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bad corrupt destructive hateful heinous hideous malevolent malicious nefarious ugly unpleasant vicious vile villainous wicked base foul low offensive poison reprobate wrong angry atrocious baneful beastly calamitous damnable depraved disastrous execrable flagitious harmful iniquitous injurious loathsome maleficent malignant no good obscene pernicious rancorous repugnant repulsive revolting spiteful stinking unpropitious wrathful agreeable aiding assisting attractive beautiful benevolent decent delightful friendly gentle good helpful honest honorable kind lovely nice pleasant pleasing right upright virtuous wonderful worthy moral auspicious sinless calamity catastrophe corruption crime harm hatred ill misery pain sin suffering affliction baseness blow criminality curse debauchery depravity devilry diabolism heinousness hurt impiety indecency infamy iniquity injury knavery lewdness licentiousness looseness malevolence malignity meanness mischief misfortune obscenity outrage perversity ruin sinfulness sorrow turpitude vice viciousness vileness villainy wickedness woe wrongdoing diablerie advantage benefit blessing boon cheer comfort fortune good fortune good luck goodness happiness health joy kindness pleasure profit aid benevolence cleanness decency help innocence modesty morality nobility propriety purity relief uprightness virtue Pandora's box can of worms confusion evil hornet's nest snake in the grass abomination anathema aversion bother detestation horror nuisance plague shame torment delight love beauty enjoyment esteem treat atrocities abominations barbarities brutality crimes enormities evils horrors inhumanities iniquities monstrosities offenses outrages ruthlessness savageries wrongs good behaviors rights kindnesses pleasantness pleasantries joys delights virtues atrocity barbarity enormity inhumanity monstrosity offense savagery good behavior pleasantry criminal delinquent mean sinful noble just reputable true bad thing adversity bad break bummer cataclysm disaster downer drag hard knocks hard times hardship jam mishap storm cloud tragedy tribulation trouble unpleasantness lucky break buried deceased late lifeless cold departed stiff asleep bereft of life bloodless bought the farm breathless cadaverous checked out cut off defunct done for erased expired extinct gone gone to meet maker gone to reward inanimate inert liquidated mortified no more not existing offed out of one's misery passed away perished pushing up daisies reposing resting in peace spiritless unanimated wasted alive living continuing enduring existent existing live warm flat paralyzed boring still anesthetized apathetic callous deadened dull frigid glazed insensitive insipid lukewarm numb numbed senseless stagnant stale tasteless torpid unfeeling uninteresting unresponsive vapid wooden animate animated interested responsive spirited exhausted lost spent tired unemployed barren bygone inactive inoperable inoperative obsolete sterile unprofitable useless worn worn-out active functioning operating in operation operative working sure absolute entire final perfect whole bloody downright out-and-out outright thorough unconditional unmitigated unqualified utter flawed imperfect incomplete limited part partial unfinished absolutely due right straight direct directly entirely exactly straightly undeviatingly wholly indirectly incompletely arid bomb bromidic bummer characterless cloying colorless commonplace dead drab drag drudging ho-hum humdrum interminable irksome monotonous moth-eaten mundane nothing nowhere platitudinous plebeian prosaic repetitious routine stereotyped stodgy stuffy stupid tame tedious threadbare tiresome tiring trite unexciting unvaried wearisome well-worn zero bright current eventful exciting intelligent interesting lively new smart different unusual fascinating ancient antiquated archaic belated dated down memory lane erstwhile forgotten former gone-by in oblivion of old of yore old-fashioned old-time olden oldfangled one-time out-of-date previous quondam sometime vanished water over the dam water under the bridge modern recent ashen bag of bones blanched consumptive deathlike deathly emaciated exsanguinous gaunt ghastly ghostly haggard pallid peaked peaky sallow shadowy sick skeletal skeletonlike skin and bones spectral thin wan flushed lifelike casualty death toll fatality injured killed loss missing prey sufferer wounded cold-blooded cool distant emotionless frosty glacial icy impersonal imperturbable indifferent inhibited inhospitable joyless matter-of-fact passionless phlegmatic reserved reticent standoffish stony unconcerned undemonstrative unenthusiastic unimpassioned unmoved unsympathetic excited friendly kind ardent eager enthusiastic fervid sympathetic coldest hot zealous amount character cost number price rate sum symbol total cipher digit integer quotation terms worth chiffer anatomy appearance attitude bod body build carriage cast chassis configuration conformation constitution delineation development frame mass measurements outline physique pose posture proportions shadow silhouette substance torso image model composition decoration device diagram drawing effigy embellishment emblem illustration mold motif motive ornamentation pattern piece portrait representation sketch statue leader personality celebrity dignitary force notability notable personage presence somebody worthy nobody commoner add estimate guess work out count enumerate foot reckon summate tally tot totalize tote count heads count noses cut ice dope out fix a price keep tabs run down take account of tot up subtract conclude determine discover fathom resolve see settle solve suppose think comprehend crack decipher decode disentangle follow get master opine reason rule unfold unravel unscramble untangle catch on to clear up make heads or tails of make out puzzle out think out unriddle disbelieve question wonder misunderstand calculate compute count up do addition figure reckon up decrease deduct diminish lessen reduce remove withdraw adds calculates casts computes counts counts up does addition enumerates figures reckons reckons up summates sums tallies totals totes tots tots up withdraws removes reduces diminishes lessens deducts decreases subtracts guesses estimates analyze assay beat a dead horse chew over confab consider evaluate figure out get down to brass tacks hash inspect interpret investigate judge kick around rehash scrutinize sort out spell out study talk game test think through forget ignore neglect assemble combine synthesize analyzes assays beats a dead horse chews over confabs considers evaluates figures out gets down to brass tacks hashes inspects interprets investigates judges kicks around rehashes resolves scrutinizes spells out studies tests thinks through assembles neglects forgets synthesizes combines ignores form framework makeup shape anticipate assume await bargain for be afraid conjecture count chickens count on cross the bridge divine entertain forecast foresee foretaste foretell have a hunch hope for jump the gun look for look forward to plan on prepare for prevision prognosticate promise oneself prophesy see coming see in the cards visualize wait wait for doubt be surprised assemblage assortment compilation lot number selection set store acquiring acquisition agglomeration anthology assembling assembly batch caboodle clump cluster collation combination company congeries congregation convocation crowd cumulation digest gathering heap hoard kit levy mass medley mess miscellany mobilization muster omnibus pile quantity stack stock stockpile accumulating amassing amassment bringing together obtaining securing division individual separation a lot acres bulk bunch bundle cargo collection galore gobs great deal heaps legion legions load loads lots oodles plethora reams scad scads slathers slew tons volume wad whole little bit few couple accumulation accession accretion addition aggrandizement aggregation augmentation buildup chunk collecting conglomeration enlargement gob growth hoarding hunk increase inflation intensification multiplication trove upping decrease shrinkage lessening loss reduction subtraction dispersal dispersion dissipation scattering agglomerate aggregate lump one album depository index memento memory book notebook portfolio register registry scrapbook all ensemble entirety everyone everything gross group integer jackpot lock stock and barrel sum sum total total unit utmost whole ball of wax whole enchilada whole nine yards whole schmear whole shooting match whole show works none zero zilch zip
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