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Myanmar coup: police fire on protesters in deadliest day of clashes

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Myanmar Myanmars myanmar detective force law enforcement man badge bear blue bluecoat bobby bull constable constabulary cop copper corps fed flatfoot fuzz gendarme gumshoe heat law narc officers oink patrolman pig boy scout county mounty arrange align array class classify clear the decks dispose file fix up form group line up methodize organize police police up position put in good shape put in order put to rights range rank regulate sort spruce spruce up systematize tidy whip into shape disturb confuse mismanage displace disperse derange jumble scatter mix up disorganize disorder disarrange destroy arranged arranges arranging officer patrolwoman peace officer policeman policewoman finest Police Nice Drip blaze bonfire heat inferno campfire combustion conflagration devouring element embers flames flare glow hearth holocaust incandescence luminosity oxidation phlogiston pyre scintillation scorching searing sparks tinder warmth flame and smoke hot spot rapid oxidation sea of flames up in smoke apathy dullness lethargy spiritlessness bombardment attack explosion bombing salvo cannonade hail fusillade volley round shelling crossfire sniping cannonading bombarding light force radiance eagerness intensity energy ginger gusto dash zing brio zip pep liveliness sparkle passion fervor snap enthusiasm heartiness luster life ardor punch fervency vim spirit zeal verve drive excitement exhilaration splendor élan virtuosity impetuosity starch vivacity red heat white heat calenture discouragement coldness coolness indifference calmness calm lifelessness idleness laziness inactivity ignite kindle enkindle put a match to set ablaze set aflame set alight set fire to set on fire start a fire touch off dull bore put out extinguish hire shoot explode discharge hurl launch shell eject fling toss loose cast pitch heave let off pull trigger set off keep hold rouse inspire inflame enliven intensify incite inspirit quicken irritate exalt inform galvanize electrify heighten animate provoke stir thrill impassion intoxicate enthuse depress please discourage delight retard deter weaken slow soothe dissuade oust expel drop terminate sack boot can kick out lay off pink slip give marching orders give one notice give pink slip give the sack hand walking papers let one go employ activate arouse cheer embolden encourage energize excite fire gladden hearten impel instigate invigorate liven make alive move revive revivify spark spur stimulate urge vitalize vivify kill disenchant halt stop deaden suppress delay dishearten tire avidity devotion earnestness feeling fierceness jazz keenness oomph pep talk turn on vehemence weakness zest frigidity cleaver hatchet poll tomahawk ax\u002Faxe bounce cancel cut back dispense with eliminate get rid of give a pink slip give the boot remove throw out axed axes Fire Nice Drip FIRE dissident heckler militant radical rebel agitator revolutionist beatnik beat bohemian demonstrator dropout flower child hippie iconoclast maverick nonconformist peacenik protester complainer bellyacher crab crybaby faultfinder fusser growler grumbler grump moaner nagger nitpicker objector troublemaker dissenter heretic separatist skeptic misbeliever recusant schismatic schismatist sectary yes-man firebrand guerrilla instigator malcontent rabble-rouser activist belligerent combatant fighter partisan rioter warrior Nice Drip protesters Protester bloody carcinogenic cruel dangerous destructive fatal harmful lethal malignant mortal murderous noxious pernicious poisonous savage suicidal toxic violent virulent baleful baneful bloodthirsty cannibalistic death-dealing deathly deleterious destroying grim homicidal injurious internecine killing mortiferous pestiferous pestilent pestilential ruthless unrelenting venomous benign calm gentle harmless healthy helpful kind life-giving nice nonpoisonous wholesome animating energizing healthful invigorating lively ghastly ashen dead pallid wan white deathlike corpselike deadened deathful daylight daytime light sunlight sunshine astronomical day bright dawn-to-dark diurnal course early bright light of day mean solar day nautical day sidereal day sunrise-to-sunset working day darkness night evening term period time prime zenith generation age years epoch height ascendancy heyday cycle bottom nadir aeon blue moon century date day duration era interim interval life lifetime millennium span continuation ages course hour juncture moment quarter reign spell stage while year aurora dawn daybreak during the day sunrise sunset eon breed contemporaries crop peers rank step times destruction Days Nice Drip days argument battle brawl conflict confrontation crash dispute encounter fracas melee misunderstanding rift riot showdown skirmish affray break broil brush bump collision concussion discord discordance disharmony embroilment engagement fray impact jam jar jolt jump opposition row rumpus run-in rupture scrap scrimmage set-to shock smash wallop difference of opinion donnybrook have a go at each other mix up agreement calm concord harmony peace truce compatibility collide jangle clank clang grind grate rattle bang clatter prang match agree harmonize contend try differ disagree wrangle feud argue quarrel buck combat gall grapple war fret cross swords raise Cain bang heads mix it up please make happy make peace consent abstain surrender give in retreat disaccord mismatch contrast disharmonize be dissimilar not go with Clash Nice Drip clash
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