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NY Post Tweeted A Product To Lick Your Cat: 'You Can Bond With Your Cat In A Way It Can Understand'

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Civilization has jumped the shark. IT’S ALL OVER: The NY Post’s way to ‘bond with your cat’ has many ready to ‘leave the planet.’ The New York Post published a tweet with this video of a product used to lick your cat. New York Post: "You can finally bond with your cat in a way it can understand." -- The response was immediate and swift. -- I'm now ready to leave the planet. -- Burn it all down. -- This has gotta be the end, right? Like where do we go from HERE? -- I just can't with this. -- We live in the dumbest possible timeline. -- What the damn hell is this. -- Civilization has jumped the shark.If you think about buying this please seek medical attention immediately. -- Hey The Onion I'm disappointed that the New York Post scooped you! -- The item was actually once pitched on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” much to the amusement of the sharks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i84dnA... -- Of course, Greg Gutfeld chimed in with the most important question. Greg Gutfeld: "It doesn't answer the one key question: where do you store this device, so no one ever knows that you may have severe emotional problems?"Twitchy: IT’S ALL OVER: The NY Post’s way to ‘bond with your cat’ has many ready to ‘leave the planet’http://twitchy.com/jacobb-38/2017/03/...


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