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NASA Extracts Breathable Oxygen From Thin Martian Air

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Reuters.com NASA oh bother nasa Nasa excerpt juice quotation abstract citation clipping concentrate cutting decoction distillate distillation elicitation essence infusion passage selection refusal insertion cull extort derive distill separate wrest exact glean reap obtain pluck siphon pry elicit extricate withdraw squeeze wring pull gather extirpate secure get tear express garner evoke uproot eradicate yank select take bring out eke out pick up avulse catheterize evulse press out weed out put in add stop fix fail lose help plant spread divide give insert reject refuse misunderstand disperse cut out evolve shorten quote condense cite deduce choose abridge copy educe bring forth expand lengthen increase enlarge detach disconnect disengage dissociate extract isolate part remove steal take out uncouple strengthen introduce fill stay join attach complete remain unite combine link couple connect bled blackmailed confiscated depleted drained exhausted extracted fleeced impoverished leeched milked mulcted overcharged pauperized put the screws to rooked sapped skinned squeezed stole strong-armed stuck added offered gave increased bleed blackmail confiscate deplete drain exhaust fleece impoverish leech milk mulct overcharge pauperize rook sap skin stick strong-arm offer bleeding blackmailing confiscating depleting draining exhausting extracting fleecing impoverishing leeching milking mulcting overcharging pauperizing putting the screws to rooking sapping skinning squeezing stealing sticking strong-arming putting in adding offering giving increasing choice alternative appraisal choosing cup of tea decision determination discretion discrimination distinction druthers election evaluation favorite finding free will judgment opportunity option pick preference rating say substitute variety verdict volition vote weakness rejection hate indecision choices alternatives appraisals choosings culls cup of teas decisions determinations discriminations distinctions elections evaluations extracts favorites findings free wills judgments opportunities options picks preferences ratings substitutes varieties verdicts votes weaknesses rejections Oxygen oh bother oxygen against in distinction to out of possession of taken away beginning at coming out of deriving out of originating at starting with minus defective diminished from lacking less negative subtracted without plus native aboriginal autochthonous belonging endemic homegrown homemade indigenous inland internal local municipal national original primary primeval primitive regional related vernacular outside foreign alien about concerning like regarding since after afterward ago already because considering for hence later now past subsequently therefore whereas From oh bother delicate fragile gaunt lean meager narrow skinny slim small attenuate attenuated emaciated peaked pinched pole rarefied shadow shriveled slight spare starved stick undernourished wan wasted beanpole beanstalk bony cadaverous ethereal featherweight gangling gangly haggard lank lanky lightweight puny rangy rawboned reedy rickety scraggy scrawny skeletal slinky spindly stalky stilt subtle threadlike twiggy twiglike underweight wizened big broad-minded fat generous heavy large liberal plump strong thick wide colorful flushed concentrated dense efficient inflated obese solid undiluted wispy flimsy translucent sheer refined diaphanous filmy gossamer permeable rare tenuous unsubstantial see-through paper-thin subtile wafer-thin poor flat shallow sparse transparent skimpy diluted lame scattered scant feeble implausible improbable inadequate inconceivable incredible insubstantial insufficient questionable scanty scarce sketchy superficial unbelievable unconvincing untenable vapid stretched unpersuasive weak-kneed reasonable full substantial intelligent sufficient adequate watery weak dilute light diffuse fine wishy-washy dispersed runny unrefined dark trim prune irrigate decrease refine diminish weaken shave cut lace doctor edit needle reduce rarefy water disperse spike cook extenuate expand delete cut back water down emaciate weed out strengthen develop thicken beef up increase grow enlarge adulterate alloy amalgamate blend cheapen commingle contaminate corrupt defile degrade denature depreciate deteriorate devalue dissolve doctor up falsify impair infiltrate intermix make impure mingle mix phony up plant pollute taint thin transfuse vitiate free clarify approve raise help separate divide concentrate filter distill upgrade assist aid improve cleanse purify honor clean airy dainty frail frivolous illusory imaginary immaterial intangible vaporous visionary volatile weightless stuffy oppressive closed close burdensome anorexic bulimic malnourished sickly looking without appetite abate constrict contract cripple debilitate deflate disable dissipate enfeeble lessen mitigate sap shrink undermine extend stretch amplify enable intensify abated constricted contracted crippled debilitated deflated disabled dissipated enfeebled extenuated lessened mitigated sapped shrank thinned undermined vitiated expanded extended strengthened helped amplified enlarged enabled intensified increased assisted aided ashen bag of bones blanched bloodless consumptive dead deathlike deathly exsanguinous ghastly ghostly pallid peaky sallow shadowy sick skeletonlike skin and bones spectral lively lifelike Thin thins E.T. alien extraterrestrial extraterrestrial visitor little green man man from Mars space being men from outer space space inhabitant Martian oh bother martian Martians breath breeze wind blast draft heavens ozone puff sky stratosphere troposphere ventilation waft whiff zephyr atmosphere tone mood effect aura flavor feeling quality look impression comportment semblance bearing feel pose appearance mannerism presence demeanor deportment manner address ambience affectation property mien absence reality song descant aria strain theme lay melody open circulate ventilate aerate eject expel oxygenate expose purify refresh fan cool aerify air-condition be quiet close up take in suppress hide block disclose reveal communicate publish declare broadcast tell put publicize speak display exhibit disseminate divulge proclaim state utter voice make known make public secret keep quiet cover secrete listen withhold conceal air airs artificiality facade false front front going Hollywood imitation insincerity pretense pretension pretentiousness put-on putting on airs sham show showing off simulation truth simplicity naturalness honesty personality affectedness grandiosity attitude blind carriage cast character condition countenance dress expression face fashion feature figure form guise image looks mode outline presentation screen shape stamp leaving departure disappearance rear back appearances auras beards blinds countenances dreams facades fronts guises ideas illusions images impressions mirages phenomena reflections screens seemings semblances sounds specters visions leavings departures absences truths facts certainties disappearances actualities realities aspect facet whole aspects angles bearings directions facets features gimmicks hands outlooks perspectives phases point of views positions prospects regard scenes sides situations slants switches twists views vistas wholes oh bother Air
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