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NYPD & FBI Conspired To Murder Malcolm X Claims Former Undercover NYPD O...

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NYPD N.Y.P.D. FBI f.b.i. collude connive cooperate cabal cogitate collogue confederate contrive devise hatch intrigue machinate maneuver operate promote wangle wire be in cahoots cook up get in bed with put out a contract work something out leave alone neglect disagree tend join conduce consort contribute unite combine colleague complot work together withdraw separate divide assassination bloodshed crime destruction felony homicide lynching manslaughter massacre shooting terrorism annihilation blood butchery carnage death hit liquidation off offing foul play one-way ticket rub out taking out the business the works shoot execute slay slaughter butcher exterminate destroy assassinate behead strangle decapitate lynch asphyxiate dispatch mar guillotine snuff ruin abolish eliminate waste knife electrocute finish liquidate hang smother spoil misuse chill cool drub defeat thrash extinguish mangle eradicate bump off do in knock off put away garotte blot out dust off take a life take for a ride take out inspirit encourage light lose start save establish continue build help keep give birth bear protect guard warm heat preserve ratify institute grow construct heal aid create annihilate abate abrogate annul crush decimate demolish erase expunge extirpate finish off invalidate murder negate nullify obliterate quash quell raze root out undo vitiate wipe out wrack wreck approve support fix revive legalize validate sanction permit assist annihilated arduous backbreaking burdensome exhausting fatiguing formidable grueling harsh heavy labored laborious no picnic onerous painful punishing rigorous rough severe strenuous taxing tiring toilsome tough troublesome trying uphill motivating nice weak mild easy pleasant effortless helpful trivial facile bloodbath bloodletting extermination fighting gore killing onslaught peace bring down abase cut down damage drop fell floor injure knock down lay low level lower mow down overthrow overturn prostrate pull down shoot down throw down tumble undermine upset wound raise brought down Murder Malcolm allegation application assertion call case demand interest petition plea request requirement suit affirmation birthright counterclaim declaration dibs due entreaty lien part postulation prerogative pretense pretension privilege profession protestation reclamation requisition title ultimatum answer reply denial honesty truth hold challenge defend insist call for assert collect need take ask believe allege declare knock hit uphold vindicate advance require pretend pronounce adduce solicit postulate profess exact justify pick up pop the question have dibs on something hit up hold out for lay claim to stake out question give stop quit abandon disclaim hide conceal repudiate reject deny desert forsake disbelieve Claim claim departed erstwhile old above ancient antecedent anterior bygone first past prior aforementioned aforesaid earlier ex- foregoing late long ago long gone of yore once one-time preceding quondam sometime whilom after modern new current ensuing following future present prospective subsequent succeeding former precedent precursory preliminary previous posterior ending back delayed elapsed overdue front before afore aforetime ahead ante antecedently anteriorly before present ere fore formerly forward gone gone by heretofore in advance in days of yore in front in old days in the past precendently previously since sooner up to now behind later afterward antiquated archaic belated dated dead defunct down memory lane extinct forgotten in oblivion lost of old old-fashioned old-time olden oldfangled out-of-date vanished water over the dam water under the bridge recent existent alive living existing deceased asleep cold exanimate expired finished gave up the ghost inanimate lifeless passed on pushing up daisies lively born Former covert clandestine concealed confidential creep furtive hidden hole-and-corner hush-hush incognito intelligence on the QT private stealth stealthy sub-rosa surreptitious under wraps underground underhand underneath known open public artful cloak-and-dagger closet foxy fraudulent illegitimate illicit in holes and corners on the Q. T. on the quiet sneaky under-the-counter undercover truthful forthright authorized legal honest aboveboard hugger-mugger intriguing mysterious quiet secret sly buried camouflaged cloaked disguised incog masked obscured privy shrouded sub rosa ulterior under-the-table unsuspected veiled revealed overt frank candid unconcealed covertly by stealth clandestinely furtively in camera on the sly privately secretly slyly stealthily surreptitiously wildcat overtly honestly candidly publicly openly frankly changed covered fake false feigned pretend recognizable bare exposed genuine uncovered real calculating cautious circumspect conspiratorial crafty creepy cunning elusive evasive guileful insidious scheming shifty skulking slinking tricky underhanded wily Undercover's Undercover Undercovers
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