story spiritless taken down torn-up tristful weeping wistful woebegone cheerful joyful heartened although however nevertheless on the other hand still though yet aside from barring disregarding except not including omitting passing over without besides bar beside but excepting excluding exclusive of in addition to other than outside of save apart from if not lacking leaving out minus not for rejecting saving short of with the exception of debarring leaving aside not counting restricting ruling out inclusive of exclusively alone completely entirely one and only onliest only singularly solely wholly incompletely partially unlimited unrestricted after all all the same anyhow be that as it may despite for all that howbeit in spite of nonetheless notwithstanding per contra withal without regard to just at most no more than nothing but plainly simply indefinitely depression downheartedness dumps heaviness of heart low spirits lowness melancholy peepers postpartum depression baby blues appearance eye perception view vision afterimage apperception apprehension eyeshot eyesight ken seeing viewing visibility field of vision range of vision blindness sight faculty optics perceiving range of view actuality fact reality depressions downheartednesses eyes heaviness of hearts melancholies postpartum depressions visions angles aspects astuteness breadth of views castles in the airs conceptions daydreams discernment divinations dreams facets fancies fantasies farsightedness foreknowledge foresights head trips idealities ideals ideas imaginations insights intuitions keenness mental pictures muses nightmares outlooks penetrations perspectives phantasms pie in the skies pipe dreams point of views prescience retrospect slants standpoints trips understandings views sightlessnesses facts substances truths beings actualities blindnesses existences ignorance realities accept admit conclude consider have hold regard suppose think trust understand accredit affirm buy conceive credit deem posit postulate presuppose swallow attach weight to be certain of be convinced of be credulous be of the opinion count on fall for give credence to have faith in have no doubt keep the faith lap up place confidence in presume true reckon on rest assured swear by take as gospel take at one's word take for granted take it abandon deny disbelieve discard dismiss dispute disregard exclude forget ignore neglect refuse reject distrust expect feel maintain presume speculate suspect take conjecture gather guess imagine judge reckon sense abstain desert know misunderstand stop calculate apprehend absorb appreciate believe catch comprehend digest fathom get get the picture grasp perceive read realize recognize fail lose misinterpret miss overlook claim adduce advance allege ask assert call for challenge collect declare defend exact have dibs on something hit hit up hold out for insist justify knock lay claim to need pick up pop the question pretend profess pronounce require requisition solicit stake out uphold vindicate answer forsake give quit repudiate conceal hide disclaim question claims adduces advances alleges asks asserts believes calls for challenges collects declares defends exacts has dibs on something hits hits up holds holds out for insists justifies knocks lies claim to needs picks up pops the question postulates pretends professes pronounces requires requisitions solicits stakes out takes upholds vindicates questions gives answers stops quits abandons disclaims hides conceals repudiates rejects denies deserts forsakes disbelieves assume compass dig envisage fancy follow twig avoid dislike let go release abort destroy estimate figure glean guesstimate hazard a guess hypothesize infer surmise take a shot take a stab theorize measure prove analyze appraise bear in mind care for count hold an opinion keep in view look upon make allowance for reckon with reflect remember respect set down take for take into account think of view leave bulk chunk extent load lot measure number supply ton volume bags bundle expanse flock gob heap hunk jillion magnitude mass mess mint oodles pack passel peck pile scads score slat slew whopper aplenty mucho budget cost damage expense outlay output price tag product sum addition aggregate body entirety list net quantum tab whole all bad news tidy sum individual one part burden import result value core matter purport sense significance substance thrust upshot full value insignificance meaninglessness nothing nothingness approach approximate become correspond effect extend grow match mean reach rival tally total touch be equivalent to be tantamount to check with come to develop into decrease depart fail leave lessen shrink subtract accumulation agglomerate agglomeration amount assemblage combination conglomerate conglomeration gross lump mixture quantity the works totality whole ball of wax whole enchilada whole schmear whole shooting match fraction accumulate add up amass assemble collect combine come mix detach disconnect disperse dissipate divide scatter separate break up aggregates accumulations agglomerates agglomerations alls amounts assemblages bodies bulks combinations conglomerates conglomerations grosses heaps lumps masses mixtures piles quantities sums totalities totals whole ball of waxes whole enchiladas whole schmears whole shooting matches wholes ones fractions parts individuals accumulates adds up amasses assembles collects combines comes mixes numbers dissipates separates divides breaks up disconnects detaches scatters disperses batch aggregation array assortment bunch clump cluster clutch collection crowd group parcel set shipment batches aggregations arrays assortments bunches bundles clumps clusters clutches collections crowds groups lots packs parcels sets shipments volumes freedom opportunity chance leisure liberty occasion place preference one's own sweet time spare moment suitable time whenever inconvenience inutility unsuitability uselessness waste convenience age day moment period stage term time year century course duration epoch era generation juncture quarter reign span spell while date bit flash minute point breathing crack instant jiffy sec second shake tick trice twinkle twinkling wink jiff nothing flat no time point in time split second three winks whole triviality unimportance event excuse hope space break connection contingency cut fitness fling fortuity happening opening pass prayer probability relief room run scope shot show squeak stab turn whack fair shake fighting chance good fortune good luck iron in the fire one's move one's say one's turn the hunt the running closing closure misfortune reality truth bad luck future life month pace past present season week allotment bout chronology clock continuance eternity extent infinity instance interval lastingness lifetime shift stint stretch tempo tide tour life span many a moon ending hour moments advantages avail concerns consequences gravities imports magnitudes momentousness notes pith profits seriousness significances significations substances uses values weightiness weights worth unimportances trivialities worthlessness insignificance losses disadvantages opportunities befallings breaks connections contingencies conveniences cuts events excuses fair shakes fighting chances fitnesses flings fortuities freedoms good fortunes good lucks happenings hopes hours iron in the fires junctures leisures liberties occasions one's moves one's says one's turns openings passes prayers probabilities reliefs rooms runs scopes shots shows spaces spells squeaks stabs the hunts the runnings times turns whacks closures truths bad lucks misfortunes closings realities dead finished lost used wasted blown bushed consumed debilitated depleted disbursed dissipated drained enervated exhausted expended fagged limp prostrate shattered shot weakened wearied weary all in bleary burned out dog-tired done in down the drain effete far-gone had it played-out ready to drop thrown away washed-up worn-out active animated energetic energized fresh invigorated lively restored strong unused bankrupt broke destitute failed impoverished in Chapter 11 insolvent lacking out of business ruined spent tapped out rich solvent wealthy saved successful breathless asthmatic choking emphysematous gasping gulping out of breath panting short of breath short-winded stertorous wheezing winded breathy calm broken busted coming unstuck defective disabled down fallen apart faulty feeble gone gone to pieces gone to pot haywire imperfect in disrepair in need of repair in the shop inoperable kaput not functioning on the blink on the fritz on the shelf out out of commission out of kilter out of order out of whack run down screwed-up unsatisfactory weak wracked wrecked perfect repaired complete connected continuous fixed flowing happy kept satisfied unbroken uplifted whole working beat fatigued pooped tired worn refreshed rested barren bygone defunct departed extinct inactive inoperative obsolete stagnant sterile still unemployed unprofitable useless functioning live operating in operation operative responsive bare collapsed decreased depreciated devoid of emptied in want lessened out of pooped out reduced sapped short of sold sold out sucked out used-up vacant washed out without resources full augmented enlarged increased unconsumed aforementioned already stated here previously mentioned that the indicated the present the aforementioned one the one in question the thing indicated this one this person such aforesaid akin alike analogous comparable corresponding equivalent like parallel said similar such a one such a person such a thing suchlike the like this a certain a particular a well known one bung cast chuck chunk fire fling flip heave hurl launch lob peg pitch sling twirl wing agitate agonize bob buffet disturb flounder jiggle joggle jolt labor lurch oscillate rock roll seesaw shake squirm stir sway swing thrash tumble undulate wallow wave wobble wriggle writhe move restlessly rise and fall calm leave alone quiet stabilize steady project propel hold keep lie still beat churn concuss convulse rouse toss lull soothe tranquilize bandy banter barter carriage cart discuss exchange spar swap trade billow balloon belly bloat bounce bulge ebb and flow puff up ripple rise up swell shrink billowed ballooned bellied bloated bounced bulged ebb and flowed heaved pitched puffed up rippled rocked rolled rose and fell rose up swelled tossed undulated waved shrank stabilized bunt butt lay it down meet sacrifice throw batter buck bump collide gore hook horn jab knock poke prod punch push ram run into shove smack strike thrust discourage dissuade pull tap bread cash change chips coinage copper currency doubloon dough gold jack mintage money piece scratch silver specie chicken feed legal tender meter money small change bill dollar brainstorm compose conceive contrive counterfeit fabricate forge formulate frame manufacture mint mold originate spark spitball stamp strike dream up head trip make up think up trump up demolish destroy ruin stop wreck boodle clams coin loot moola swag cabbage dollars finance funds gravy greenbacks mazuma banknote buck bullion dinero green stuff investment note payment pledge principal ready assets refund remuneration reserve resources riches savings security skins stock supply treasure wampum wherewithal debt coins currencies markers play moneys scratches Xerox act like affect ape assume bluff carbon cheat circulate bad money clone copy defraud delude ditto do like dupe fake feign go like imitate impersonate knock off make like make money mimeo mimic phony phony up pretend put on sham simulate stat differ oppose reverse tell the truth create actualize author beget bring into being bring into existence bring to pass build cause to be concoct constitute construct design devise discover effect erect establish fashion father form found generate give birth to give life to hatch imagine initiate institute invent invest make occasion organize parent perform plan procreate produce rear set up shape sire spawn start break conclude deny dismantle disorder disorganize end finish ignore lose neglect raze refuse fail halt prevent her hir his its our their vis xyr zir your choral lyric oral singing voiced vowel articulate articulated expressed intonated modulated operatic phonetic phonic pronounced put into words said spoken uttered verbal viva voce vocalic vocalized sonant introverted modest quiet shy written vocal more vocal sung
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