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my brain is made of candy

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intellect Einstein academician doctor egghead genius highbrow intellectual mastermind prodigy pundit sage scholar body dumbo dumdum physicality simpleton head wit mentality gray matter cerebellum encephalon cerebrum medulla oblongata upper story ignorance attack advance aggress ambush assail assault bash bat bean beat beset besiege biff blast blister boff bombard boot bop brain bust charge chop down clip clock club combat cook harm hit hurt infiltrate invade jump kick knock block off knock cold knock for a loop larrup lay siege to light into molest mug overwhelm pounce upon punch raid rush set upon slog soak stab storm strike take the offensive turn on wallop whop slough off be lazy sustain support submit defend leave alone help lose withstand shield shelter resist decrease surrender protect guard retreat assist aid attacking advancing aggressing ambushing assailing assaulting bashing batting beaning beating besetting besieging biffing blasting blistering boffing bombarding booting bopping braining busting charging chopping down clipping clocking clubbing combating cooking harming hitting hurting infiltrating invading jumping kicking knocking block off knocking cold knocking for a loop larruping lying siege to molesting mugging overwhelming punching raiding rushing setting upon slogging soaking stabbing storming striking taking the offensive turning on walloping whopping sloughing off being lazy sustaining supporting submitting defending leaving alone helping losing withstanding shielding sheltering resisting decreasing surrendering protecting guarding retreating assisting aiding attacks advances aggresses ambushes assails assaults bashes bats beans beats besets besieges biffs blasts blisters boffs bombards boots bops brains busts charges chops down clips clocks clubs combats cooks harms hits hurts infiltrates invades jumps kicks knocks block off knocks cold knocks for a loop larrups lies siege to molests mugs overwhelms punches raids rushes sets upon slogs soaks stabs storms strikes takes the offensive turns on wallops whops sloughs off is lazy sustains supports submits defends leaves alone helps loses withstands shields shelters resists decreases surrenders protects guards retreats assists aids brainpower I.Q. grasp intellectual power mental ability mental capacity mind understanding misunderstanding disbelief computer CPU abacus adding machine analog artificial intelligence calculator clone data processor digital electronic brain laptop mac mainframe micro microcomputer mini minicomputer number cruncher personal computer thinking machine computers CPUS PCS abacuses adding machines analogs artificial intelligences calculators clones data processors digitals electronic brains laptops macs mainframes microcomputers micros minicomputers minis number crunchers personal computers thinking machines NPR-American Brain Brains brain(s) built contrived finished formed invented manufactured shaped produced artificial constructed bound apprenticed articled bent bounden certain coerced compelled constrained contracted doomed driven duty-bound enslaved fated firm forced having no alternative impelled indentured intent made necessitated obligated obliged pledged pressed required restrained sure under compulsion under necessity urged unbounded free allowed unrestricted permitted irresolute assembled completed created fabricated put together weak flat puny skinny fictitious apocryphal assumed bogus chimerical concocted cooked-up counterfeit deceptive delusive delusory dishonest ersatz factitious fake faked false fanciful fantastic fashioned feigned fictional fictive figmental hyped up illusory imaginary imagined improvised make-believe misleading mock mythical phony queer romantic sham simulated spurious suppositious supposititious synthetic trumped-up unreal proven actual true genuine confirmed sincere authentic truthful honest real factual accomplished achieved brought about ceased closed come to an end compassed concluded consummated decided discharged dispatched disposed of done for done with effected effectuated elaborated ended entire executed final finalized fulfilled full in the past lapsed over over and done perfected performed put into effect realized resolved satisfied settled sewn up shut stopped terminated through tied up worked out wound up wrapped up saved kept unrefined crude stored held unsophisticated unfinished uncultivated incomplete fantastical made-up originating activated arising authored beginning begot caused commencing dawning deriving emanating generated incepted induced inspired issuing motivated starting NPR-American sweet bonbon confectionery confit hokum jawbreaker sweetmeat acid California sunshine Owsley's acid black tabs blotter blue Owsley blue acid blue dot candy cubes dot electric Kool Aid green dragon hallucinogen instant Zen magic mushrooms mescalin microdots mushrooms orange sunshine peyote purple haze strawberry fields sugar cubes yellow sunshine confection cake dainty jam pastry confections cakes candies dainties jams pastries sweets dessert cookie frozen dessert frozen treat fruit ice cream last course pie pudding sweet course tart desserts cookies frozen desserts frozen treats fruits ice creams last courses pies puddings sweet courses tarts heroin big H crap diacetylmorphine doojee dope drug flea powder hard stuff horse junk mojo narcotic opium scag white stuff NPR-American Candy
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