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Myanmar forces beating innocent unarmed civilians brutally

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Myanmars Myanmar myanmar effort strength violence arm brunt clout coercion compulsion conscription draft duress dynamism enforcement exaction extortion fury horsepower impact impetus impulse might momentum muscle pains potency potential pow pressure punch push sinew sock speed steam stimulus strain stress stuff subjection tension trouble velocity vigor constrait full head of steam strong arm what it takes passivity discouragement ease happiness hindrance idleness lethargy peace powerlessness relaxation weakness incompetence capability authority requirement gumption point influence persuasiveness intensity cogency sapience bite guts willpower puissance fierceness emphasis vehemence effectiveness dominance ability efficacy validity effect determination obligation drive competence forcefulness persistence intestinal fortitude impressiveness validness disinterest start beginning uselessness unimportance invalidity impotence dullness indifference inadequacy ignorance inability ineffectiveness inactivity cowardice patrol army guard squad troop battalion unit armed forces division shop corps regiment body crew cell legion host detachment squadron horses reserves soldiers connection urge charge move oblige require impose compel restrict drag limit inflict demand press cause order make wrest necessitate insist coerce enjoin apply exact fix constrain overcome impress blackmail burden wring extort bind choke contract impel command obtrude occasion strong-arm enforce bear down sandbag pressurize conscript dragoon concuss shotgun bear hard on pin down put screws to put squeeze on yield help neglect give allow forget leave alone let go halt check stop free discourage surrender aid permit prevent disallow release dissuade violate defile blast propel burst pry ravish undo twist assault jimmy wrench spoil thrust squeeze rape break in break open bust open crack open untwist close human resources forces personnel staff rank and file common run common soldiery common sort grass roots majority plebeians proletariat ranks assemblage assembly band bunch collection company contingent crowd delegation drove fighting men flock gang gathering herd horde men military multitude number outfit pack party servicemen soldiery swarm team throng troopers troops troupe one individual troop\u002Ftroops fighting forces service personnel la chancla force Force defeat drubbing slaughter whipping annihilation bashing rout shellacking trouncing triumph victory win assault attack beating beating up bias crime censure charge condemnation criticism denigration harassment hate crime hounding jumping offensive persecution strike torment retreat battery mayhem mugging onslaught thumping violence peace defense individual corporal punishment flagellation flogging paddling spanking debacle blue ruin breakdown collapse crack-up crash defeasance devastation disaster dissolution downfall failure fiasco havoc licking overthrow reversal ruin ruination smash smashup vanquishment washout wreck construction rise wonder blessing creation boon attainment accomplishment success miracle ambush blow break check conquest count destruction discomfiture downthrow embarrassment extermination fall insuccess killing loss massacre mastery nonsuccess rebuff repulse reverse scalping setback subjugation thrashing trap trashing trimming waxing whaling yielding surrender achievement defeats la chancla Beating honest legitimate pure uninvolved virtuous clean clear good guiltless safe stainless upright virginal above suspicion angelic chaste cleanhanded crimeless exemplary faultless free of guilt-free immaculate impeccable impeccant in the clear inculpable irreproachable lawful legal licit not guilty pristine righteous sinless spotless unblemished uncensurable uncorrupt unimpeachable unoffending unsullied untainted guilty immoral sinful stained unvirtuous bad blamable corrupt cunning evil experienced impure knowledgeable gullible ignorant innocuous childlike square simple frank raw open artless credulous fresh guileless inexperienced ingenuous inoffensive soft unacquainted unfamiliar unschooled unsophisticated unstudied unworldly youthful unobjectionable unoffensive wide-eyed hurtless innoxious inobnoxious offenseless unartificial uncool unhurtful uninjurious unmalicious unsuspicious well-intentioned wellmeant sophisticated unclear dishonest wise untrusting adorable archangelic beatific beneficent celestial cherubic devout divine entrancing ethereal godly heavenly holy humble innocent lovely otherworldly radiant rapturous saintly self-sacrificing seraphic earthly wicked unkind fiendish devilish demonic hellish arcadian bucolic countrified country idyllic peaceful provincial rural rustic urban city metropolitan direct genuine naive natural plain sincere straight straightforward true unadorned unaffected uncontrived unpretentious up front pretentious contrived complicated artful babe in the woods dupe easy mark greenhorn gull gullible person simple soul stooge sucker trusting soul victim blameless clean-handed irreprehensible perfect unspotted untarnished responsible impeachable culpable born yesterday green inexperience naïve wet behind the ears Innocent la chancla helpless powerless exposed open hands tied indefensible like a sitting duck naked unguarded unprotected unshielded vulnerable weaponless wide open able strong defenseless caught endangered in line of fire like a clay pigeon on the line on the spot out on limb pigeon poor unarmed up the creek weak powerful blank chicken debilitated dependent disabled disenfranchised etiolated feeble frail gutless impotent incapable incapacitated ineffective ineffectual inert infirm out of gas paralyzed passive prostrate subject supine tied unfit wimp wishy-washy dominant active effective potent competent lively capable in the line of fire out on a limb pregnable unsafe secure safe protected guarded citizen noncombatant commoner subject civ civvie private citizen civilian la chancla Civilian ferociously fiercely mercilessly relentlessly ruthlessly savagely viciously atrociously barbarically barbarously brutishly callously demoniacally diabolically ferally hardheartedly heartlessly in cold blood inexorably inhumanely inhumanly meanly murderously pitilessly remorselessly something fierce something terrible unkindly unrelentingly gently humanely kindly nicely cruelly brutally angrily awfully boldly forcefully forcibly frantically frenziedly frighteningly furiously hard horribly impetuously in a frenzy irresistibly like cats and dogs madly maleficiently malevolently malignly mightily monstrous no holds barred passionately riotously roughly severely stormily tempestuously terribly threateningly tigerishly tooth and nail turbulently uncontrollably vehemently venomously wildly with bared teeth quietly mildly calmly actively animatedly boisterously briskly earnestly energetically heavily intensely keenly like fury painfully powerfully rigorously rowdily seriously sharply spiritedly sprightly strongly uproariously urgently vigorously violently vivaciously yielding tolerantly easily unenthusiastically moderately softly lightly harder hardest harshly firmly gratingly grimly weakly Brutally
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