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NCT 127's STICKER But It's Vintage

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NCT angular gangly gaunt lanky rangy sinewy skinny slender slim sparse svelte wiry anorexic barren emaciated haggard poor scanty shadow spare stick stilt wasted worn beanpole bony gangling inadequate infertile lank meager no fat pitiful rawboned scraggy scrawny stringy sylphlike twiggy unfruitful unproductive wizened chubby fat heavy plump thick fertile fresh strong lean attenuate fine insubstantial lithe narrow skeleton slight tenuous trim willowy threadlike beanstalk reedy stalky reasonable sufficient sensible adequate overweight slender\u002Fslim light frail flimsy dainty delicate feeble fragile broomstick tall significant important great big firm serious large sparing scant economical exiguous frugal modest skimpy stingy necessary small wan rarefied pole starved peaked cadaverous ethereal lightweight puny rickety slinky spindly subtle underweight skeletal pinched undernourished attenuated shriveled featherweight twiglike undiluted concentrated solid dense colorful generous wide liberal efficient obese inflated flushed broad-minded thin weedy all skin and bones fleshless thin as a rail stamp trademark number tag design logo company insignia hallmark classification tally epithet mark identification ticket characterization price mark label dagger spire promontory headland barb apex tip snag tine sword spike jag prong cusp head prick beak cape spur spine thorn bill tooth summit claw stiletto nib foreland awn pin point prickler dullness bluntness bottom whole personality nadir point placard sign billboard sheet banner handbill announcement notice signboard broadside affiche public notice poster fare pay fee premium figure valuation amount worth return discount rate cost expenditure demand output estimate expense tariff payment barter tab wages ransom damage charge score bounty assessment exaction ceiling retail toll consideration reckoning tune quotation hire disbursement outlay prize wholesale compensation reward appraisal dues asking price face value appraisement cause penalty punishment price tape imprimatur confirmation signet permission notification attestation ratification assurance permit cachet tie authorization allowance refusal disapproval prohibition veto denial seal print emblem signature earmark brand impress imprint cast indentation mold flap clip stop flag slip strip holder loop bookmark marker chip pin button badge card note inscription stub voucher motto docket check license certificate coupon admission receipt record paper passport document key passage chit token board pass password invite open sesame credential raincheck neglect ignorance heedlessness sanction summons subpoena pledge warranty right pawn authority guarantee testimonial basis commission authentication foundation okay earnest go-ahead credentials word security carte blanche green light accreditation ducat shingle verification official document break breach uncertainty warrant decal decalcomania bumper sticker knob cut tunnel nut accent pad halo buzz circle notch rib ring washer briar whetstone burr acumination mucronation acicula mucro conundrum puzzle riddle mystification perplexity stickler question secret cliffhanger twister puzzlement cryptogram parable crux puzzler knot why bewilderment problem stumper grabber teaser sphinx Gordian knot mind-boggler mind-twister question mark tough nut to crack enigma characterize identify specify define classify designate call name class confuse ignore fix reduce value appraise evaluate mark down mark up put a price on sticker labeled called characterized classed classified defined designated identified named specified stamped stickered tagged tallied confused ignored labeling calling characterizing classifying classing defining designating identifying naming specifying stamping stickering tagging tallying confusing ignoring Sticker although however nevertheless on the other hand still though yet aside from barring except omitting without disregarding not including passing over besides bar beside but excepting excluding exclusive of in addition to other than outside of over and above save apart from if not lacking leaving out minus not for rejecting saving short of with the exception of bating debarring leaving aside not counting restricting ruling out inclusive of exclusively alone completely entirely one and only onliest only singularly solely wholly unrestricted unlimited partially incompletely after all all the same anyhow be that as it may despite for all that howbeit in spite of nonetheless notwithstanding per contra withal without regard to just at most no more than nothing but plainly simply indefinitely its itness Its On best choice classic classical old prime excellent mature rare ripe select selected venerable modern worst inferior minor unimportant origin generation collection epoch era harvest wine grapes year age-old aged ancient antediluvian antiquated antique archaic hoary old-fashioned old-time olden timeworn vintage well-established new current young prototypal prototypical representative simple standard time-honored typical usual uncharacteristic irregular different abnormal unusual atypical classic\u002Fclassical archetypal capital champion consummate definitive distinguished esthetic exemplary famous fine finest first-rate flawless ideal master masterly paradigmatic paramount perfect quintessential ranking superior top top-notch well-known crop annual production byproduct crops fruitage fruits gathering gleaning output produce product reaping season's growth yield annual productions byproducts fruitages gatherings gleanings outputs products reapings season's growths vintages yields dowdy baggy bedraggled blowsy bygone dated dingy drab dull frowzy frumpy homely moldy old hat out-of-date outdated outmoded passé plain run-down scrubby shabby slatternly sloppy slovenly stodgy tacky tasteless unfashionable unkempt unseemly unstylish untidy wrinkled neat bright good fashionable classy chic Vintage
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