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'My daughter's not breathing...she's gone': 999 call of callous mother convicted...

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'My daughter's not breathing...she's gone': 999 call of callous mother convicted of murdering toddler Ayeeshia Jane Smith found 'stamped to death' at home - as ...


My daughter's not breathing 999 call callous mother convicted murdering toddler death daughters daughter laughters fighters draughts daggers dates aughts doughtier deters doters lighters taters dusters daubers naughts tatters doubters no more not at all not either neither nix nay never not clown coup Not shes shies shoes shears sheers shoers sheds chews shahs shays shoos shows shed she hes ashes sees sues chis ash(es) 9 9 9 clown coup 999 calling cry signal alarm command hail holler scream shout whoop yawp yell ahoy all hail request visit plea invitation proposal appeal order notice summons supplication subpoena bidding solicitation reply answer claim reason urge justification excuse right necessity occasion obligation grounds note song roar twitter warble cheep chirp peep shriek tweet announce vociferate awaken waken screech exclaim hoot proclaim bellow arouse bawl yowl rouse howl cry out yoo hoo receive stop cancel be quiet ignore refrain listen conceal calm invite telephone summon phone contact ask muster bid gather collect convoke convene assemble rally ring up distribute separate divide scatter disperse term dub name address style denominate title christen label baptize designate describe as appoint require declare charge decree elect challenge ordain entreat requisition solicit postulate exact appeal to pray to set apart dismiss disclaim deny put predict place guess reckon prophesy regard approximate adumbrate forecast vaticinate foretell augur judge prognosticate portend presage think make rough guess neglect displace remove disregard disbelieve beep ring blast buzz bleep get back to see play crash hit come by drop in look up run in come over drop by fall by fall down look in on pop in stop by stop in swing by accost annoy bother brace buttonhole call confront cross dare entice face flag greet proposition run into salute welcome whistle for turn away help shun scorn evade dodge avoid slight aid accosted accosts approach bespeak deliver speech deliver talk discourse discuss get on a soapbox give speech give talk lecture memorialize orate pitch pontificate root for sermonize spiel spout stump take the floor talk pass overlook cut addressed addresses clown coup Call apathetic careless cold-blooded heartless indifferent insensitive uncaring unsympathetic hardened indurated inured toughened unbending blind to case-hardened cold deaf to hard hard-bitten hard-boiled hardhearted impassive impenitent inflexible insensate insensible insentient obdurate soulless spiritless stiff stony stubborn thick-skinned torpid tough unaffected uncompassionate unconcerned unfeeling unimpressionable unresponsive unsusceptible caring compassionate concerned feeling interested kind merciful mindful nice responsive sympathetic sensitive tender blah callous cool could care less draggy emotionless flat laid-back languid moony passive stoic stolid unemotional uninterested unmoved untouched what the hell wimpy brutal barbarous bloodthirsty ferocious gruff harsh impolite inhuman merciless pitiless remorseless rough rude ruthless savage severe uncivil uncivilized unmannerly unmerciful vicious generous temperate giving polished smooth mild gentle easy sophisticated refined tame calm humane friendly courteous polite civilized dispassionate hard-hearted imperturbable matter-of-fact relentless steely stony-hearted demonstrative compassionless cold-hearted cruel atrocious bestial bitter brutish degenerate demoniac depraved evil excruciating fierce flinty hateful hellish implacable inexorable inhumane malevolent monstrous painful pernicious poignant rancorous revengeful sadistic sinful spiteful tyrannical unkind unnatural unrelenting vengeful virulent wicked thoughtful charitable decent good helpful moral pleasant pleasing considerate dead anesthetized asleep boring deadened dull frigid glazed inert insipid lukewarm numb numbed paralyzed senseless stagnant stale still tasteless uninteresting vapid wooden animate warm active subsisting live existent being alive unfinished incomplete enduring continuing working operative spirited living existing animated Callous clown coup mom parent ancestor creator mommy origin predecessor progenitor source child-bearer forebearer procreator descendant effect end result father ascendant antecedent ascendent forbear forefather foregoer foremother mother biological parent biological father biological mother birth father birth mother birth parent natural parent care attend baby sit consider foster keep an eye on keep tabs on look after mind mind the store minister nurse nurture pay attention to protect provide for ride herd on sit take pains tend treasure wait on watch watch over forget hurt neglect hate dislike disregard injure ignore cared caregiver au pair babysitter caretaker custodian governess nanny Mother daughter midnighter doughtier mid nighter meateater made lighter meat eater respiratory gasping panting wheezing breathless dead deceased lifeless living animate functioning awake conscious alive around breathing cognizant dynamic existing extant growing knowing live mortal operative running subsisting viable vital working zoetic dull unconscious spiritless sluggish morose dispirited inanimate moving shy quiet discouraged inactive blowing blasting fanning breath animation eupnea exhalation expiration gasp gulp inhalation inspiration insufflation pant wheeze drag draw pull smoke flash burst jiffy minute moment outburst shake show trice twinkling clown coup Breathing condemn imprison sentence adjudge attaint doom frame rap bring to justice declare guilty pass sentence on pronounce guilty put away put the screws to send up send up the river throw the book at free release exonerate liberate condemned convicted damned doomed fated bewitched cursed cut down dead duck destroyed done done for fey foreordained ill-fated ill-omened in the cards kiss of death lost luckless menaced overthrown overwhelmed predestined que sera sera reprobate ruined sentenced star-crossed sunk suppressed threatened thrown down undone unfortunate unredeemed wrecked hopeful saved nice blessed lucky successful restored protected intact guilty accusable caught censurable censured chargeable conscience-stricken contrite convictable criminal culpable delinquent depraved erring evil felonious hangdog in error in the wrong iniquitous judged liable licentious offending out of line regretful remorseful reprehensible responsible rueful sheepish sinful sorry wicked wrong sinless innocent good right truthful moral guiltless irresponsible immune clown coup assassination bloodshed crime destruction felony homicide lynching manslaughter massacre shooting terrorism annihilation blood butchery carnage death hit liquidation off offing foul play one-way ticket rub out taking out the business the works shoot execute slay slaughter butcher exterminate destroy assassinate behead strangle decapitate lynch asphyxiate dispatch mar guillotine snuff ruin abolish eliminate waste knife electrocute finish liquidate hang smother spoil misuse chill cool drub defeat thrash extinguish mangle eradicate bump off do in knock off put away garotte blot out dust off take a life take for a ride take out inspirit encourage light lose start save establish continue build help keep give birth bear protect guard warm heat preserve ratify institute grow construct heal aid create annihilate abate abrogate annul crush decimate demolish erase expunge extirpate finish off invalidate murder negate nullify obliterate quash quell raze root out undo vitiate wipe out wrack wreck approve support fix revive legalize validate sanction permit assist annihilated arduous backbreaking burdensome exhausting fatiguing formidable grueling harsh heavy labored laborious no picnic onerous painful punishing rigorous rough severe strenuous taxing tiring toilsome tough troublesome trying uphill motivating nice weak mild easy pleasant effortless helpful trivial facile bloodbath bloodletting extermination fighting gore killing onslaught peace bring down abase cut down damage drop fell floor injure knock down lay low level lower mow down overthrow overturn prostrate pull down shoot down throw down tumble undermine upset wound raise brought down child infant kid youngster preschooler tot little one rug rat adult babies angelface babe bairn bambino bundle buttercup button cherub chick crawler deduction dividend dumpling little angel little darling little doll newborn nipper nursling papoose preemie suckling tad toddler write-off adolescent baby daughter juvenile moppet son squirt tyke young child youth bundle of joy little child neonate anklebiter brat cub descendant dickens imp innocent issue kiddie lamb minor mite nestling offspring preteen progeny pubescent shaver small fry sprout stripling tadpole teen teenager teenybopper urchin whippersnapper young one parent children Toddler clown coup afterlife annihilation bereavement casualty cessation curtains darkness decease demise departure destruction dissolution downfall dying end ending eradication euthanasia exit expiration extermination extinction fatality finis finish grave heaven loss mortality necrosis obliteration oblivion paradise parting passing quietus release repose ruin ruination silence sleep termination tomb eternal rest Grim Reaper passing over accomplishment arrival beginning birth building coming commencement consciousness construction creation entrance hell initiation introduction opening start success understanding being entity existence life living bitter end completion conclusion death end of life end of the line lights out doom Judgment Day Moira calamity cataclysm catastrophe circumstance condemnation decree destination destiny disaster fixed future foreordination fortune handwriting on wall judgment karma kismet lap of the gods lot opinion portion predestination predetermination sentence tragedy verdict way the ball bounces way the cookie crumbles wonder good fortune blessing whole accusation miracle happiness good luck boon adieu egress egression evacuation exodus expiry farewell going goodbye leave-taking offgoing retirement retreat stampede withdrawal entering arriving hello stay close closing terminus inception elimination no life obsolescence thing of the past Death
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